The Official & Ceremonial Cars of 45 World Leaders Around The World

1818 car convoy ceremonial cars of world leaders today car convoy ceremonial cars of world leaders today

Being a world leader comes with many benefits, one of which is a specialized car for them to ride in during official business or for ceremonial purposes.

Many of these vehicles have been altered to protect the world leader from an attack, with some almost equal to the strength of a military tank.

It comes as no surprise that the President of the United States would have a vehicle so well protected, that the public doesn’t even know the true depths of the technology behind those bullet-proof doors.

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What we do know if that it is equipped with its own oxygen system, a variety of weapons such as tear-gas bombs and shotguns, and it even carries pints of the president’s blood type in case of serious injury.

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India and Australia’s official vehicles also pack a protective punch, while Uruguay’s president keeps it modest in his very own 1987 Volkswagon Beetle.

You may be surprised to learn that the most popular car make amongst world leaders is the Mercedes-Benz, with 13 of these 45 leaders riding in one for official business.

Check out this awesome infographic from Title Max and decide which of these sleek vehicles would you trust for protection?

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