6 Business Lessons from a Car Salesperson

Oasdom Business lessons from a car sales person
Oasdom Business lessons from a car sales person

Looking for ways to improve your sales pitch? You need look no further than the modern-day salesperson.

Although they sometimes get a bad rap, car salespersons are known for their adaptability and smooth communication skills.

No matter the type of customer, they know how to read their audience and adjust their sales pitch on the fly.


Car salespersons are also known for being industry experts (or at least convincing you they are!).

By staying up to date with industry trends and understanding the distinguishing features between different types of vehicles, they can leverage their vast knowledge to impress customers, which builds trust with their audience.

Understanding your customer and your product are equally important to close a sale, but that isn’t all you need.

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We’ve highlighted some basic skills that car salespersons employ on a regular basis and translated them to other industries as well:

  • Remember your clients’ names: Personalize your message to the customer
  • Listen more than you talk: Consider customer feedback carefully and improve
  • Don’t degrade other dealerships: Be careful not to talk badly about your competition — it looks unprofessional
  • Don’t be too pushy: Pushing a sale too hard looks desperate, so learn when to quit before upsetting your customer
  • Discuss price later: Wait until you’re 99% positive your customer wants to purchase before discussing price  

To help you learn more about the business lessons you can glean from cars salespersons, The Zebra has compiled six easy-to-implement business lessons in infographic below.

6 savvy lessons from a car salesperson

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