[SEE!] List of 11 Popular Breweries in Nigeria (Beverages)

Oasdom.com New list of 11 Breweries in Nigeria food beverages
Oasdom.com New list of 11 Breweries in Nigeria food beverages

There is no doubt that we have many breweries in Nigeria.  Do you agree with me that beer itself is a social activity?

Alcoholic drinks have become a huge part of every occasion during all sorts of celebrations.

Many people believe that an event can be less enjoyable if alcohol is restricted.


Beer is commonly available in Nigeria; most especially in clubs, hotels, bars, and restaurants.

Yes, some bars will even serve you suya, pepper soup or sharwama which are all nice delicacies to engage with alcoholic drinks. You should check out our list of alcoholic drinks in Nigeria.

Breweries in Nigeria food beverages and drinks

Gone are those days when production of beer mainly took place at home and this involves lengthy hours of physical work, but now due to technological advancements there is rise in the number of breweries companies with ultramodern facilities.

What Are Breweries In Nigeria?

A brewery or brewing company is a business that makes and sells beer. It is an establishment where distinct sets of brewing equipment are used to commercially make beer.

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One of the leading breweries companies in Nigeria is Nigeria brewery Plc. This company has really contributed to the Nigerian economy as it engages in the production and marketing of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages across the country.

A Quick History of Nigerian Breweries Plc and Distributorship

history of Nigerian breweries plc

Nigerian breweries Plc which is the oldest and largest brewery company was incorporated in 1946 and and started production in 1949.

The first bottle produced by the Nigerian breweries is STAR Larger beer and this is produced in Lagos breweries in Nigeria.

Other Nigerian breweries products include Guilder lager, Heineken lager, Legend Extra stout, Maltina, Amstel Malta, Fayrouz and many more.

As at now, Nigerian breweries Plc operates several breweries in Nigeria which include Aba brewery founded in 1957, followed by Kaduna brewery in 1963, Ibadan brewery in 1982, Enugu brewery in 1993, and Ama brewery in 2003.

The Nigerian Breweries have proved itself to be competent over the years and also have outstanding market understanding and this has made them the leader among all other breweries in Nigeria.

The company’s major competitors are Guinness Nigeria plc and SABMiller.

Nigerian breweries Plc has won numerous awards. For example it has been honored for its outstanding performance in the consumer goods sector of the Nigerian economy at the 2017 Pearl Awards.

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Nigerian Breweries Logo

Here’s the logo of the Nigerian Breweries below. It’s an emblem that is known worldwide.

Nigerian breweries Logo

Without further ado, here are some of the operational breweries of Nigerian breweries Plc from which its products are distributed to all parts of Nigeria

Nigerian Breweries Plc Lagos

Lagos breweries

The first brewery in Nigeria that was established in June 1949 is Lagos brewery Plc. This Nigerian breweries in Lagos is located at 1, Abebe village road, Iganmu Lagos.

The first bottle of beer (Star lager beer) was produced in Nigerian breweries Plc in Lagos.

They brewed and market lager beer, stout and non-alcoholic drink. Some of the breweries in Lagos are Brewtech, Guiness Nigeria, Nigerian breweries, and many more.

Nigerian Breweries Plc in Aba

This is the second breweries in Nigeria which was established in 1957 with an initial installed capacity of 500,000 hectolitres per annum, but the expansion and reconstruction makes this brewery to double its capacity to 2.4m hectoliters per annum.

This improvement has made Aba brewery to be the most modern brewery in Nigeria. Ever since that time, Aba brewery has grown to produce high quality products which are distributed to all parts of Nigeria.

Nigerian Breweries Plc Kaduna

This is the third breweries in Nigeria which was established in 1963. This brewery in Nigeria is undoubtedly a great investment to the entire area and state at large.

Their level of quality production in a safe environment has continued to improve every day. This brewery in Nigeria is located along Makera Road, Makera Area, Kaduna.

Nigerian Breweries Ibadan

Ibadan breweries plc
Source: NBPLC

Ibadan brewery was commissioned in 1982. This brewery also has many modern facilities for producing and marketing alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. It is also a brewery in Nigeria that brews many products.

They also make sure that they adhere to all safety standards and eliminate all unsafe activities.

Their experience and consistent quality of service delivery to customers has won them lots of customers in Nigeria. It is located at Km 3, Ibadan/Ife, Alakia Ibadan South West, Oyo.

Some of the breweries in Ibadan include Africana breweries limited, D explicit, standard breweries Nigeria limited.

Nigeria Breweries Plc Enugu

Nigerian breweries Aba Enugu
Source: NBPLC

Enugu brewery was built in 2003 and was commissioned by former president Olusegun Obasanjo making the fifth breweries in Nigeria.  You should check this interesting history – the list of the total list of presidents that have ruled Nigerians

Ama brewery in Nigeria is also one of the modern breweries in Nigeria because of the modern facilities used in producing alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

It has also created employment opportunities for the unemployed member of the labor force and this has allowed it to maintain its high standards among others breweries in Nigeria. Another brewery in Enugu is Diamond breweries limited.

10 Other List of Breweries in Nigeria

Enough of history, here are other breweries in Nigeria you might not know exists.

1. Consolidated Breweries Plc

Here is the third of the biggest breweries in Nigeria that produces alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

Consolidated Breweries Plc produces and markets alcoholic beverages worldwide.

It is a subsidiary of Heineken international. The company offers beers, ale, non-alcoholic malt drinks.

Their breweries in Nigeria were expanded to further increase production. It is located in Iddo house, Lagos Island, Lagos

2. Life Breweries Company

Life Breweries Company is a subsidiary of Nigerian plc engaged in the production of beers and beverages and it was founded on 10th October 1979, though they started operation on July 1983.

The company markets its products under life and savanna brand names. The management of this brewery in Nigeria has made it their policy that all staff must maintain high level of environmental standard and safety.

It is located along Port Harcourt Road, Fegge, Onitsha South Anambra.

3. Sona Breweries Plc

Sona Breweries Plc is also one of the breweries in Nigeria that supplies their customers with quality products.

They operate in a well-designed environment which makes all their products top quality.

Some of the products produced by Sona breweries plc include tusk lager beer, maltonic, gold lager beer and many more. It is located along Lagos-Abeokuta Express way Idi mangoro Lagos.

4. Brewtech Brewery Limited

This is one of the Nigerian brewery Plants in the city of Lagos. Brewtech Nigeria limited is located in brewtech street, Ojota Lagos.

This breweries in Nigeria focus on many areas which includes provision of clean portable water, safety measures and health and education.

5. Guinness Nigeria Breweries

Guinness Nigeria Plc is the brewers of Guinness stout brand in the city of Lagos. Their brands include Guinness foreign extra stouts, Guinness extra smooth, harp, malt Guinness etc.

Their products were first exported across the country before they finally choose Ikeja in Nigeria as their location for producing beers.

The company is located in 24 Oba Akran Avenue, Ikeja Lagos state. This brewery in Nigeria produce the best brands of drinks in Nigeria. You can visit their website on www.guinness-nigeria.com

6. International Breweries

Here is another company on my list of breweries in Nigeria. International breweries was founded in 1971 by Dr. Lawrence Omole and commenced production in December 1978 with the launch of Trophy Larger.

They produce and market alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks which include Trophy lager, Hero, Castle lager, REDDS, Beta malt drink and many more.

Their Head office is at Omi-Asoro, Ilesa, Osun state and it also has distribution centers in Ibadan, Lagos and Ilorin. Visit http://www.internationalbreweriesplc.com/ for more information.

7. Champion Breweries Plc

Champion Breweries Plc formerly Champion breweries limited is a Nigerian-based company which was incorporated in 1974. The company is a subsidiary of Raysun Nigeria limited.

Champion breweries Plc brews and markets lager beer in Nigeria. This breweries in Nigeria also provides contract brewing and packaging services.

It is located at industrial layout Aka Offot Uyo Akwa Ibom Nigeria. For more detailed information about this company visit their website on www.championbreweries.com

8. International Beer and Beverage Industries Limited

This is another one on my list of breweries in Nigeria that produces and markets alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

The company was founded in 1978 and operates as a subsidiary of Heineken NV.

This brewery markets high-quality brands for customer satisfaction. This brewery is located at Kudenda industrial Area, Kaduna South, Kaduna.

9. Standard Breweries Nigeria Limited

This is another company on my list of breweries in Nigeria that produces and markets beer.

Standard breweries limited is located in Km 12, Alomaja village, Ijebu Old Lagos road. Ibadan Oyo state.

They try their best to satisfy their customers with the best brand of drinks in Nigeria and have also proved themselves by producing quality drinks.

10. D Explicit

Lastly on my list of breweries in Nigeria D explicit. This company, known for its experience and consistent quality of customer service delivery has won lots of clients in Nigeria.

It is located at Plot 4, Aboderin Layout Oni and Sons, Oluyole, Ibadan Oyo state.

Nigerian Breweries Products Price

Nigerian breweries products price food beverages

Prices of beer may vary in Nigeria depending on product and service provider. Here is a list of prices of some beers produced by the breweries in Nigeria

  • Star lager beer is between #300 – #1,500
  •  Guilder lager beer is between #300 – #1,500
  •  33 Export is between #300 – #1,500
  •  Trophy lager beer is between #400 – #2,000
  •  Harp is between #400 – #2,000
  •  Heineken is between #400 – #2,000
  •  Guinness is between #350 – #1,500
  •  Goldberg is between #200 – #1,000
  • Hero lager is between #350 – #1,200
  • Legend is between #300 – #1,500

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Quick List of Top 10 Beer in Nigeria

popular beer brands

When you talk about beers in Nigeria, the following brands are not far from peoples mouth when ordering for drinks.

  1. Star Lager Beer

Who doesn’t know star larger beer popularly known as “Shine shine bobo”.  It is a common beer mostly consumed by Nigerian men.

It is among the list of items collected as bride price which is commonly shared among the men of the lineage. It is available in bottle and it has alcoholic content of 5.1%s

  1. 33 Export Lager

It has become one of the common beers among Nigerian men. “33 Export Lager” is a beer brewed to satisfy, restore, refresh and reward at the end of a stressful day. It has an alcoholic content of 5%

  1. Trophy Lager Beer

Trophy lager beer was originally launched by international breweries Plc, Ilesha Osun state. This is one of the beers that entered Nigerian market since 1978 and ever since that time it has gained its stand. It has an alcoholic content of 5%

  1. Harp

Harp premium is a strong Nigerian beer which was first brewed in Nigeria in 1974. It is has a smooth and satisfying taste. It has an alcoholic content of 5.51%.

  1. Heineken

This is an international brand and it is also loved by Nigerians and it is one of the most expensive beers at the bar. It combines with herb to give a pleasing beer taste. It has an alcoholic content of 5.2%

  1. Guinness

Guinness is a carbonated stout, which is known for its quality taste. You’ll enjoy it to the fullest most especially when you take. It also has an alcoholic content of 7.5%

  1. Goldberg

If you are a beer lover you can also go for Goldberg. It can satisfy someone at the end of a stressful day.  It has an alcoholic content of 5.2%.

  1. Hero Beer

Hero lager is produced by one of the breweries in Nigeria and that is international brewer SAM miller. It is less bitter than other beers and it contains 5.2% alcoholic content

  1. Legend

This is also a beer that is produced from the combination of herbs and alcohol and it comes in various sizes can, bottles. It is also produced by one of the breweries in Nigeria. Its taste is almost the same with Guinness. It contains 7.5% alcoholic content

List of 11 Breweries in Nigeria (Summary) 

That’s all I have for you on my list of 11 breweries in Nigeria. All sort of beer brands binds people together and serves to reinforce social hospitality. It can also ease stress and increase pleasure.

Still, you should drink responsibly whenever you’re taking any of the alcoholic drinks. If you find this post helpful, please give it a like and share and don’t forget to drop your comment.