Sunday, September 25, 2022

Blogger VS Journalist: The Ultimate Debate Solved

The debate on Blogger vs Journalist difference is still ongoing.

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Some sources think that it in our digital world with online publications there is nothing different, and bloggers are the same as online journalists.

Others however claim that there are principle difference between a blogger and a journalist.

How this debate can be solved?

The infographic below takes closer look at the details of blogging and journalism.

Every point is taken into account – salary, education, work environment and writing specifics.

Each of these points can show us the common and different in blogger’s and journalist’s occupation.

As a blogger, if we’re to be honest, do blogs really make money? Read that to find a comprehensive answer.

It is time to finally solve the debate that is ongoing since as early as 2005 and let bloggers and journalists feel that their professions are unique, peculiar and should be considered different.

The representatives of each profession are also included to prove the main idea in this infographic by EssayTigers

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Blogger vs Journalist: The Ultimate Debate Solved #infographic

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