The Difference Between CV and RESUMÉ – 6 Features

Oasdom the difference between CV and Resume
Oasdom the difference between CV and Resume

What is the difference between CV and Resume? To start with, one is French, and the other is Latin! Seriously!

These two vital documents are very important when applying for jobs. But think about it, what if an employer asks; what’s the difference between CV and Resume?

That’s going to be one of the toughest interview questions for someone who doesn’t know the difference.


The word ‘Resumé’ is French for ‘to sum up’, a short, pithy 1-2 pages summary of your professional career.

‘Curriculum Vitae’ is Latin for ‘course of life’, a short or long history of everything meaningful in your life – academic qualifications, special skill sets, hobbies, family history, awards and achievements, publications, etc.

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In short, resumés are focused career summaries, tailored for each job, and CVs are chronological, comparatively lengthy personal summaries that do not change, just updated.

This infographic below will guide you on the finer differences between CV and Resume.

Once you understand the differences, you may consider checking these 4 CV writing tips that will increase your chances of getting a job.

Spot the Difference: CV Vs Resumé #infographic

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