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12 months of service and humility – a scheme designed by the Federal Government to foster unity among citizens, is the next step for every graduate of tertiary institutions in Nigeria and these scheme has indeed integrated Nigeria.

After several weeks of community development service, clearance, and of course hard work in various places of primary assignments, with a token from the Government for 12 months, what next?

That question seems to overtake the thoughts of corps members, especially those ready to get out of the scheme and face the realities of life.

The best way to kick off on the right foot after service is by planning during the service year (while still in the system.

8 Things Corps Members Should Do During Service Year

  1. Learn to save

The money you save will save you. Your monthly allowance is definitely not sufficient to cater for your needs (communication, transportation, feeding, housing etc.) but you need to start cultivating a good saving habit.

A onetime corps member said he saved 25.5% of his allowance every month. You will definitely need money after your service year to invest in any resourceful idea and also for personal upkeep before you secure a job.

I’m sure you wouldn’t want to go back home asking dad and mum for money to make your hair, would you?

  1. Allow the service year to pass through you

Is there any difference between what you are before your service year and what you are now during the service year or after the scheme? The answer to this question will result from what you do while still serving.

One thing must remain in your mind; during service year, you’re not schooling, but are you learning?

The labor market is described as a place where only the fittest survives and to be that very one, you must have something special to offer.

It will be best if you enroll for professional courses and exams, make sure you’re ICT literate as these will add to your resume and gives you an edge.

Remember that first degree is gradually fading out as employers believe it is no longer enough to equip you for a competitive labor market.

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  1. Read books

The importance of books cannot be overemphasized, and reading helps you fill your mind. Don’t just waste time on social-media; create time to read personal development, spiritual, academic, relationship, and business books.

  1. Visit Places

Travelling is part of education (but not long distance journey or outside the state you were posted to).

There will be beautiful places tourist locations to go with your friends and appreciate the wonders of nature so you can have some special moments.

  1. Network

Make friends and meet new people right from the basic orientation exercise in camp. Getting acquainted with the right people can be very resourceful because they may be very useful in your job search.

Staying connected online gets you the opportunity to be informed on time. It’s painful that social media these days have become a distraction but you should try to make use of your smartphones to stay updated with useful information.

  1. Prepare your Resume

Excuses are good reasons for bad result. Many corps members give countless reasons why they don’t have a well written Resume.

Some mentioned that they are awaiting one certification or another before making their Resume. The advice is simple, make your Resume now and update as you go.

  1. Start Preparing for Job interview

Most corps members have never stood in front of the interview personnel of any company, if you fall under this category, why not read books and articles on how to excel in an interview? This 63 most asked interview questions and answers  that work will be of great help, and you can get a Gmat and start practicing job test questions in order to equip yourself.

  1. Serve God

There is nothing as fulfilling as serving your creator. This is actually the most important, he can make things easy for you; if you are a Christian join a Church and be committed, if you are a Muslim observe your prayers regularly, there are dangers around and only God can assure your safety.

In conclusion, try as much as possible to test-run your passion. It takes more than one try to get it right. Grab more skills and be ready at all times to sacrifice your today for your tomorrow.


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