Caution! Real Men Don’t Beat Their Women

2009 Real Men dont beat their women Real Men dont beat their women

Do you know there are more productive ways to make a woman right without physically abusing her? Yes, beating up your wife doesn’t show you value one of the 3 relationships that matters most.

Lately, the issue of men beating their girlfriend’s or wives have become very alarming as it has become a topic of discussion on every social media and in every publication all over the world!

I once saw a movie (The hateful eight). In this movie, a black man and a white man were trying to show superiority and the white man said “White folks are safe only when black folks are scared” and in response the black man said “Black folks are safe only when white folks are disarmed“.


This is the way some relationships today are. The man wants to be in charge but the woman isn’t ready to take orders knowing fully well there can’t be 2 captains in a ship!!!

Money or financial problems have turned out to be one of the leading causes of disagreement and quarrels between a man and his wife. But Whatever the situation is, beating is not the last resort.

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real men don't beat women

Beating a woman only puts her in temporary fear of you. Fear from a woman should be unconditionally earned and not forcefully acquired.

If you’re a REAL man, you’ve got the following attributes.

Attributes of a Real Man

  1. A real man understands his woman’s strength and weaknesses and knows when to come to her rescue.
  2. He doesn’t just sit and give orders. He takes the lead and gets his hands dirty.
  3. He teaches, guides, encourages and supports her.
  4. He understands her nature, her emotions, her level of exposure and helps her manage challenging situation.
  5. A real man takes his time to learn things about women (Cooking, laundry, housekeeping, babysitting, pregnancy, menstrual circle, fashion, shopping etc.
  6. He’s quick to say I’m sorry when he knows he’s wrong.
  7. A real man knows that WISDOM is a better control tool over a woman than MONEY OR BEATING.
  8. A real man knows how to manage his anger, temperament and when to negotiate (DIPLOMACY)

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I want you to understand that some men don’t beat their women but during a heated up argument you could mistakenly strike her.

Immediately that happens, hold her and apologize that instant and seek her forgiveness then wait for things to cool off before revisiting whatever you were arguing about earlier.

But this time in a DIPLOMATIC AND DEMOCRATIC manner. In conclusion, I understand you are human and its quite normal to have emotional instability. Just learn to manage it!!!

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  1. I’m sorry, but it only takes one strike. If a man hits me during the heat of an argument, no amount of apologies will stop me from walking out that door. It just proves that I cannot trust you with my safety, at least you’re not ready to be trusted. If he cannot control his temper, he cannot control whatever else he will do in the future. So I agree, he should learn to control it, but I do not want any woman have to be take a few hits before he finally learn. I know everyone deserves a second chance, but in some cases, we have to understand that we also don’t have a second life to risk this one in it’s stead.
    That’s all I want to say, apart from that, I agree with this article.

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