Saturday, August 8, 2020

Let Us Open A Verified PayPal Account For You!

It's REAL, It's Legal, And You Can Receive Up to $10,000 With This Account All At Once!

Do you want to own your own personal Paypal account where you can transfer money directly to your Personal Nigerian Account? (Either GTB, First Bank or any other commercial Nigerian Account)?

This Paypal account is limitless, completely verified and you can access it from your phone or computer here in Nigeria without having to change your IP.

Also there wont be any fear of losing the account one day because the account will be COMPLETELY VERIFIED with your ID card and Nigerian Phone number.

The conversion rate when you transfer Dollars money to your Nigerian Account is usually between N370 to N400 Naira per Dollar. This means you no longer need to sell your PayPal funds to exchangers.

You can even start a mini PayPal exchange business, where you buy PayPal from other people for N330 per dollar and then you transfer the money to your own account at over or at least N375 Naira per Dollar.

That means, if you buy PayPal $500 from someone at N330, that is equals N165,000.

Then you receive the PayPal and transfer it to your own account at let’s say N375, that equals 187,500. Therefore, you would have made N22,500 on that single transaction. That’s good business.

But there are many of us that simply needs PayPal just to receive the money we earned online, yeah its now possible and you can now transfer the money directly to your Nigerian Bank with no stress.

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