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[Updated!] Top 8 Online Stores In Nigeria

Which are the leading and best online stores in Nigeria today? Here’s an updated list of online shopping stores in Nigeria today.

There is no denying that technology has branches that are still growing in different directions and one of these brought about online stores in Nigeria and other parts of the world.

Let us talk a walk down history lane. Michael Aldrich originated online shopping in the year 1979.

Tim Berners-Lee was said to be the creator of the first World Wide Web server and browser, making the history of the internet so interesting.

The commercialization of the internet was reported to have happened in 1991, hence, the birth of e-commerce.

online shopping stores in Nigeria

Amazon, although not one of the online shopping stores in Nigeria but a referred online store, was reported to have started operations online by selling books in 1995 (they sell virtually everything, now).

Paypal was launched three years later, and 2001 shed light on Amazon mobile services. 11 years later, online stores in Nigeria emerged.

8 Best Online Stores In Nigeria

Online shopping is the buying and selling of goods on the media or the internet. The almost-accomplished online stores in Nigeria are not the only bracket referred to when discussing online shopping.

The simple advertising and sale of that product on your WhatsApp status, a Facebook news feed, and Instagram feed fall in the category of online shopping.

Some of the best online shopping stores in Nigeria in terms of service, excellence, coverage, and popularity include the following based on Alexa rankings:

1. Jumia Online ShoppingJumia online shopping sites in Nigeria

Jumia is the leading online store in Nigeria. In June 2012, Tunde Kehinde & Raphael Afaedor founded the Africa Internet Group, which is now referred to as Jumia.

Jumia offers a sale on fashion and style items, books, electronics, home appliances, etc.

It has been reported to have brought the first Black Friday sales to Nigeria and it sits at the 8th website in Nigeria according to Alexa rankings. Visit Jumia’s on www.jumia.com.ng.

2. Jiji.Ng

jiji.ng online market place for buyers and sellers

Jiji.ng is the second leading Nigerian online store – a market place for millions of people, with the slogan “Sell faster, buy smarter”.

This online shopping site ranks the 39th site in Nigeria and has a global rank of just 6,000 according to Alexa rankings.

3. Konga Online Shopping

Konga - online stores in Nigeria merges with Yudala online

Konga was founded by Sim Shagaya in the following month after Jumia began operations, July 2012. It is the leading online shopping store in Nigeria and you can visit via http://www.konga.com

Konga has stayed on the list of top online stores in Nigeria for many years as it offers retail online sales on electronics, health care products, personal care products, etc.

Added to the story of Konga.com is Yudala online. I remember the welcome music used when Yubdala launched their shopping website, it was melodious.

Today due to some reasons known to the owners and managers of the concerned entity, Yudala has merged with Konga and all orders will be taken on Konga.

According to Alexa Rankings, Konga.com ranks the 120th website In Nigeria as it also makes our list of top 21 popular and most visited sites in Nigeria.

4. Olx.com.ng

OLX online shopping site in Nigeria

The next web store for online shopping on this list is OLX ranking 193rd site in Nigeria, Not quite long, JIJI acquired OLX

5. SME Market Hub

markethub online shopping stores in Nigeria

SME market hub is GTBank’s own e-commerce platform. Just like other online shopping sites in Nigeria, SME Market Hub offers online sales on fashion items, groceries, etc.

This e-commerce site is a free online platform to discover, buy, sell, and connect. Based on rankings on Alexa, SME market hub ranks 394th website in Nigeria.

It offers a wide variety of products at very affordable prices…I mean for the upcoming rich ones like us our size dey there…winks.

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6. Slot.ng

Slot.ng is next on my list of top online stores in Nigeria, ranking the 620th site in Nigeria.

7. Obeezi

Nigerian online shopping mall - Obeezi

Obeezi is one of the shopping online sites in Nigeria that offers online sales of clothing, fashion and style accessories, colognes, etc. at competitive prices.

Its platform is designed in a way to make online shopping in Nigeria easy and convenient for its customers.

It currently ranks as the 1,300th site in Nigeria. Please visit www.obeezi.com to experience cool shopping online.

8. Payporte Online Shopping

Payporte online shopping sites in Nigeria

Payporte, the proud sponsor of the just concluded Big Brother Naija Double Wahala 2018, has also made it to our list of top online shopping sites in Nigeria as it ranks 1,119th site in the country.

Just name it; anything you want can be found on Payporte’s eCommerce website. It offers sales of household electronics, smartphones, clothes, fashion items, and accessories, etc.

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Nigerians have been reported to shop more online than any of the other sub – Saharan African countries.

A study also revealed that increased internet access, more affordable data costs; improved network connectivity has aided the growth of online shopping sites in Nigeria.

Cheapest Online Shopping Sites in Nigeria

Online shopping provides a wide range of options of products and their prices, including the opportunity to window shop in any of the shopping sites in Nigeria.

You can window shop for as long as you want without getting the “somehow” looks darted at you if you were doing that in offline stores.

The point is, what is cheap for one potential buyer may be expensive for another.

So, with the individual difference being a major factor here, I guess you’ll be the one to tell which online shopping site in Nigeria is cheap or expensive.

Online Stores In Nigeria (Summary)

No one said online shopping is bad, the evidence is the numerous online stores in Nigeria and the reported benefits they have brought along with them.

The increasing number of online shopping sites in Nigeria can be said to have increasing bad and good experiences of customers. It makes one wonder if all is a scam or if these victims actually caused their predicaments.

In fact, some people have not once bought things online. Some don’t know how to make payments online maybe that’s why they’re having cold feet.

Especially in the areas of not getting exactly what you saw, there is no sugar coating the fact that pictures hype things, with the right lighting and angle, an ugly looking object can look beautiful but my question is didn’t you read the description?

Diji lamented bitterly of getting the exact opposite of what he read and saw online, claiming he read the description thoroughly.

Hmm. This makes me wonder was there a mistake somewhere? Or was it a deliberate scam?

Well, I really cannot answer all these questions because as we have bad experiences so also we have good testimonies.

No one knows it all; share your views with us and possibly managers of these online stores sites in Nigeria can see these and put necessary measures in place.

Find this list helpful? Please like, share and drop your comments.

Aurora Maikudi
Aurora is a contributing writer at Oasdom.com. With a deep interest in researching and finding solutions, Aurora hopes to share her work with all oasdom fans and visitors.

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