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1563 Recycling points waste management by recyclepoints Recycling points waste management by recyclepoints

Waste disposal and management seem to be a growing problem in Nigeria.

Looking for Recycling points near you can also seem a daunting task, but not anymore. RecyclePoints, an award-winning startup is here for you.

RecyclePoints is a promising waste recycling venture founded by Chioma Ukonu, and it operates an incentive-based scheme that collects recyclable waste materials from consumers and in turn rewards them with “points”.

recycling points waste management by recyclepoints
Image by RecyclePoints

Can & Plastic Recycling

The environmental challenge of waste management and disposal is what we all experience. According to the team at RecyclePoints, the practice of carelessly dumping wastes, cans, packaging materials on streets, draiages, etc. poses environmental hazards to communities.

These communities experience flood due to the blockage of water drainage by most of these recyclables which has become the fastest growing packaging option in the beverage and food industry.

Lagos State (our pilot location) has an estimated population of 17 million people and daily generates an average of 9,000 metric tonnes of waste of which 1,200 metric tonnes are currently recycled. So, there’s a need to improve on recycling wastes in the country.

You won’t believe this startup kicked off with a 1 million Naira funding and it already has over 6,000+ registered users who are buying into the dream.

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How RecyclePoints Works?

RecyclePoints operates a door-to-door collection of recyclable items like pure water sachets, plastic bottles, used beverage cans, glass bottles, old newspapers, and even brown cartons.

These items are collected from recyclers, counted and equivalent points are allocated based on their Points Earning Chart where quantity of items are equated to the amount of points earned.

To get started, just visit their website to register or walk in to their office. It’s that simple!

Recycling points - Recyclepoints startup

The best part, you earn a reward. Please check the How it works page of RecyclePoints for more on earnings.

Contact Location of RecyclePoints

No. 102 Lagos Street, Off Cemetry Street,
Ebute – Metta, Lagos Mainland, Lagos, Nigeria

Email Address:
Phones: +234 809 800 2400, +234 805 324 2182