Premier League Betting Tips

bet way premier league betting tips
bet way premier league betting tips

The English Premier League (EPL) was created in 1992. It features top clubs from England.

The last three teams in the league get relegated to the English Football League each season.

The number of punters who wager on Premier League games at Betway has soared in recent years.

The league challenges amateur and experienced punters. Here are four top Premier League betting tips to be a successful punter.

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Premier League Betting Tips

1. Create a Budget

Many inexperienced punters lose a lot of money in betting. It is advisable to have a bankroll for your bets.

Also, determine a fixed amount of money that you will stake for each game. The bankroll should be less than 30 percent of your net income.

2. Understand English Premier League Odds

Compare and understand the odds that sportsbooks give for various EPL matches. There are different odds for various betting options. The following are five common Premier League odds:

  • Premier League title odds: Most sportsbooks allow punters to wager on the top team that might win the Premier League title.

22bet, for example, offers Odds accumulators and live betting. Also, you get a 100% welcome bonus plus 22 bet points.

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Mostly, low-ranked teams have higher Premier League title odds than top teams. It is important to follow the tournament to win the Premier League title bets.

  • Odds for single teams: You can place Asian handicaps, match result and goal total on individual teams. Normally, underdogs have higher odds since they have a low winning probability.
  • Relegation odds: Punters can wager at Betway on the clubs that will get relegated when the season ends. Relegation odds change as the campaign progresses.
  • Top four odds: Each Premier League team strives to finish the season being among the top four sides. Leading teams qualify for the Champions League and they receive huge rewards.
  • Points handicap odds: This is a popular betting market. Bookies give Premier League clubs a points handicap. The top tea gets 0 points while the last one receives a +40 points handicap.

3. Research

Check the current form of individual players. For example, a team can lose or draw a game if most of its key players are sidelined due to injury or suspension.

Also, it can rest some players if it is preparing for an important match. Also, check the performance of each team in previous matches.

4. Create a Betting Strategy

You need to have an effective strategy if you are betting to make a profit. Start preparing for the tournament before a new season begins.

Analyze the results of the previous season to predict how a team might perform. Also, it is necessary to change your betting strategy as the league continues.

Premier League managers change their squads based on how their teams perform. They often pick talented players in their starting lineups. Also, a player’s discipline determines the amount of playtime that they get.

Thousands of punters wager on the English Premier League each week. The teams play against one another twice per season.

The top four teams compete in the UEFA Champions League while the fifth team qualifies for the Europa League.

Betway offers a variety of Premier League betting options. It is important to create a budget and a betting strategy to make a profit. Also, it is prudent to check tips from genuine tipsters to make correct predictions.