Here’s How Blockchain Will Rebuild The World #Infographic

933 how blockchain will rebuild the world how blockchain will rebuild the world

Still, many people have been looking for ways to do bitcoin investment but how is blockchain going to change the world? It already has in a lot of ways!

One of the biggest potential applications for the blockchain is in land titles. In Sweden and all over the continent of Africa there is talk of putting land titles on the blockchain, but in Brazil a pilot program will be starting soon to make it happen.

In Brazil corrupt government officials have been known to change government records to give themselves ownership of lands, particularly along the coast, which adds to instability in the country.

The Opinion Economy, Inc. (OEB) developed the infographic, “How Blockchain will Rebuild the World” in an effort to help bring clarity to the promise and potential of Blockchain; especially beyond its association with Cryptocurrency.

Check out the infographic below to see what Blockchain is and is not, and see how the technology behind cryptocurrencies will alter the world forever.

blockchain technology

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