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Who did something wrong? – It’s the outgoing generation. They didn’t start a business that would have really changed things.

I feel bad when I look into the past and discovered that the outgoing generation didn’t plan for the future. They didn’t plan for us.

Instead of using the skills they had to build more businesses, or improve already existing sectors, everybody went to school, became employees and made us follow that same step and now, we are complaining bitterly that the labor market is over populated.

I’m proud to be a Nigerian. I am one of the over 180 million Nigerian citizens, really loving people.

Nigerians love the latest gadgets and devices, cars, etc. We dream big and aim high and most importantly, we have rich minds.

But……… the only general problem I discovered in most people is their belief system and downloading culture. We don’t upload – I mean, we don’t CREATE

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When it comes to getting jobs (that will all know are scarce), we pray, we prophesy, we say grace will speak for us without going the extra mile to make things work.

Most people will usually pray instead of mapping out plans to make their dreams come true, forgetting it’s a popular saying from the Bible that faith without work is meaningless.

My dear, if you want a job, then work toward it, have a good grade, speak good English, enroll for professional courses, submit a good CV but most importantly – make connections (getting a good job all rests on this). After all, it is who you know that matters now, then, you can pray.

True, formal education is important, it worked for the outgoing generation but I’m afraid it’s not really working for the present generation. So, try to start a business.

The Urgent Need to Start a Business In Nigeria.

I feel bad when I look into the past and discovered that the outgoing generation didn’t plan for the future. They didn’t plan for us.

Instead of using the skills they had to build more businesses, or improve already existing sectors, everybody went to school, became employees and then they made us follow that same step and now we are complaining the labor market is over populated.

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Schools are mostly packed with theoretical and not practicable syllabuses, you easily forget what you learned last semester and may never have to apply what you learned in life.

Available jobs are for only experienced and connected graduates (don’t mind my word usage here, you know what I mean).

Indirectly, what it means is if you are not from a rich background and know someone who knows someone, your chances of getting a good job is close to zero.

This may trigger a question in your mind; is getting a university degree really worth it? Sincerely most students are wasting their precious time in school, doing something less worthy.

Many are in school but are not learning. They have allowed schooling to affect their education. Don’t get me wrong. I am privileged to be a graduate.

Formal education is important. In fact it has helped me a lot. I’m trying to emphasize what you should be doing when you’re in school

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If schooling worked for the outgoing generation, does it mean the system still works for the present generation? The fact is, it’s not really working.

Hundreds of thousands of university graduates are on the streets and the social evils that come with being unemployed is taking over.

So, why not consider trying out something different – consider starting a business, solve a problem and get paid for it.

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“If the present generation doesn’t start to create businesses and jobs, I think the coming generation will find life more harsh than it is now“

As a student, unemployed or employed, why don’t you start a business or say a side-business? The internet is now the most powerful medium to get your word out.

If you invest two hours every day into starting or building a business, then you can have something to work on, build and grow. Something you can fully rely on when you’re retired (if you’re employed) and even leave for your children.

We can’t pass our jobs onto our kids as inheritance but they can inherit our businesses. Keep your job, but build a business.

If we could create 10,000 businesses in Nigeria then we can feel relieved, great relief. This is my dream, I want to influence just anyone to kick start a business, even if it’s a small one.

The truth is I’m also on the learning curve, but I’m learning out loud. This is what oasdom.com is all about; promoting self-reliance and inspiring business creation.

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The Question is; How Can You Start a Business?

Well, I will just answer that in 2 simple and short sentences.

  • “A business is usually created around solving a problem”.
  • “When the solution to a problem you’ve found is worth paying for, you are in business”

There are many problems to be solved, even around you. Let people pay you by solving their problems.

Learn more about the common forms of business structures you can try out.

Start something now, there’s always time. Let us look back in 50 years and praise ourselves for taking the decision to take a more promising route.

In my next article, I take you through every step to start and grow a business in Nigeria.

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