20 Super Quick Stress Releasing Tips for Everyone


Stress is dangerous for both your mental and physical health. Health experts call stress sneaky as it can keep growing inside you and burst when it is out of control.

Studies have shown that people in their late teens would often go through stress. This can be because of the pressure of studies, personal relationships, or any other uncertain situations.

If you think that you are stressed or feeling anxious then we would suggest you read this post. Today we are going to list down some super quick stress releasing tips for people who don’t know how to manage stress.


Stress management is very important as long-term stress can cause panic attacks, temporary hives and also create health problems like weight loss and headaches.

We have explained some of the best ways in this guidepost that can help you release stress, anxiety, and anger in less than minutes.

Quick ways for reducing stress and anxiety from your mind

Taking care of your mental health is very important. If you are feeling stressed then you definitely need to try these hacks before it’s too late!

Take Deep Breathes

One of the best ways to reduce stress is by taking slow and deep breathes. Scientific research has shown that taking slow and deep breathing can help a person lower down their heartbeat and blood pressure.

High blood pressure and rapid heartbeat are quite common symptoms of stress and anxiety. Expert Yogis recommend pranayama breathing which is an effective breathing method. In this method, you have to inhale air through one nostril and exhale from the other one.

This breathing technique is considered to be best for balancing your body and mind. The best thing about this stress-releasing exercise is that you can practice it whenever you want.

Listen to your favorite music tracks

When you are stressed and depressed, you can hear music. Music has the power of relaxing your mind and body. Just put on your headphones and play the track which you love the most.

Some of you might love music tracks because of their tunes and some because of their lyrics. It doesn’t matter what song you are playing as long as you find peace while hearing it.

If you are going through a bad mood and a rough situation in your life then we would suggest you try hearing classical music especially before going to bed.

Go for a quick stroll

Another way to reduce stress and anxiety is by going for a quick walk. If you are feeling stressed and depressed then we would suggest you go on a walk.

Strolling down the block can help you take your mind off anything that is troubling you. Going on a walk is also considered to be an exercise and has tons of benefits.

So always take a few minutes out of your busy schedule and clear your mind. You can also enjoy the fresh air while walking.

Take a sunbath

Another popular way of getting rid of stress and anxiety is by finding the sun. You can take a sunbath and lift up your low spirits.

Scientific studies have shown that bright sunlight is effective for boosting mental energy. People who are going through depression and anxiety must always enjoy sunny days and improve their health. Getting a sunbath would make you sweat which is beneficial for refreshing the body.

Get yourself a professional massage

One of our favorite ways to reduce stress is by simply hiring a professional masseur and getting you a proper massage.

Professional massage therapy has become common these days and you can find the best services from your nearby spas.

Massage helps you relax your body and releases tension from your muscles. If you are looking for instant relaxation then we would suggest you go for a massage.

Give yourself a hand massage

If you don’t have a professional massage service available nearby then you can also give yourself a hand massage.

To relieve stress instantly you need to try a DIY massage technique. Apply oil or lotion on your hands and run them on your shoulders, neck, arms, scalp, and feet. You can release pressure from all of these pressure points. If you want to feel good instantly then must try a hand massage.

Count Backwards

When you are worried about something then you need to try counting backward. You can easily calm down if you start counting from ten to one. People who get worried about upcoming events/announcements can try this technique.

This is very helpful as it takes your mind off the situation which is troubling you. If counting backward from ten doesn’t help you then you can also start from a hundred and probably even more. Keep on sitting wherever you are and start counting.

Do stretch

When feeling stressed you can also do basic stretch workouts. Quick stretch exercises can help you relax your body and mind.

Chest opening stretch is one of the most popular and helpful stretches that can relieve tension in your mind.

You can do stretches while sitting on your chair. Stretching exercises are recommended by health experts for individuals who commonly go through a tough and stressful work routine.

Rub your feet over a ball

Another quick way to reduce stress from your body is by rubbing your feet over a ball. Foot massage is by far the best massage that one can get. You can get a foot massage at home if you have a golf or tennis ball.

Just put the ball down on the floor and rub your feet back and forth on the ball. You would feel that in a few minutes your body would cool down. You can instantly reduce stress from your body with this simple technique.

Close your eyes and lay down

If you are stressed from work or any other hardcore routine then you need to take a break. Not taking a break would collapse your mind and body.

You can instantly relieve some stress and anxiety from your body by closing your eyes and lying down. If you don’t have a place to lie down at the moment then you can simply close your eyelids and relax.

Get a stress ball and squeeze it

The use of stress balls can also help you get rid of stress and anxiety. You can order an antistress squeeze ball online or can get it from a nearby store.

If you are pissed on your friend or colleague then you can easily use the squeeze ball to get rid of all the anger.

The best thing about squeeze balls is that you can easily carry them any place you want as it is small and portable. It is one of the most non-violent ways of releasing tension.

Start playing antistress games

Another fun way of getting rid of stress includes playing antistress games. Here you should know that there are plenty of online antistress game apps that you can download on your phone.

All you need to do is search the application store of your mobile for the best antistress games. Install it on your device and start playing them. You can find puzzles, mission base adventures, and also musical games that can help you reduce stress from your mind.

These antistress games would help you take your mind off stressful situations. Also, know that online antistress games can help you strengthen your mind so that it can cope with stressful and uncertain events in life.

Talk to your close buddy

When you are in trouble, feeling down, or if something is bothering you then we would suggest you talk to your close buddy. Talking to a friend and sharing your feelings with them would help you feel good.

Research has shown that talking to friends can make people happier. One of the most common reasons behind the boost in stressful situations is that people don’t talk about what’s bothering them. If you don’t open up with your loved ones then you can face severe effects of stress including frequent panic attacks.

Take a spoonful of honey

You can also get rid of stress and anxiety by slurping honey. You would definitely know that honey is one of the best ingredients for natural skincare. You can easily moisturize your skin with honey and can also use it as an antibiotic.

Honey has all the compounds that can help you in reducing brain inflammation and stress. So if you are feeling down and depressed then you must take honey. You would be surprised to know that even a single spoon of honey can help you fight anger, stress, and anxiety!

Write down what’s bothering you

If you don’t want to talk to your friends or family about what’s bothering you then the alternate and effective way is to write it all down.

Putting all your anger, depression, stress, and emotions on paper is very important. Mental health experts are of the view that putting your feelings on paper is less intimidating and can help you calm your nervous system.

You would be surprised to know that many people keep a journal in order to fight and reduce stress.

Dip your feet in warm water

Nothing’s more soothing than dipping your feet in hot water. When you are stressed you need to simply fill a tub with hot water and put some soap in it to make it bubbly.

Just soak your feet in the water for a few minutes. You would start feeling relaxed and calm as you run your feet against each other in the warm water.

Soaking your feet in warm water simply helps you improve blood flow in your body. This is quite helpful in relieving stress and anger from the body.

Drip cold water on wrists

Amazed at how water can be a helpful antistress agent! Well when stress hits you, you can head to the bathroom and put cold water on your wrists.

Putting drops of cold water on your wrist and ear lobes can help you get rid of all the negative energy from the body.

Major arteries of the body are right under these sensitive parts. So by cooling these areas down you can easily relax your mind and body.

Watch a comic film or sitcom

Our personal favorite method of releasing stress is simply watching a comic film. Laughter is the best therapy and so if you are feeling stressed then you simply need a good laugh. Watching a comic movie is one of the best ways you can have a good laugh.

Science has shown that having a good laugh can help you increase blood flow in the body and also improve immunity.

In addition to this, you should know that watching a comic film is going to help you take your mind off the stressful situation you are facing. You can watch free comic clips on YouTube or Facebook.

If you can afford paid subscriptions then you can also get Netflix or Disney and watch your favorite sitcoms.

Use online tools to tackle stressful situations

One of the common reasons behind stress is manual efforts in the workplace. It is high time that you get familiar with online tools and take advantage of their simple and automated working.

For instance, if you are stressed because you cannot send a large PDF file to your client then you can easily use online compress PDF free tools for reduction of file sizes.

Managing workload has now become very easy and this is all thanks to modern document management tools. Don’t worry about the cost of the digital tools as they are free and very easy to use. Minor workplace-related stress can easily be managed by using online platforms.

Drink green tea

Green tea is one of the densest sources of L-Thiamine. You should know that this is a chemical that can help you release all kinds of stress and anger from your body.

When you are feeling stressed, simply boil the water and add a green tea sachet to it. Soothing tips of green tea can help you release stress and manage your anger.

Start chewing gum

Another way of releasing stress from your mind is by chewing a pack of gum. You can easily beat stress with chewing gum in less than seconds.

It doesn’t matter what flavor you chew, you can easily lower your cortisol levels with it and feel relaxed. This is a very easy way of releasing stress and anxiety and putting your mind off stressful events.

Cuddle with your pet or pillow

Cuddling is known to be very helpful in stress release. You must know that cuddling can easily boost your self-esteem and can help you relax.

If you are feeling depressed or sad because of social rejection then you definitely need to cuddle with your pet. Cats and dogs give the best cuddles. If you don’t have a pet then you can use your pillow.

Spend some time in meditation

Meditating is very important for stress release. Meditation is not only used for stress release but has many other health benefits that you can reap in the long run.

We would like you to know that there is tons of scientific evidence to support the fact that meditation helps you deal with anger and depression.

Today you don’t have to worry about in professional meditation classes. You can easily start doing meditation at home by using online meditation applications like Calm. These are very easy to use and effective in their working.

Eat chocolates

Chocolate is known to be the best stress releasing agent. Even a single ounce of chocolate can relieve your mind of all the negative energy.

Chocolate doesn’t only helps you beat stress but it also helps you manage low blood pressure. It is best for stabilizing metabolism and regulating stress hormones in a very effective way.

Do some yoga

Yoga is an all-time universal solution for releasing stress and negative energy from your mind and body.

Professional yoga keeps your mind and body fit and active. It is important that you do regular yoga if you feel regularly stressed. You don’t have to join a professional yogi for yoga workouts rather you can easily do yoga exercises at home by following exercises offered by the best yoga workout apps.

Go for a swim

In general, physical exercise can help you beat stress from your mind and body. Swimming is one of the best and most fun exercises that can suck out stress and anxiety from you.

If you are feeling down then you can make a plan with your friends and crash a pool. Having a pool party with friends is very beneficial for you.

These are some of the quick and simple ways using which you can fight stress and anxiety quite easily!

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