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What I See Each Time I Look At Funke Akindele

Who is Funke Akindele?

Akindele Olufunke Ayotunde. … Hurray a beautiful  damsel has been born and for daddy’s mind, he pictures a Barrister while mummy was indifferent but am sure she never imagined the Jenifa  we have today….

Funke akindele image

Yes I will be talking about this precious and adorable  gift that was bestowed onto the Akindeles some 41 years ago.  

Being a respectful and well cultured lady, she Appealed and satisfied  daddy’s thoughts and imagination by obtaining a bachelor’s  degree in law from University  of Lagos.

Meen,  that’s good 5 years. However,  her special  ability is like a smoke,  it can not be hidden.

How  do I mean?

Can you still remember that young and innocent  face vividly in the weekly TV series “I Need to Know” which started in 1998, where she played  the role of Bisi.

As at that time,  all she wanted was to show case her God given  gift.

That TV series ended in 2002, my darling  Funke never gave up.  She remained focused and continued with what she knows best to do until 2009 when she released  the movie “Jenifa”.

Like seriously,  that was a big boom for her as even a day old baby can tell you who Jenifa is (Suliya kan, Ayetoro kan!).

Since then,  this dynamic actress has been contributing immensely to the film industry as she has numerous movies to her credit and has been honored with numerous awards.

She is indisputably one of the richest and best actresses in Nigeria.

1. Funke Akindele Has a Happy Soul

Each time I look at Funke Akindele, I see a happy soul.

We all know Jenifa’s diary; a hit TV show where Funke Akindele herself  plays a lead role of a village  girl who speaks funny English and wants to feel among.

Trying to make everywhere lively and fun, she uses Yorubarish English (If there’s anything like that lol), to express her self and make people around her feel happy.

Thanks to Funke Akindele,  even the elite now ask “how is you”. We all know it’s not correct  but it’s a comic way of asking your close pals about their welfare and making them smile at the same time.

Have you ever been sad and angry or do you just need to relax and free your mind from stress? 

Try to watch a season of the Jenifa’s diary and you will realize that Funke Akindele is gifted and it can not be hidden.

2. A Skilled Entertainer

Do you wish to be entertained with Nollywood movies, music, TV shows, industreet and even Jenifa’s diary, just visit Scene One TV.

Of course the brain behind this is Funke Akindele, who wants to bring more entertainment to her fans and the nation at large. She is the CEO of Scene One TV.

3. Hard Work and Hustle

When I see her,  I see a real actress who is focused, creative and does not fake. She is hardworking, full of live and I’m sure she’s fun to be with.

Funke akindele story

Funke Akindele’s hard work does not go unnoticed and one way she gets her reward is through endorsements. Some include :

  • Brand ambassador for Glo
  • Brand ambassador for Iroko TV
  • Brand ambassador for keystone bank

 Of course  we all know endorsement with these companies comes with a good pay.

4. Someone That’s Ready to Help Achieve Greatness

Looking at what she’s achieved so far in the movie and entertainment industry, Funke has achieved greatness.

Because she understands hustle, what it means to start small and grow big, she encourages and shows kindness to upcoming talents.

Are you aware of Jenifa’s foundation? It is a non-governmental  organization that  helps youths to discover their gifts and talents.

Also,  do you still remember Taju?; That small boy who could not communicate in English properly.

Funke Akindele is one of the stake holders who gave that boy the opportunity and privilege of going to school.

Indeed,  Funke Akindele is a kind and selfless woman.

5. She Never Quits On Herself

There are situations in life where you just want to stop doing something because you’ve failed at your first try.

In some other cases, you may stop believing you’ll ever have something, or you just want to settle for less because you experienced failure.

A good example is Funke Akindele’s love life.

On the 26th of May 2012, Funke got married to Areola Kehinde Oloyede. Fortunately or Unfortunately the marriage hit the wall in 2013.

Funke did not give up on love. Again after three years, 2016 to be precise, she took the bold step of saying “I do” to Abdulrasheed Bello also known as JJC Skills. Now she is known as Funke Akindele Bello.

Funke Akindele and JJC

JJC is a producer, singer, video director and a camera man while Funke Akindele is an actress, film producer and a script writer. What a combination! 2 has divided 4.

For instance, JJC shot most scenes in Jenifas diary which was produced by Funke Akindele while JJC wrote industreet  and Funke produced it. Now you know what I mean. It’s a great combo.

Funke also fought great battle to have an offspring. I’m sure your mind goes to all the bad prophecies with respect to this same issue.

Thank God, all that has become a story as she is now a blessed and proud mother of  twin boys

6. She’s Proud of Her Color

Did you see Funke’s #10 years challenge picture? Indeed you will agree with me that that there is  a real change.

Funke Akindele with 10 years challenge

However unlike most celebrities and other individuals whose 10 years challenge comes with bleaching, this bright dark skinned woman deeply values her black heritage.

Here are 6 life lessons we learned from the #10YearsChallenge that went viral on social media.

Funke is loved by many, both old and young. Currently, she has about 6 million followers on Instagram.


Every time I see Funke Akindele, I see a humble woman who does not get freaked with her achievements. She endeavors not to disappoint her fans but rather does more stuffs to please them.

She is not a perfect being but her positive spirit and beautiful qualities is such a good one.

What about you, what can you say about Funke Akindele? Please use the comment box below and share this post.

Olatunde Kindness
Kindness is a contributing writer at Oasdom.com. She's a graduate of the prestigious Obafemi Awolowo University. With a deep interest in researching and finding solutions, Kindness hopes to share her work with all oasdom fans and visitors.

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