Exploring the Skull Emblem and the Reasons Why They Are a Popular Choice for Hatbands among the Cowboy Hat Lovers


No one knows when exactly the skull emblem made its entry into the world of fashion. They have been around since time in memory.

Some like it, while some hate it to the core. But there are rising demands for skull jewelry, tattoos, printed t-shirts, hatbands, and many more.

The symbol of the skull has many meanings. The immediate connotation of it is death. But the younger generation often uses it to flaunt how cool they are or even to scare someone. The followers of the Gothic culture use them too.

The people of mainstream culture associate the skull emblem with something more than death. Meaning of emblems changes with the change of context, geographical limits, and people’s perspectives. Some of the associated meanings are –


No doubt, the skull primarily symbolizes death. You will see it being used at places to give warning of danger to the people. It gives out the message loud and clear that if you ignore the message, death is inevitable.

Reminder of mortality

To some, it acts as a reminder of mortality. It shows what will become of us in the future. So, before the day arrives, they believe in living life to the fullest.

Symbol of protection

People wear skull bracelets and other jewelry to ward off unseen negative energy. It keeps them away from things that can cause danger.

Celebration of life

In Mexican culture, people are seen rejoicing the death of their beloved ones. Instead of mourning, they celebrate the life they had lived. The living wears a skull mask with intricate designs.

Being a warrior

Flags of the pirates and other symbolic pieces have always depicted what we call tough people. At the present day, it may not refer to fighting and death, but can most certainly be related to bravery.

You might be wondering why people like bikers prefer to wear such skull accessories as rings, bracelets, or skull hat bands!

They do not want to convey that they are a threat to society. On the contrary, it means that they have the tenacity to face the hardships of life. It depicts resilience.

Relating the skull emblem with the cowboy culture

By cowboy culture, we mean the lifestyle and behaviorism of American western cowboy. They are known for their attitudes, mannerisms, and clothing style.

In the 20th century, the cowboy culture was nurtured by television, film, and radio. Their portrayal conveyed more of the romanticized Hollywood glamour which was often not similar to the actual historical facts.

But we humans tend to believe what we see. So, whenever anyone mentions anything in connection with the cowboys; the image of a well-built, tanned, tall man, wearing a cowboy hat and boots flashes in our mind.

Fashion has evolved with time. Many styles became the trends, and we also witnessed them disappear to give way to something new. But the influence of cowboy fashion still finds its way into men’s wardrobes.

The women folks even are seen carrying out the western style with swag. Cowboy hats have now become the identity of the people of the west.

Their depiction in the media has increased the craze. And people, who love to deck up, possess a couple of them for sure.

More so, these days you get hat accessories also. The most favored cowboy hat accessory is the hatbands.

About hatbands

Hatbands’ main purpose was to keep the hat in place on a wearer’s head. But, as we know, fashion is all-inclusive.

Whatever makes a person look good; the world of fashion incorporates it instantly and works on it to make it more popular.

The same was the case with hatbands. People loved them so much that now you get myriad options to choose from.

The most common ones are made with beads, feathers, snakeskin, metal, bone, braided horsehair, and leather. Often, two things are juxtaposed to create a unique look.

It has been seen that a sect of people prefers using metal skull hatbands as their cowboy hat accessory. But why?

Metal skull cowboy hatbands

Cowboys have a tough life. Rearing the cattle, working under the harsh sun, spending long hours on the ranch are some of their daily activities.

All these make them resilient in life. They dare to face the hardships bravely. So, when people choose to use skull hatbands for their hats, they may want to refer to their resilient nature or their respect for such a trait.

Types of skull hatbands available

The metal skull emblem is often paired with an adjustable leather strap. The whole of the band can be of metal too.

Often the front of the band is made with one or more than one skull, and the back portion is made of leather. Everything depends on your taste.


A simple accessory like the hatband can go a long way in accentuating the macho cowboy look. The type and choice of symbols solely depend on personal preferences.

But if you are a cowboy hat lover and believe in finding your way out no matter what life throws at you, then definitely you deserve to possess a skull cowboy hatband.



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