Get NYSC LOAN For All Youth Corps Members In Nigeria


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Need NYSC loan to cater for urgent financial needs?

Are you a corps member going through the National Youth Service Corps programme and wondering if you could possibly get a loan?

Dont worry, in this updated article, you will find information about how to get a quick loan during your NYSC service year, how to pay back, interest rates involved and more.

How to Get Quick NYSC Loan

Every year Corps Members from different parts of the country face various financial challenges when they are being deployed to a state far away from home and assigned to a place of primary assignment.

To make things better, Credit Direct Ltd partnered with NYSC through the Skill Acquisition and Entrepreneurial Development (SAED) scheme, to help all serving corps members get quick NYSC loan that will solve recurring dilemma which they may find themselves.

Not only corps members, but people are also looking for quick loans online. You can check our post on top loans in Nigeria without collateral. So let’s continue with getting your NYSC loan.

Empower the Corps – Quick NYSC Loans

Empower the corps! Have you heard about this? It is a scheme developed by Credit Direct Ltd, a unique company to cater for the financial needs of all Youth Corps members in Nigeria, a scheme for quick and easy loans.

Just like the Bank of Industry loans for graduates was setup by the Ministry of Finance, Corps members can now grab the following 4 loan packages on the official website created by Credit Direct Ltd on and (a valuable social network to all interested corps).

  1. Business Starter Package:

This package is designed to provide seed capital for small business ideas startup under the SAED programme e.g Makeup business, baking and decoration, soap making business, Hairdressing, Interior decoration, shoes and bags production, tailoring, etc.

  1. Asset Package:

This package is designed to assist corps members to buy household items to settle into places of primary assignment or to purchase income generating items without hassles.

Items include generators, DVD players, Microwaves, TV sets, Gas cooker, Washing machines, Freezers etc.

  1. Professional Certification Package:

This package is designed to provide discounted training for obtaining various certifications e.g Project Management (CAPM), Professional in Human Resources (PHR), Nigerian Institute of Management etc.

  1. Cash Package:

This package is a cash loan to assist in meeting other personal financial obligations not stated in the above packages.

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I Guess You Should Know the Interest Rate

It is 3.25% per month on any amount of loan collected and on an allowed maximum payback period of 9 months with no extra charges – affordable and light to repay.

Here Is How It Works

If you apply for a N30,000 loan and choose to pay back from your NYSC monthly allowance for 9 months, this is how your payback each month is calculated: (double click the picture below if need be)

etc calculation of NYSC loan

How Fast Can You Get This NYSC Loan?

This is simple. It’s a tested and certain maximum of 24 hours immediately your application request has been reviewed and approved. If you apply today, providing all required documents, you’ll get the loan tomorrow.

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What Are The Requirements to Grab Any of the Loan Packages?

Applicant must be a serving corps member and will need 6 documents.

  • A clear copy of corps members NYSC Identity card
  • The front picture of corps member NYSC account ATM card
  • Clear facial photograph
  • A picture of the corps member his/her full NYSC regalia
  • A signed letter of undertaken by the corps member (this can be found on the ETC website immediately a loan package has been chosen.
  • Corps members posting letter.
  • Letter of attestation is required of corps member who wants to get a loan above N45,000

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What You Should Know

  1. The maximum amount a corps member can apply for is N45,000 which has been determined by corps members salary.
  2. To apply for a loan between N46,000 and N100,000 (i.e. the business starter package), corps member will need a letter of Attestation from his/her SAED coordinator.
  3. To obtain any of these loan packages, corps members need to visit ETC website and also join ETC social network on and complete the registration.
  4. When registering on the ETC website (not the social network now), corps members should make sure all the details that will be provided (email, phone number, first and last name etc.) are the same as the ones submitted to the NYSC when registering for mobilization back in school or when corrections were made in camp.

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How to Register For The ETC NYSC Loan – 3 Steps

Many corps member find it difficult to register for the NYSC/ETC loan but here’s a quick step to doing that.

First Step: Join ETC Social Network

The first thing you have to do is Join ETC Social Network.

Join ETC Social Networking Platform by creating your profile. Join here with a username and password

How to register Nysc loan for corpers - ETC loan for corps members

In most cases, it’s better to register with the email you used for your NYSC registration (e.g email used for your NYSC portal i.e the one with which you receive information directly from NYSC)

This portal is more like Facebook social platform where you meet other corps members and most importantly message the ETC team.

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Second Step: Register On ETC Portal

The second step to to go register on the Etc portal. Register on ETC Portal

Nysc loan registration - Etc Loan empower the corps members

Remember, the phone number used here should be the phone number you registered with NYSC. Here also, you’ll get to choose your batch and input other information.

Third Step: Documentation

The following are the required documents to help you stand a chance of getting this quick loan.

  • NYSC ID Card
  • Valid ATM Card (must be valid throughout service year)
  • Attestation Form from SAED (if you desire a Biz-Starter Package)
  • Clearly written and signed Letter of Undertaking by Corps Member showing signature and date
  • Clear passport photograph (Face and shoulders only)
  • Clear photograph of yourself in Full NYSC Regalia
  • PPA Posting letter

Once you’ve gone through these processes and have your loan sent into the account details you’ve provided, you’ll have your dashboard where you can login to track your loan repayments.

How to Pay Back the NYSC Loan

A repayment schedule is generated and emailed to the corps member and also updated on the ETC portal. Periodic reminders will be sent to the corps member informing him/her of the due dates for repayments.

empower the corps loan repayment

Repayments of this NYSC loan can be made through various online channels – Quick teller (search ETC loan), ATM terminals; at all banks using Pay Direct (ask for ETC loan repayment), at designated POS terminals in different branches of Credit Direct Ltd.

You’ll also receive SMS of the repayment on your smartphone.

How to Get Nysc Loan For Corps Members (Summary)

Getting a quick loan is now easier with the initiative by Empower The Corps, many corps members have got loans to cater for urgent financial needs during service year.

If you’re a Corps member currently serving in Nigeria, what are you waiting for? Go grab a loan package today!

For more information, visit

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