How to Answer Interview Questions: When Asked Of Your Facebook Login Details


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Do you know How to answer interview questions about your Facebook login details? Among the top 63 job interview questions and best answers you might come across at a job interview, questions about your social media profiles can be asked.

When you’re asked the interview question “What is your Facebook password?” or “let me have your Facebook login details”, or “login your Facebook account here”, no matter how prepared you are, this question is likely to throw you off course and you might stammer a bit – unless you have read this guide on how to answer this imposing question.

How to Answer Interview Questions About Your Facebook Login Details

Today, companies are making use of social media strategies as part of their screening process. While screening candidates is not a problem, asking for their personal log in details and password is crossing the line in terms of privacy.

Federal Trade Commission in the United States gave a stamp of approval to a background check company that screens job applicants based on their Internet photos and postings. The FTC determined that Social Intelligence Corp. was in compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

This means a search of what you’ve said or posted to Facebook/Twitter/Flickr/blogs and the Internet in general may become a standard part of background checks when you apply for a job.

While not sure about how this shoulder surfing works in the Nigerian labour market, it is always advisable to be conscious of what you say, post, on social media or the internet as a whole.

Here are five resourceful tips on how to answer interview questions when interviewer ask of your Facebook login details:

  1. Invite the recruiter to look at the public view of your profile

If your page is set to ‘public’, then you can offer to show the recruiter how your page looks to someone who has searched for your name. This will allow them to see the information on your profile which you are happy for the public to view, and will prevent you from having to hand over your password details.

2. Offer your LinkedIn details

If you are unhappy to give your prospective employer your Facebook password details, then you can offer an alternative by providing your LinkedIn account details.

You can state that your LinkedIn account is more appropriate to look at as it highlights your key achievements and career history while providing information relating to your professional experiences.

3. Privacy protection rights

If you do not want to cause a scene or simply want to dodge having to hand over your Facebook details, you can simply inform the recruiter that all of your email and bank account details have the same email and passwords as your Facebook account and so giving the password would be a breach of data protection and security.

4. Inform the recruiter they may be sued

Facebook has stated that they will sue any employer who requires the Facebook passwords of candidates during job interviews. It is against the privacy terms and agreements for anyone other than the Facebook account holder to have access to the password information.

Sample answers:

“For a comprehensive overview of my professional social activity, you can view my LinkedIn account as it provides information about my experiences as well as professional contacts”

“Is my Facebook password disclosure a necessary step in the hiring procedure of your company?”

5. Have a Back-Up Plan

In the event that you are unable to decline the request and feel embarrassed to refuse, you should have a back-up plan. This means that you should create a separate account on Facebook for professional purposes. If you do this, make sure that you make your personal account unsearchable as recruiters may have already seen your personal account.

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