How to Answer The Interview Question – Why Should We Hire You?

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One of the top most asked interview questions is the interview question about what the organization will gain if they hire you.

In other words why should the organization hire you? Why are you the best fit or the perfect match for the job?

Answering this interview question may be quite tricky as interviewers want to see how vast you are in that area you’re being interviewed for, your strengths, solutions you’re bringing to the organization and more.


Here’s a sample answer of the interview question – why should we hire you? or what will we gain if we hire you?

We’ll take a Emmanuel – a job candidate who want’s to take an auditing job to give an example of what interviewers want.

Interview Question – What Will KPMG Gain If We Hire You?

Interviewer: So, Emmanuel what will KPMG gain if we hire you?

Emmanuel: I believe choosing an auditor is like choosing a spouse. The expectation is that the relationship being entered into will be long and beneficial for both parties.

A failed auditing relationship is serious, with the repercussions potentially affecting business, brand, and value. Hence, getting to know a potential auditor well before entering into the relationship is essential.

As a young motivated worker who learns fast I’m actually not new to auditing.  I noticed that a big part of this position as an auditor at KPMG is transparency and effective communication.

During my Industrial training programme back in the University, I worked as an ………. (RELATED TO AUDITING ROLE) and  I realized just how much I enjoyed upholding transparency – a core organizational value of the audit firm, as I discharged my duties with a deep sense of responsibility.

I believe that an auditor should be independent, completely transparent in describing the processes he follows, so I ensure that quality control procedures are employed to ensure that my work is complete, correct, and shows a true and fair view.

I’m excited by the prospect of bringing this same level of commitment and enthusiasm to KPMG Audit firm and I think this position is a great fit for me.

Also, my communication skill will be of great value as I will articulate an understanding of KPMG’s chosen risk tolerance for example, to clients and how that tolerance will manifest in the firm’s accounting.

Also, communicating small anomalies in the audit before they turn into larger issues will be the first line of action when discharging my duties which also include:

  • Evaluating and understanding the internal control system of clients
  • Performing analytical procedures on expected or unexpected variances in account balances or classes of transactions.
  • Testing documentation supporting account balances or classes of transactions
  • Observing the physical inventory count
  • Confirming accounts receivables and other accounts with a third party.

I’m certain that other candidates you’re considering will have some of the qualities, skills and experience you’re looking for, but I’m confident I have something unique that they may be ill-equipped with.

I took a certified course on project management and the experience I’ve gathered has elevated my skill at maintaining schedules, delegating tasks, and making deadlines (which are one of your core values).

Also, I have already taken the time before the now to research this position and I’ve figured out exactly what KPMG Audit firm is looking for and how I completely match up to those needs.

I’m confident that my communication,………..,… ……., and …………, skills make me a perfect candidate to be an auditor in your firm and I’m sure I’ll be a key contributor to your company’s success.

As you can see, Emmanuel introduced his perfect understanding of the job and the employee that will handle the job in his response to the interview question.

Not only that, He showed the interviewer that he has done his research about the organization and he knows everything there is to know about KPMG and the position he’s interviewing for.

Displaying his strength from the experiences he’s gathered will also go a long way to convince the interviewer that he’s equipped with deep knowledge about the job.

Note: This is a sample answer that gives you an idea of how to answer the interview question – why should we hire you?

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You should think about your strength, weaknesses, skills, and other unique qualities that your interviewer will find priceless.

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