How Goals Help You Maintain a Well Coordinated Thought Pattern

Goals are important
Goals are important

A goal is an idea of the future or desired result that a person or a group of people plan and commit to achieve

The thing you are committed to and the decision you make is a reflection of your goals

Goals revolve around attainments, results, performances, processes,  breaking habits, self-development, fulfilling dreams and missions and many more.

Thought patterns are channels that influence our thought power. They are simply the way we think.

Your thought pattern influences your thought quality. The kind or manner at which you are likely to think over an issue is a reflection of your mindset.

We have heard and read volumes on various factors that influence your thought pattern but one factor that we hardly pay attention to is the “goal factor”.

Something powerful that influences our thought is our goal in sight. The goals you have and the goals you do not have is the sum total of the reasons why you think the way you think.

Goals and thoughts are inseparable for whether you realize it or not,  a goal is powering how you think and what you do in every circumstance.

I will mention five things about goals that help you transform your thought patterns from complicated to coordinated.

Goals are Organizers

Goals naturally get you organized, whether in the short run or for the future. A man that lives by daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly goals is largely in charge.

There are times that life gets tough and things get messy but wisdom has taught us that you need more effort to stay at the top than what you did to get to the top.

Goals help you build and maintain that system that helps your continuous growth.

Goals are Prioritizers

If you don’t have priorities, everyone out there is ready to hijack you to pursue their priorities.

Goals help you prioritize in a society where everything is competing for top attention to know who deserves what

For believers, you might wanna prioritize your relationship with God, your marriage, then ministry, career.

The list is different for many folks depending on your personality. The bottom line is goals help you prioritize your deeds and by extension your thoughts.  You don’t wake up and start feeling confused.

Goals help you know what you have done and what needs to be done next.

Goals Place a Currency on Your Time

Goals are not just valuable, they are valuers. One common ill of complicated thought pattern is a continuous attempt or struggle to ascertain how valuable we are.

Social media has the capacity to complicate your thought pattern in this area.

The media make you believe that your value is in your reach, popularity, and acceptability.  This indeed can be misleading as many men with reach lack value and values that can transform society.

Goals you have followed over time is credible to a large extent to validate and revalidate how valuable you have been and will be.

Goals have the capacity to take your value power from the media and let you own your value.

Goals are Evaluative Tools for Thoughts and Deeds.

Those that set positive and productive goals have no confusion in knowing how productive they are.

Goals do not just help evaluate your deeds, they help you know the areas you have been investing your thoughts because goals and actions are simply a product of your thoughts.

Goals are Defensive In Nature.

A complicated thought pattern can lead to emotional breakdown and mental Disorder. Have you ever had a conversation with someone and you feel useless afterward?

What of depression that comes from life’s disappointments? The thing is… well-written Goals that stem from those things that matter to you.

Goals that reflect your values, goals that fuel your fulfilments, goals that doesn’t just reflect a result but a process and little journeys and performances have a way of helping you come out quickly from a terrible state of mind or avoid them completely.

Goals don’t just put a Mark and check on what you wanna do with your Mind,  it also quickly help you know when anti value strange ideas and advice are offered because you will always wanna ask yourself, does this fit in?

If you have nothing of your own by which every other thing is Weighed, every other thing will weigh you down. Get some goals, guide your heart, protect you.