The Key Differences Between Sales & Marketing

Oasdom the difference between sales and marketing in Nigeria
Oasdom the difference between sales and marketing in Nigeria

The success of any company is determined by two major departments; that is the sales and the marketing departments respectively.

But what’s the difference between sales and marketing?

These two vital department in every organization have to work hand in hand if the aims, goals, and objectives of the company have to be met.


Surprisingly, you will find that in some companies these two departments don’t even communicate with each other.

The Key Differences Between Sales & Marketing

The marketing department is crucial since it brings fourth prospects and leads to follow up, while with good sales skills and strategies the closing rate brings fourth relief.

Basically, marketing is what you possibly do to persuade prospects, while sales are what you do to get a contract or an agreement signed.

The two must work together if the business has to grow. None can do without the other, they totally depend on each other.

If you combine the two success is guaranteed but when the two are not balanced the business will have difficulties in its growth, or it may not grow at all.

If you must convince your clients, then you must work on your marketing skills; so that you are able to persuade them that you are worth the contract or the agreement.

This skill is what prepares the client for the sale. The areas you need to work on include; public relations, relationship marketing, directs mails, brand marketing, social media, advertising, among many others.

Great marketing attracts a customer. This is where the sales skills come in. They involve interpersonal interaction, whereby you have to convince the customer on a personal level. Either through one on one meeting, cold calls or networking.

The process of marketing plays a big role in bringing closer the targeted customer. This can only happen if the sales skill used is good enough.

It is then that you are able to move the customer from a cold level to a warm level. At this stage, it’s easier for the sales department to close the sales deal.

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Integrating Sales and Marketing

Recent research indicates that moving a prospect from one level to another using sales and marketing involves multiple contacts.

For this reason, it is important for you to develop a strategy that combines sales and marketing.

This will absolutely allow you to access prospects at the three levels; that is hot, warm, and cold. It’s actually all about balance.

Just ensure you’ve integrated marketing and sales, as they aren’t separate. If at all they are different departments, then they must communicate and talk for them to be effective.

the difference between sales and marketing

You just need to take a moment and organize your prospect database list into categories of hot, warm, and cold leads.

After this, sit down and design a strategy of proceeding with each group individually. For instance, you could consider the following contacting methods:

Cold Lead Strategy — You can offer the prospects special promotions or send out direct mailings.

Warm Lead Strategy — this can be achieved by making follow-up calls, sending out sales letters, or scheduling special training or seminar sessions to bring together all your warm leads.

You can now proceed to close the sale after moving your prospects to the “warm” level. If you engage the prospect more, this will be a much easier task to accomplish.

You can start by conducting a call, presenting a proposal, or even making a presentation.

Finding a Balance is the Key

Would you like to try an alternative that proves successful? Try partnering with someone with talents that you could be lacking.

If you feel that you are strong in marketing, get someone with an understanding of the sales process.

On the other hand, if you feel you are better in sales to find a partner who can assist you in strengthening the message and one who can design marketing strategies that sell and provide you with ideas and tactics.

If the company you are working in happens not to have these two departments, you can easily achieve this by hiring or subcontracting these talents.

Creating a partnership could also work. For you to be successful in sales and marketing, there has to be a balance.

Difference Between Sales & Marketing (summary)

So what did you think? If you’ve always wanted to know the difference between sales and marketing, I’m sure this post has helped.

Although many organizations have sales and marketing department, they aren’t separate as they must work hand in hand.

Marketing convinces clients and customers, attract them, while sales finish the work and achieve the goal of selling companies products and services, etc.

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