6 Sources of Career Information – No.3 Is Most times Overlooked

Oasdom.com sources of job career information to get you started in your career path
Oasdom.com sources of job career information to get you started in your career path

After completing your first degree and most times the compulsory NYSC scheme, you’ll need career information to get you started in your career path.

Most times you look out for job vacancies on National newspapers and online, but some sources of career information are given less attention.

6 Sources of Career Information

The following are key sources of career information you should consider:

  • Personal contact

Friends and family are good source of career information. For example, a young graduate who has just recently completed the NYSC scheme, during the 12 months service had 450 phone contact of other corps member.

After service he sends greetings to those contacts on WhatsApp to keep in touch, from that one of his contacts asked if he’s got a job yet. He said No and that colleague informed him of an opening in his own place of work and that’s how he got a job.

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Family members know someone who knows someone else that may have information about job vacancies that are not even published, so keep your friends and family closer. Let them know you need a job and everyone will be on the lookout for opportunities.

  • National and Local Newspapers

This is one of the major places where you find job opportunities; just make sure you read the newspapers daily.

  • Professional bodies or association

Apart from the competitive edge that becoming a member of professional association gives, it is one of the most overlooked sources of career information and employment.

Professional bodies recruit solely for their members. How? Some professional bodies like International Strategic Management Institute [ISMI] offer consultancy services to companies. They help these companies to solve their business challenges, giving them working strategies.

Automatically, these professional bodies have employment slots in those organizations they work with because that organization will believe that a member of a professional body that has proffered solution to their problems, if employed will be of a greater advantage.

That is one of the reasons why reputable professional bodies request for your CV on passing their examinations and receiving your certificate. So, try to become a member of professional associations.

  • Private employment agencies and career consultants

These agencies recruit for companies and organizations. One little disadvantage about using this source of job is that some of them receive commissions on each person that gets a job through them.

  • Internet networks 

Platforms like Jobberman, etc. are other places to look and be informed about job opportunities, requirements and other necessary details.

Here are the top 15 most relevant job search sites in Nigeria you can head to for job vacancy updates.

  • Federal and state employment services are another source of career information you may want to consider.

Quick Reminder:

There are scams out there who pretend to be reputable recruiters and employers. So, I recommend that you research and scrutinize all vacancy openings.

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