How to Achieve Small Business Success in 2020

Small business tips
Small business tips

From two-man website design companies to small consulting firms, small businesses are as diversified as the people that run them.

However, only a small percentage of startups actually succeedIn fact, 20% fail after just one year and 50% fail after five years.

If you are a small business owner, avoid making the mistakes that other companies have made and use statistics from the current workforce to learn how to succeed.


For example, 41% of companies around the world offer some type of remote working opportunity.

If you are a business owner, it is integral to pay attention to this trend and make changes to your company culture as necessary.

Keep your finger on the pulse of the industry with these small business statistics and trends to help make smart decisions for your business in 2020.

Ways to make your small business succeed.

Infographic by Zenbusiness.

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