Beyond Bitcoin – How to Make Money With Blockchain

how to make money with blockchain
how to make money with blockchain

Buying and selling bitcoin is a good way to make money — or at least it was five years ago. Let’s say you bought $100 of bitcoin way back in January 2011, that would be 333.33 bitcoin.

That same investment would be worth nearly $1.7 million in April 2019. It may not make sense to invest now, but fortunately buying bitcoin isn’t the only way to capitalize on blockchain technology.

Although you can’t invest directly into the blockchain, you can invest in companies that you think will benefit from the new tech, and many companies are already finding new and creative ways to use it.


There are also many tools that can be used for the average investor in order to help you with this prospect, and if you don’t want real money going into your blockchain investments you can always earn attention tokens or perform freelance tasks in exchange for cryptocurrency.

Go beyond Bitcoin and learn how to make money with blockchain in this infographic by BlockSocial

How To Make Money With Blockchain #infographic

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