5 Important Things to Know When Starting Your Post-Secondary Education

Oasdom.com 5 important thing to know when starting your university education
Oasdom.com 5 important thing to know when starting your university education

About to start your university education?

Before a bird learns to fly it has always stayed in the comfort of the nest, protected by its mother. Then one day it has to learn to fly and then gradually, it’ will have to leave the nest, build its own nest and fend for itself.

Such is the journey of every human child too. You tend to be so comfortable around your home, family members, friends, and neighbors.

They pamper you, tell you what to do, what not to do, where to go, where not to go, what to wear,  and what to eat. They even wake you up to avoid your being late for functions.

But now, things have to change. You have to attend an entirely new environment, where you will have freedom to yourself, to some extent.

You won’t be told by anyone what not to do and where not to go, to study or not. In here you have to learn self-reliance that will help you think and act like a man, work with your initiative and make choices that are profitable to your future.

There are things you need to know when starting your university education. And I’ll make it really short so you won’t make the same mistakes the people ahead have made

  1. This new found freedom is not to be abused

I’m sure you’re happy now that you’ve got an admission to the university. Very glad you’re finally free? Slow down. Don’t abuse this freedom. You have your real freedom ahead of you.

To achieve that, you need not get yourself in to doing what you definitely know is wrong – unnecessary visiting of friends, tardiness for lectures, unnecessary excuses for not attending important religious activities, and unnecessary social activities.

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  1. This new environment is competitive

You never will know this until convocation and you see your friends holding first class, second class upper and lower divisions, and you can’t find your name near third class. That’s embarrassing my dear.

Don’t wait till it happens. Read like every test and exam is the last and will determine whether you’ll graduate or not. Do every assignments…procrastination is not allowed.

Don’t imitate any friend you don’t know their roots. You are different. That friend wishes he comes out better than you. Don’t wait till you can’t amend. Stay true to your future on campus. The competition outside campus is even severe than you can imagine.

  1. Socializing

I’m not saying you should not socialize. But mingle with the right set of people. People who will add to you not divide you or reduce you to nothing.

Among the five statement of regret made by university graduates and what undergraduates should learn, you’ll come to understand the value of true friends – your best network.

Let your friend(s) be gardeners that will water and nurture your dream not hunters that will slay your young immature dreams. Mix with destiny helpers not destiny mongers.

Socialize minimally with great wise minds, mum and dad aren’t there anymore to tell you who to roll with.

You sure know which company is bad enough and which outing is not to be attended by you. You have your future to protect. Like an egg. Remember once broken can’t be picked.

  1. Elders’ Instructions

See every elderly person around you as a figure of parent. Don’t be rude to lecturers, cleaners, and laundry personnel’s, lodges agents, portals’ keeper, hostel madams and Misters. Remember the world is a very small one.

Most of these set of people have children that are either your age or older than you. Treat them the way you want to be treated by younger ones.

Ladies, this doesn’t mean don’t say no to lecturers who want to take you to bed before u can pass a course. Your relationship with God will go a long way to help you through this.

  1. Skill acquisition

A friend of mine was ranting about what to do to earn extra money during his one year of NYSC program. I asked him what skill he acquired while in school and the answer I got was disheartening.

You need not be told Skill acquisition is important in Nigeria of today. In fact, it is the one single thing that has kept most Nigerian graduates after school. Do not just pass through school. Let school pass thru you.

Learn things that are beyond the 4 walls of the class room, invest in personal development because that’s the only investment that pays the greatest dividend.

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Treat everyone you meet the way you want to be treated, don’t lose focus, and don’t live an extravagant life. Remember you can’t do it on your own. Always pray to God for guidance and favor in all.

Conclusively all Exams, Tests, and Assignments are important. Take all semester seriously and you’ll not only finish well but stronger.

Article by Patience Tolu