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5 Signs That Shows You Did Well In Your Last Job Interview

Confirm! Yes! I nailed it! But, hmm, did i answer that question about my greatest weakness very well sha? And the interviewer seem friendly kind of. I tried my best anyway – Cecelia

Chai, I completely messed up in that interview room. I wish I could go back in there. I don’t even know where I stand – Lukman

Ever got out of a job interview room feeling like either of these 2 job candidates above?

After a job interview, it’s normal to spend the next few hours (or days or weeks) over-thinking every response you gave with respect to the top 63 unique interview questions you practiced,  or gestures you made at the interview room.

Let’s face it, leaving a job interview can be as unnerving as preparing for one. When you walk out of the door, it’s easy to begin second-guessing yourself. But things don’t have to be that way.

What if you can figure out if your performance at the interview room will land you that job with some telltale signs?

5 Signs to Know if your interview Went Well

These 5 signs don’t necessarily guarantee a job offer but they are promising and hope giving.

  1. Your interview takes longer than estimated time

An average interview takes about half an hour or forty five minutes. The interview schedule is normally slotted in between existing meetings and other commitments.

So, if the interview runs over by more than a few minutes, the employer clearly wants to continue getting to know you a little better. It’s an indication the interviewer likes what he/she hears.

  1. The interviewer feels connected to you

When interviewers seem genuinely interested in what you’re saying, that’s a good indication you’re on the right track.

A good positive body language (smiles, leans in toward you while you speak, etc.) on the part of the interviewer is what you should look out for

If the conversation flows a little more smoothly and it feels like the interviewer could be an old friend, that’s a clear sign the job interview is going well.

  1. If your interviewer talks about salaries, policies and other benefits

Interviewers most likely wouldn’t want to waste their time voluntarily sharing all information about their company’s policies and benefits – and even get serious about pay if they weren’t interested in you. If this comes up, it’s a good sign you’ll be offered the job.

  1. The interviewer asked for your list of references

Most hiring managers don’t ask for references until they plan on contacting them, which means they are seriously considering a job candidate

If this happens on your first interview, it means the company is seriously impressed and looking to fast-track the process. You should be excited and you can be confident about writing a job interview thank-you note immediately after the interview.

  1. If interviewers pointedly discussed the follow-up process with you

Among the top 63 interview questions with best answers, I talked about asking interviewers what’s next in the screening process as one of the key questions to ask.

If the hiring manager enthusiastically brings up the next step in the hiring process without you even asking, then it’s a clear indicator you’re still in the running role to get the job offer.

Whether or not you see the signs above, you’ll know how to tell if a job interview went well the next time you meet with a hiring manager. And sometimes simply knowing where you stand with a potential employer is all you’re looking for.

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