Can You Be Successful Without College? Redefining Success

can you be successful without college
can you be successful without college

After decades of steady growth, total college enrollment of new students dipped from 20.4 million in 2011 to 19.2 million in 2016.

With tuition costs rising every year, mounting collective student debt, and dwindling job markets, young people are left wondering if college is even worth it anymore.

Among college grads earning their bachelor’s degree, two in three will go into debt for it. The question is; is university education worth it?

Unfortunately, it’s a common sentiment that in order to get a good education, one must take on the burden of student loans.

In 2016, 999,000 students graduated with their associate’s degree and 939,000 students earned their non-degree certificate.

The difference? Less than half of graduating certificate students went into debt for their education, while more than half of the associate’s graduates did.

Quality education doesn’t have to come with lifelong debt – consider your options carefully. This infographic details the alternatives for higher education and when to reconsider the college question.

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