How to Prepare A Good Business Strategy Plan

How to Prepare A Good Business Strategy Plan 2
How to Prepare A Good Business Strategy Plan 2

A business plan is no doubt a road map for your business that outlines the goals and details of how you plan to achieve those goals.

The business strategy plan is an adaptation of the military strategy and aims to create a plan that ensures that the company achieves its objectives and improves the organization’s positioning.

It is an effective tool, which should be used in both good and bad times.


It should be used both by companies with extensive experience in the market and by new companies.

It can be used in the definition of which market share you want to reach or to promote your company, winning the bid of the competition.

To help you achieve these goals, we have created a guide to prepare a good strategy business plan in this infographic by Flevystrategy business plan

Learn how to design the business strategy

Business strategies can be designed in a variety of ways. And in addition to creation, it is important to pay attention to the execution.

The operational issue has a fundamental role in the success of the strategic plan implementation, however, to develop a business strategy, it is necessary to have a solid base, which is the core of the entire strategy.

Without this base, there is no possibility of structuring, making it difficult to achieve the planned objectives.

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Make an accurate diagnosis

Before building any business strategy plan, you need to know why the strategy is.

What challenges does the company face that prevents these strategies from being implemented?

What is the desired result?

It is not enough to simply identify these questions, it is necessary to interpret them and make them clear to the entire organization.

Define your target audience

It is essential to define your target audience precisely.

One of the most effective techniques for this is to be able to answer the following question: to whom do you want to appear?

You must understand all its characteristics, with special attention to the product or service it presents, such as the behavior of your visitors and their needs.

For example, in digital marketing, this fictitious consumer is called a persona, and it is precise to him that his actions will be directed.

Set challenging goals

Every business strategy plan needs goals, after all, all your planning will be based on them.

Yes, Goals helps you maintain a well-coordinated thought out pattern.

The development of goals must be short, medium and long term, in the various departments of the company.

The goals have to be challenging, to take employees out of their comfort zone, but they cannot be unattainable, so as not to demotivate them.

Each goal must be accompanied by a performance indicator to measure the actions taken and to know if they are being effective or if it is necessary to re-plan them.

One of the most adopted models in the business world is SMART, an acronym in English that means that the goals must be specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and temporal.

Have a standard conduct

When designing a business strategy plan, it must be made flexible.

Difficulties are inevitable, and you need to be prepared for unforeseen events. Therefore, you must develop an orientation policy.

When difficulties arise, this standard conduct will guide the decision more appropriately in solving problems.

This standard can be in the company’s values or it can create principles that each employee must incorporate, mainly the leadership.

Master negotiation with suppliers

Your business strategy must not take into account only internal factors, to be effective, you need to look outside the company, which includes suppliers.

Closer relations with them and establish “win/win” partnerships will make the company have a competitive advantage, with a consequent increase in competitiveness.

These partnerships are also essential to achieve a balance in costs since a good negotiation involves price, discount, delivery, and payment terms, etc.

Monitor your competitors

In-depth knowledge of your competitors is essential for the development of your strategic plan.

Monitor your products and services, your disclosure system, your relationship with customers, and your innovation system.

The intention is not to copy the good ideas of competitors, but it can serve as a parameter to see how you are concerning innovation and processes.

This practice is known as benchmarking and is used by every successful company.

Monitoring competitors also helps you understand where your competitor is going, whether it is to climb a space that you dominate or because you “discovered” a new profitable niche.

The sooner you identify, the faster you can adjust your strategy and not let the competitor gain space.

Expand your network of contacts

A business strategy plan that you can carry out very smartly is having the ability to expand your network of contacts.

This network of contacts represents a support system where services are shared and information is exchanged between individuals and groups with common interests.

It is not enough for the entrepreneur to be immersed in his work environment. It is important to be on top of everything new in your area.

Participate in fairs, workshops, discussion groups on social networks focused on business, take courses, read books, and follow blogs and reference channels in your area, both national and international.

In addition to partnerships, this networking will certainly bring interesting ideas to your business.

Perform efficient financial management

Having a plan outlined is commendable.

However, to make it happen, it is necessary to have money, which implies managing resources effectively and achieving, either through investments or through productivity, the revenue needed to put ideas into practice.

The business strategy must be closely linked to financial planning and, if the company is in the red, it is important to reorganize its cash flow.

Preparing a good business strategy plan is hard work. However, the benefits are significant.

The long-term survival and growth of the company and the growth and motivation of the team depend on it.

Follow the steps above and take your business to the next level and survive by creating and executing an efficient strategy!