(Guaranteed) Online Loans In Nigeria – 19 Best Loan Sites

List of Online loans in Nigeria
List of Online loans in Nigeria

Here’s an updated list of best websites to get online loans in Nigeria and money lending platforms with information on their interest rates.

Disclaimer: Please note that Oasdom.com is NOT a loan service provider, hence,  no request about loans in our inbox or comment section will be replied.

Decades before now, credit facilities are not readily available as we have it now, online loans in Nigeria is on the high trend.


Come to think of it, personal loans, student loans, car loans, emergency loans, are now online for everyone who wants to borrow money in Nigeria.

More than enough loan websites and apps are online, ready with features to help borrowers meet their personal loan needs.

But, how could one possibly get free online loans without collateral nor paperwork, and the cash loan deposited into one’s bank account in minutes?

Online loan in Nigeria - loan websites

It’s simple, let me share with you the top list of loan companies in Nigeria, and I’ll share with you how it all works.

19 Quick Online Loans In Nigeria Without Collateral


Majority of these loan websites are what we’ve tried. Though it is now possible to borrow money online, kindly read the terms and conditions of each platform.

If you’re looking for a free loan in Nigeria, just forget about it, the loan companies on this list are in for business. They help with your urgent cash need and in turn expect to pay back with interest.

This list is for information purposes only.

1. Get Carbon Short Loan

Paylater Get Carbon Online loans in Nigeria

Pay Later, now Carbon is the leading online loan service provider in Nigeria. Their intuitive apps has joined the ranks of the best loan apps in Nigeria. With a bold theme of unlocking the power of money for people, you can grab instant online loans, pay bills and make other payments as well.

From One Credit in 2021 to OneFi in 2015, Paylater in 2016 to Carbon in 2019, this company has come a long way and can now provide loans over 100 thousand Naira.

Carbon is headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria. We are a global company of over 40 employees with operations in Ghana, South Africa, the United Kingdom, and Portugal.

Carbon Loan Requirements & Interest Rate

  • You’ll have to provide your Bank Verification Number (BVN)
  • Passport photograph and address
  • Smart Android enabled device
  • Interest rate starts from as low as 5% monthly on the first loan to about 21% depending on the loan tenure
  • Loan tenure: 3 to 12 months
  • Top up: No
  • Repayment channels: Direct debit or Quick Teller
  • Website: Getcarbon.co

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2. Branch Loan

Branch international instant loan website

The second on this list of online loans in Nigeria is Branch International with a solid instant loan app.

With a bold mission to deliver world-class financial services to the mobile generation, Branch loan company through their loan app provide over N200,000 loan apps to qualified individuals.

Serving over 3 million customers, 15 million-plus loans have been issued worth over 350 million dollars.

Branch International is not just a Nigerian loan company, it’s international and serves other countries like Kenya, Tanzania, and Mexico. They combine machine learning algorithms as well to provide loans.

With Maria K. Rotilu as Nigeria Country Manager, She oversees Branch’s Nigeria market. She previously served as Uber’s Country Manager for Nigeria and held management consultant roles with Deloitte Nigeria.

Getting a loan from Branch is easy, you won’t even see a piece of paper from start to finish. It is like a bank in your pocket, just like when you want to get soft loan in Nigeria.

Branch Requirements and Interest Rate

  • You need an android device and download the Branch loan app on Google Play Store
  • Fill in personal details
  • You need to present your BVN
  • Interest rate: 14 – 28% (Depending on risk level)
  • Loan tenure: 4 weeks to 15 months
  • Repayment channels: Direct debit
  • Branch website: www.branch.com.ng

Branch International has made it to our top list of loan apps in Nigeria that charge little interest and with no collateral at all.

3. RenMoney Loan

Ren money loan website

Renmoney is the third online loan platform in Nigeria with a goal to make life easier, providing simple, flexible loans that is fast, convenient, collateral-free, and at competitive rates.

Renmoney provides loans of up to N4,000,000 spread over 12 months, for rent, school fees, loans to buy a car, etc.

Upon request, the applicant is expected to provide verification of their monthly income and a report of their previous loans from a credit bureau. All these are to be submitted to any Renmoney office for confirmation.

For the RenMoney quick loan request, N70,000 loan would worth N83,690 in four months repayment plan.

This implies a percentage of 4% to 4.5% per month.

  • Requirements: BVN, Bank statement, Valid ID card, Employment letter
  • Platform: Internet
  • Interest rate: 4 – 5%
  • Loan tenure: 3 to 12 months
  • Repayment channels: Quickteller, cheque, POS, Cash and Online transfers.

4. Fast Credit Limited

Fast Credit loan sites in Nigeria

Next on the list of online loan companies in Nigeria is Fast Credit.

Fast Credit provides micro-credit to validly employed Nigeria workers on payroll deductible basis and they cover both private and public workers via attractive products.

Loans are processed and disbursed within 6 hours of duly completed documentation.

Its headquarters is in Lagos, Nigeria and we are currently focused on providing fast and need-oriented payroll-based consumer loans to qualified civil servants and other payroll employees in Nigeria.

Fast Credit Requirements and Interest Rate

With a minimum loan amount of 100,000 Naira, the following is required:

  • You must be in a paid-employment
  • You must be 18 years and above
  • You must have an active salary account
  • You must have a clean Credit Bureau Report
  • 1 recent passport photograph is required and a valid means of identification.
  • Employee ID is also required
  • and most importantly salary bank statements for the last 6 or 12 months.

5. Fint Loan

quick loan in Nigeria

3,652nd website in Nigeria is a platform where lenders meet borrowers, or vice versa, for online loans in Nigeria. Fint risk assessment, which cost #3, 000, determines your eligibility for a loan.

The loan amount offered is between #60, 000 – #2, 000, 000. Repayment duration is done on a fixed term of 3, 6, or 12 months. Interest rates on loan can be as low as 2% monthly.

It is also one of the lending platforms that offer quick loans without collateral in Nigeria.

Before disbursement of loan to a bank account, a commitment fee of 8% must be paid by the lender.

For more information, please visit https://fint.ng/.

6. Zedvance Loan

Quick online loans in Nigeria

This is a platform that offers online loans in Nigeria, which include personal loans, travel loans, group loans.

They offer loans worth #3, 000, 000 to be paid back in 12 months with an interest rate of 3.75 – 4.5% monthly.

They currently give loans to salary earners only. www.zedvance.com for more information. They rank 7,738th website in Nigeria.

7. KwikCash

online loan platform

Want to borrow money in Nigeria? Kwickcash is an online lending platform, created by “partnership between banks, mobile operators and technology companies”, that offers online loans in Nigeria.

It offers a fast loan amount of up to #500,000 with no collateral. The repayment duration is between 14 – 30 days with interest rate 5 – 15%. It is ranked the 9,113th website in Nigeria.

For more information, please visit www.kwikcash.ng.

More Loan Companies For Urgent Loan In Nigeria

If you’re looking for quick cash these 4 lending platforms can meet your needs. They are also among the first 8 online loan sites in Nigeria

8. Quick Check


Another lending platform, that offers quick loans in Lagos, to the “underserved” in a bid to promote financial inclusion.

Quickcheck is ranked 9,153rd website in the country. Care to have “a bank in your pocket”? Visit www.quickcheck.ng.

9. C24 Loan

Loans in Nigeria - C24

C24 offers online loans in Nigeria with a maximum loan amount of 2 million to be repaid with an affordable low-interest rate in a maximum of 9 months.

This 7,136th website, in Nigeria, offers quick loans in Lagos that are easy to apply for.

For more inquiries, please visit https://C24.com.ng/.

10. KiaKia Urgent Loan In Nigeria

Mr K and Kiaka quickest loan in Nigeria

One of the online lending platforms that offer quick loans in Lagos, ranks 5,576th website in Nigeria.

The maximum loan amount is #5, 000, 000, with a maximum repayment period of 6 months (for existing applicants) and 30 days (for first-time applicants).

You can visit https://www.kiakia.co/ to ask Mr K. for more details.

11. Specta

best online loans in Nigeria - Specta

A mobile lending platform, by Sterling bank, that gives online loans in Nigeria, not more than 5 million for a personal loan, wedding finance, etc. It ranks 7, 003rd website in Nigeria.

It offers loan without collateral, no paper works, instant scoring, and disbursement are done within 5 minutes after approval.

They do not just offer quick loans in Lagos but nationwide. https://www.myspecta.com/.

Now You May Ask: Which Is Nigeria’s Best and Fast Loan Company?

Hmm, what do I say? You don’t expect me to answer that, you know why? I haven’t tried all but Rankings on Alexa have placed each company’s site based on the visit.

tStill, I’ve tried PayLater and Branch and trust me, these 2 are super fast if you want to get out of debts.

Please note that I’m not directly recommending any of these sites, this list is for information purposes only. So, Let’s continue with the list.

12. CreditVille

Creditville limited quick loan

www.creditville.ng, the ranking 12,471st website in Nigeria, is a mobile lending platform that offers online loans in Nigeria.

The maximum amount of loan is #250,000, with varying minimum loan amounts. The maximum loan duration is 12 months.

13. Snap Credit

money online instantly

The loan amount offered is dependent on the individual source of income, and repayment history (for existing users).

Snapcredit offers online loans in Nigeria with interest rates varying with the amount of money loaned and the repayment period. Disbursement occurs within few minutes after loan request has been confirmed.

Repayment of loans, on this 12,531st website in Nigeria, is done through salary.  https://www.Snapcredit.ng/ also offers multiple loans.

14. Pay Connect

payconnect quick loan

Ranking 18,367th website in Nigeria, this platform doesn’t offer loans directly but serves as an intermediary between lender and borrower in online loans in Nigeria.

Payconnect offers no collateral loans in Nigeria, loan amounts are dependent on your source of income. http://payconnect.ng/.

15. One-Fi


Promising exemplary customer service, innovation, and technology, One-fi.co formally known as One Credit, is another quick online loan platform in Nigeria.

Ranking 23,879th site in the country, One-fi aims at democratizing access to finance by leveraging data and technology.

16. Aella Credit

Instant loan

www.aellacredit.com offers online loans in Nigeria with reasonable interest rates, no registration fee, no management fee, and flexible repayment plans.

Instant disbursement to a bank account is guaranteed if the loan request has been approved. Aellacredit ranks 25,260th website in Nigeria.

17. Fair Money

online loans in Nigeria - fair money

If you want to borrow money, Fair money is a platform where online loans in Nigeria can be gotten effortlessly.

The steps involved in securing a loan on this platform include answering some questions, among other steps.

Loan amounts vary with an increment of #20, 000 between. Though, I must be honest. When I tried their loan app, I was given a very loan amount at first to try their service.

Please visit https://www.fairmoney.com.ng/ ranks 26,702nd website in Nigeria.


Lmoney fast cash

Talk about loan companies for online loans in Nigeria and you’ll find Lmoney filling a big gap.

Lmoney provides fast cash loans to any loan seeker. When you visit their website, you can fill in some details and have their agent call you.

Website: Lmoney.com.ng

Office location: 43 Church Gate Street, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria

Email Address: enquiries@lmoney.com.ng

Phone contact: +234 8056659129

19. Sokoloan

sokoloan platform

Adding to the top list of best online loan apps in Nigeria is Sokoloan. SokoLoan is an easy to use, and simple online lending platform that provides short term loans in Nigeria. si

It is a Chinese Internet Marketing/Lending company based in Lekki Phase 1, Lagos State, with the mission to provide private individuals with easy loans to help cover unexpected expenses or urgent cash needs.

Also, they provide SMEs with loans for their business and also large companies with Internet PR and market research.

To use sokoloan app, go to Google Play Store, download the app, install and follow the form instructions to get a collateral-free loan.

How Nigeria’s Best and Fast Loan Lenders Work

First, which is Nigeri8best and fast loan company. This is difficult to answer as each of these platforms have one or more competitive edge over one another.

More so, it’s all up to you to decide which to go for, based on what we’ve given here, and the terms and conditions on their websites.

In as much as it is difficult grab loans from commercial banks for personal loans and some other kinds of loans, it is also not easy to get quick loans from micro-finance banks.

Fortunately, online loans have joined in giving whiplashes to financial exclusion.

Here’s how it all works:

  • You don’t need to fill any paperwork or documents, nor have collateral to be able to enjoy these loan services.
  • Anyone can access loan from any of these online loan providers
  • Getting a loan online is an agreement and this Agreement is a financial service and an end-user license agreement under the Banking Act pursuant to the Banking (Credit Reference Bureau) Regulations,
  • Every of these loan websites analyses smartphone data to determine loan eligibility. Their machine learning algorithms process thousands of data points to create personalized loan options in a matter of seconds.
  • Yes, each loan can be accessed through your phone. Smartphone details, SMS logs, GPS data, contact list, and repayment history helps this machine-learning algorithm to help determine which loan amount you can get.
  • You just have to build credit as you go
  • Also, there are no hidden fees nor surprises.
  • Interest rates are given to you before you apply for each loan, and the loan period is also given to you as well.

How Accessible Is Financing In Nigeria Truly Is Today?

There’s no doubt that the matter of financing is getting much better in Nigeria now. However, it still has a long way to go in order to be on par with developed countries.

That’s considering that the situation there isn’t all that stellar either as the world is still reeling from the major economic crisis that happened at the beginning of the 2,000s.

Banks and other major lenders became much more careful at that time and they are still seemingly afraid of risks associated with personal and small business loans.

Therefore, their rates are prohibitively high. However, in countries like Australia, this matter is solved by the rise of alternative sources of financing.

This offers great opportunities for local small businesses, which th

Loan organizations to borrow money online

en contribute to the local economy, thus improving the financing situation in the country.

Online business loans in Australia are widely accessible and can provide an entrepreneur with up to $400,000 with no collateral and minimal paperwork.

What’s important, the loan won’t have exorbitant fees, so people, and especially small business owners, are able to afford them.

Financing like this is appearing in Nigeria, as you can see from this list.

However, the scope of it is much smaller and the terms of these loans are far from being good.

This means that you can use them in an emergency or if you are 100% sure that your business venture will pay off handsomely and fast.

Right now, let’s start with the list of top online loan sites in Nigeria and their interest rates.

Conclusion on Quick Loans Online In Nigeria

There you have it! The updated list of 19 online loans in Nigeria.

As you have seen, some online lending platforms require collateral while some are without collateral, some target small businesses while others target civil servants.

Whatever you do, try as much as possible to check out the terms and conditions of each platform, and also the interest rates and payback time frame before you put in for an application.

Once again, here’s a quick recap:

  1. Carbon loan
  2. Branch loan
  3. Renmoney loan
  4. Fast Credit Limited
  5. Fint Loan
  6. Zedvance
  7. KwikCash
  8. Quick Check
  9. C24 Loans
  10. Kikia Loans
  11. Specta
  12. CreditVille
  13. Snap Credit
  14. Pay Connect
  15. One-fi
  16. Aella Credit
  17. Fair Money
  18. LMoney
  19. Sokoloan

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  1. Nice loan disbursing apps. I like how branch splits their payment plan to 4, which helps repayments in bits.

    Admin, I used to receive your regular emails, but I don’t anymore, I don’t know why.

  2. Thanks for this info. It is great.
    Do you know anything about Loona loan. They are requesting one pays interest before loan approval/disbursement.

  3. Paylater is not answering me, for the 3rd time now my loan application was declined. Tried sending them mail to ask why, but its ot been delivered

    • We’re not sure as to what might have caused that. We visited their faqs page for you and here’s a reply to your question as stated on their site:

      There are a few reasons behind loan application rejections. The most likely reason is that our system did not receive sufficient data to score your application. Please ensure you are signed into Paylater using your main mobile device, and also keep your data on while using the app in order for us to determine the best possible loan offer for you.

      Another possible reason is that you may not have shared all of the information required in the application or provided invalid details.

      However, there can be other reasons. As a responsible lender, we take steps to ensure we only extend credit to applicants who can afford it, so that our clients won’t become too indebted. It is possible that�� at this time, you don’t match the profile of individual we normally lend money to.

      Negative repayment patterns on previous obligations (including Paylater loans) can also limit access to credit, or make it more expensive to obtain.

      Whatever the situation, we recommend keeping the app installed and retrying in 1 – 2 months, as the criteria of these decisions are constantly refined.

  4. I was at the point of registering with branch and I discovered is asking for BVN number. Please how secure is it releasing such very vital details to branch?

  5. It has actually not been easy, imagine Branch offering me 3k, wetin I wan take am do? Paylater is speaking English! The other ones are going for salary earners! Oops! I need something for business expansion.
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  6. Interesting Content Oasdom,
    In fact! You did a great job by searching online for these lending companies.

    The problem is; many of them will not borrow u up to 10k at first. I could remember some years back when I was looking for money to finance my business.

    I tried pay later and they were offering me 7k loan. That was was discourage me.

    Is there anyone of these that can give 200k minimum at first?

    • Thanks for your comment, not that we’re partners with any of these loan platforms, but we’ve tried a few of them. We got more than 10k on some and less than 10k on some, As stated, each of these loan platforms increases the amount you can borrow if you’ve proven yourself to repay back on due dates. The question is, would you borrow a stranger a huge funds without him first proving his credibility with little amounts?

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    • We’re glad you found our content Helpful and that Branch did it for you. Well, borrowing money from 2 or more online loan platform is all up to you, provided you’re ok with the terms and agreement of each lending platform

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    • James, please get in touch with any of the loan platforms you’ll want to get a loan from, they’re in the best position to give you details

  16. I need a loan platform with low interest rate.. Pay later is way too high.. You take 30k and pay 15k interest.. It’s far more than 30% that’s 50% interest rate.. Way too high

  17. I applied yesterday and my loan was approved in 15 minutes and disbursed to my account no collateral only 30.00 was charged linking my ATM card for repayment with allea credit.


    • Oasdom.com is not a loan giving company. Please check in with any of the listed online loan platforms. Check their terms to see which suits you

  19. Hi, thanks for the post. Please i will like to know if it is possible to borrow online with my house as collateral. Thanks

  20. Peter Ogbonnaya
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    • Hi Peter, thanks for your comment. This loans companies if we’d say want certainty of payback and that’s why we think they’ve targeted those who currently earn and have a stable income – salary earners. That’s their terms. We’re researching on loan platforms that allow for flexibility, once we get it, we’ll update this post

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    • Hi Gabriel, we’re not a loan company. Please check out any of the lending platforms listed in this post to see if you’re eligible and also if you can meet up with their terms

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    • Hi Daniels, thanks for your comment. This post is for information purposes only. To borrow money, please visit the website of any of the listed lending platforms, contact them through their contact us feature, check out their terms and conditions and go with the one that best suits you.

    • Hi Yusuf, please get in touch with any of the listed online lending platforms. This post is for information purposes. Please reach out to any of the loan companies for further enquiries

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