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9 Career Lessons From Blue-collar Business-owners

When we think of CEOs and executives, we often think of men in suits sequestered away in boardrooms or out to meals at exclusive...

Practicable Tips on Efficient Writing of Thesis

If you want to write an MA thesis efficiently, it is very important to create an appropriate master thesis creation plan. You can choose to...

What to Wear For Different Job Interviews

First impressions when preparing to answer job interview questions are important. As if job interviews weren’t stressful enough, what with trying to remember the right...

The Psychology of Work Fatigue – #Infographic

Back in 1976, the average American’s workweek was about 37.5 hours - in 2017, it was 47.7 hours. We are certainly working longer hours than...

List of Top 20 Law Firms In Lagos Nigeria

There are so many standard and fast growing Law firms in Lagos state, and this gives a chance to guarantee justice in Lagos and...

10 Proven Ways to Build Trust With Employees

Are there more office politics in your team than you would like? Do employees miss deadlines regularly with lots of excuses? Could missing deadlines be...

The Difference Between CV and RESUMÉ – 6 Features

What is the difference between CV and Resume? To start with, one is French, and the other is Latin! Seriously! These two vital documents are...

8 Great Careers In Music For Music Lovers

You wouldn't be looking for careers in music if you're not a music lover, would you? Music is the soundtrack to our lives. It's all...

How Power Dressing Can Help You Move Up

Dress the way you want to be addressed; isn't that the common slogan out there? It's not just a saying, it works and I'd...

How Office Dress Codes Have Changed From 1950s till Date

As office dress codes have changed over the decades. Human Resource professionals have been given the responsibility to align dress code rules with social and...