9 Best Sites to Sell and Buy Bitcoin Online In Nigeria

Oasdom 7 best site to buy bitcoin online in Nigeria sell bitcoin price
Oasdom 7 best site to buy bitcoin online in Nigeria sell bitcoin price

If you’ve been looking for where to sell bitcoin or buy bitcoin online in Nigeria, I’ve got a list of top websites to buy bitcoins.

Nigeria ranks among the top five users of bitcoins in the world. The main reason for the growth in popularity of bitcoin in Nigeria is due to the unpredictability of conventional cash.

Still, as it stands today, there are ways to go beyond Bitcoin and make money with blockchain technology.

Bitcoin is a currency just like the Naira and Dollar, but instead of being printed in papers, it’s a digital currency that can be spent online and without a central bank. 

The Blockchain technology is one great invention which is now the backbone of a new type of internet.

blockchain technology sell and buy bitcoin online in nigeria

Originally devised for the digital currency, Bitcoin, (Buy Bitcoin online) the tech community is now finding other potential uses for the technology.

Let us look at the seven best websites you can sell and buy bitcoin online in Nigeria while ensuring your funds are safe.

9 Best Site to Buy Bitcoin In Nigeria

In this section, I’ll share with you 7 best sites to buy bitcoin online in Nigeria with a credit card or debit card, how to sell bitcoins instantly, more about bitcoin rate, bitcoin wallet, etc.

1. Luno Bitcoin

Luno is among the websites where you can buy bitcoin online in Nigeria at very low charges. It boasts of bases in more than three continents.

It offers 0% rates for those who buy bitcoin, “the market maker” and a fee of 0% to 1% for ‘the market taker.’

It is popular among business people and entrepreneurs for favorable bitcoin exchange rates and cheap bitcoin.

Luno has a strong foothold in Nigeria and South Africa. Luno is very flexible and can be used either on a mobile device or its website to buy bitcoin online.

It facilitates fast transactions with its Instant Buy feature. To use Luno to buy bitcoin and dispose of them, you only need your master card or credit card and the Luno bitcoin exchange.

Luno does not only deal with bitcoins alone, but it also deals with other e-currencies like Ethereum.

Website: www.luno.com

2. Sowget

Sowget is an e-currency exchange company operating out of Lagos, Nigeria. They have been in operation in 2017.

At Sowget, users can buy bitcoin instantly with their USSD transfer or using your ATM/debit card, and your bitcoin wallet is credited within few minutes.

Customers on Sowget can also convert their Bitcoin to Naira instantly and get paid automatically within seconds.

They have good customer support for prompt attendance to user complaints.

Apart from Bitcoin, Sowget also exchange Perfect Money, USDT & many more.

Their website is https://www.sowget.com/

3. Paybis

Paybis is a UK based digital exchange platform that allows Nigerians to purchase and sell various cryptocurrencies offering a large choice of payment methods.

Other than Bitcoin, you can purchase most popular cryptocurrencies like Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, and many more.

Furthermore, Paybis offers payment methods through popular e-wallets such as Skrill, Neteller, Payeer, and AdvCash.

The main appeals of the platform are its reliability and responsiveness. Ideal for beginners, Paybis offers a hassle-free user interface and every transaction can be completed in 10 minutes, including the KYC process.

A dedicated customer support team is online around the clock to answer any question that you might have regarding your transactions.

Speaking of, your first transaction on Paybis will be cost-free, so that you can try the speed and responsiveness of their service.

All in all, Paybis is a foolproof choice for any Nigerian looking for reliable and speedy crypto transactions.

Website: paybis.com

4. NairaEX Bitcoin Excahnge

NairaEx is also an indigenous e-currency exchanger in Nigeria.

Despite being present in different towns around Nigeria, its problem is that it does not deal with other e-currencies (etherum, bitcoin cash, litcoin, etc.) besides bitcoins.

The transactions are swift. You only need about one hour to complete a transaction. Their customers’ services are top of the range with several avenues for contacting their customer services.

So, when you want to buy bitcoin online in Nigeria, you do not have to worry when there are technical glitches.

Website: www.nairaex.com

5. Nigeria Gold Exchange

Nigeria Gold Exchange comes strongly suggested because of the diverse services they offer. The services include:

  • ·Buy bitcoin and sell them
  • Allow transfer of funds, airtime

If you are a resident of River State, you can visit their offices located in Port Harcourt to buy bitcoin. In case you cannot access a device to do a transaction on, you can sell bitcoin directly from their brick and mortar offices.

Website: www.nairagoldexchage.ng

6. Naira2USD

Naira2USD is a new player in this market of bitcoin trading. However, it has proving itself to be among the top e-currency exchange platforms.

In case you want to buy bitcoin online using this platform, you only have to access their exchange platform.

You are then assigned a representative who you communicate with through WhatsApp to finalize your transaction. When you buy bitcoin, or you are just selling, the process is speedy.

They also have an active team of customer care agents who are always on standby to assist you with your problems.

Not just bitcoin, they are involved in Perfect Money exchange, Skrill, Neteller, etherum, etc.

Website: www.naira2usd.com

7. Wink Payment

The key features of Wink Payment are its ability to speed up transactions, and a transaction can be completed within a quarter an hour.

When setting up your bitcoin wallet, their verification process is hassle-free and straightforward. With a mobile device or from their website, you can be registered in minutes.

You only need to be verified by an agent who then handles your transactions.

To buy bitcoin online in Nigeria very fast without a lot of impediments, then this is the ideal platform for you.

8. ExchangeIndeed

The main attraction of ExchangeIndeed is reliability. When their customers want to buy bitcoin or sell bitcoin, they are always available to help.

The company enjoys a presence in several and even the remotest towns in Nigeria. In Lagos alone, they have four offices.

They sell webmoney, bitcoin, neteller, perfect money and bitcoin. Their current bitcoin price is N365 for buyers and sale is at N330

Website: www.exchangeindeed.com

9. InstantGold

It is among the oldest and most trusted e-currency exchange platform that has served Nigerians diligently for years.

InstaGold also deals with more than a dozen other e-currencies on its exchange platforms. It has robust security features to keep your transactions secure.

It has offices in Lagos and one soon to be launched in Port Harcourt. Ensure you buy bitcoin and sell them in a secure environment by securing the services of InstantGold.

Website: www.instantgold.com/

Conclusion on Sites to Buy Bitcoin Online In Nigeria

The websites above allow you to undertake your business with a lot of confidence while in Nigeria with your money only a mobile device away.


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