[Latest!] Full List of Political Parties In Nigeria 2019 & Leaders

All registered and current list of political parties in Nigeria general elections

Talk about Nigeria breaking news and you’ll definitely find talks about political parties in Nigeria in the headlines of Nigeria news.

Maybe this wouldn’t be the case if we don’t have a super long list of political parties with different visions and confidence that they can build a better Nigeria.

Come to think of it, we currently have a long list of 91 political parties in Nigeria 2019. Isn’t that too much?

How did we get here?

In the late 1600s, history has it that the ancient Greeks formed the first political parties although not as organized as political parties are today.

Let’s drive to Nigeria; as registered political parties in Nigeria have not been void of what made political parties then.

Day by day and decades over decades and little by little people have said that instead of creating more jobs in Nigeria, names of parties in Nigeria are the creation of the Government.

This is an updated article about registered political parties in Nigeria for 2019 elections. You will get information about:

  • What exactly is a political party
  • History of political parties
  • All 91 registered political parties by INEC 2019
  • Newly registered parties
  • Formation of each party
  • Logo and symbols of each political party in Nigeria
  • Names of National chairman, Treasurer, Financial Secretary of each party
  • Functions of these political parties in the governance of Nigeria and more…

Are you ready? Let’s take it from the very beginning, what is a political party?

What Is A Political Party?

So, what is a political party?

A political party is a group of like minds having similar political views and opinions. This group of people seeks to influence the public policy by getting one of them (this person is called the party candidate) elected into public offices.

A political party is made up of its party leader (also known as the National chairman), party secretary, party treasurer, party chair, and its party members.

How Many Political Parties Do We Have In Nigeria Today?

Straight to the point, the number of political parties in Nigeria today is 91. But here’s a quick history of parties in the first republic below.

Starting from the first three political parties formed in Nigeria, the National Council of Nigeria and Cameroons (NCNC) was one of the political parties and it was led by Nnamdi Azikwe.

Political parties in Nigeria

These parties were formed before Nigerians got independence, 1959 to be precise.

Truth be told, in the history of Nigeria, there’s never been a time when we have more political parties like we have today.

The Northern People’s Congress (NPC), another of the pioneering Nigerian political parties, was led by Ahmadu Bello, while the Action Group (AG), the last of the first three political parties in Nigeria then, was led by Late Obafemi Awolowo.

Anyways, thanks to the structure of the Nigerian government that made room for political groups to present themselves as vehicles for a better democracy.

Years later, Nigeria became a republic, and Nnamdi Azikiwe became the president of Nigeria with Abubakar Tafawa Balewa as Prime Minister. Also, in the same year, the Census was conducted.

It led to the split between National Council of Nigeria and Cameroons and the Northern People’s Congress. The splitting resulted in a lot of different consequences.

The NCNC decided to join a faction of the AG and formed a new political party – the United Progressive Grand Alliance (UPGA). It was led by Obafemi Awolowo.

The other part of the split group, the NPC, joined the remaining faction of the AG and thus created a new party called the Nigerian National Democratic Party (NNDP)

Fast forward to the era when Nigeria returned to civilian rule, in the 1999 General Olusegun Obasanjo was elected President from People’s democratic party.

Two existing parties were defeated; the Congress for Progressive Change (CPC) and the Action Congress (AC). I’m sure you can follow up with the history of political parties in Nigeria from this point.

You should know that these parties were created based on ethnicity and each represented the views and interests of it’s ethnic, just like the ancient Roman Patricians and Plebeians, but all these did not help as none of these political parties in Nigeria was able to win the majority.

Some other things happened and it led to the splitting of these political groups and the creation of new political parties in Nigeria. These new political groups were not made of the same tribe anymore but different ethnicity.

Political parties in Nigeria increased steadily as new parties were formed by disgruntled members of a previous party. Maybe more local governments will be created, who knows.

Other political parties in Nigeria are formed by individuals who share the same views on what they think the government should be like, all these have led to the creation of 68 political parties in Nigeria.

Current List of Political Parties In Nigeria and Their Logos Alphabetically

Here’s the current list of political party names, symbols, and their logos. Yes, Nigerian political parties and their slogans.

Interestingly, many of the richest politicians in Nigeria have tried one or more of these parties.

1. Accord [A]

Politcal party names in Nigeria - Accord A

Accord is one of the political parties in Nigeria registered by the Independent National Electoral Commission. Its ideology includes corporatism, populism, and capitalism.

  • National Chairman: Honourable Mohammad Lawal Nalado.
  • Phone number: 08037038325.

2. Action Alliance [AA]

Political Parties in Nigeria - Action Alliance

Action Alliance is next on the list of Nigerian political parties.

AA stands for Action Alliance, although formerly called National Mass Movement of Nigeria (NMMN), and is one of the registered political parties in Nigeria.

  • National Chairman: Barrister Udeze Kenneth.
  • Phone Number: 07067277005, 08036351061.
  • Email: actionalliancenational@gmail.com.

Its vision includes empowerment of the Nigerian youths and women.

3. Advanced Congress of Democrats [ACD]

Advanced congress of democrats - political party ACD

Advanced Congress of Democrats was created and first registered in March 2006.

This political party was primarily composed of former PDP members who were not in support of the proposed constitutional amendment that would allow former president Olusegun Obasanjo seek for a third term in office.

This party merged into the newly formed Action Congress, one of the political parties in Nigeria.

  • National Chairman (Acting): Peter Blavo.
  • Phone number: 07035821690.

4. Allied Congress Party of Nigeria [ACPN]

Allied congress party of Nigeria ACPN

ACPN, Allied Congress Party of Nigeria, is one of the political parties in Nigeria.

  • National Chairman: Alhaji Ganiyu .O. Galadima.
  • Phone number: 08038313424.

5. Alliance for Democracy [AD]

political party in Nigeria Alliance for democracy AD

The Alliance for Democracy, one of the political parties in Nigeria, was formed on the 9th of September, 1998.

The leadership tussle between Mojisola Akinfenwa and Adebisi Akanda brought about two factions in the party.

The tension in the party lasted till September 2006 when Adebisi faction left the party to merge with other opposition parties to form Action Congress.

The Alliance for Democracy party with its ideology, progressive, did not progress but instead saw its end when it was dissolved in that same year 2006.

  • National Chairman: Chief Joseph Awazi.
  • Phone Number: 08164495673, 07065850881.

6. African Democratic Congress [ADC]

African Democratic Congress ADC on the list of political parties in Nigeria

ADC is an acronym for African Democratic Congress. It is one of the registered political groups in Nigeria.

  • National Chairman: Chief Ralph Okey Nwosu.
  • Phone Number: 08059969415.

7. Action Democratic Party [ADP]

 Action democratic party

Action Democratic Party is also called God’s own party.

  • National Chairman: Engineer Yabayi .V. Sani.
  • Phone Number: 08033001274.
  • E-mail: contact@adp.ng.

8. All Grand Alliance Party [AGAP]


AGAP stands for All Grand Alliance Party. It is a political party in Nigeria.

  • National Chairman: Engineer Okey Chikwendu.
  • Phone Number: 08033802712.

9. African Peoples Alliance [APA]

 political party name - African peoples alliance APA

African Peoples Alliance is what the acronym APA stands for. It is one of the political parties in Nigeria and its motto is peace, unity, and development.

  • National Chairman (Acting): Emmanuel Urhuarhovie.
  • Phone Number: 08033493571.
  • Website: http://www.africanpeoplealliance.org/

10. All Progressives Congress [APC]

All Progressives Congress political party in Nigeria APC

All Progressive Congress became one of the registered political parties in Nigeria, 31st of July, 2013.

This party that was formed on the 6th of February, 2013 is born of the visionary speculation of big tent, federalism, social conservatism, and progressivism.

The party is the product of the alliance of three biggest opposition parties; Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN), All Nigeria Peoples Party (ANPP), and Congress for Progressive Change (CPC), and a faction of All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA).

  • National Chairman: Chief John Odigie Oyegun.
  • Phone Number: 08033345691.
  • E-mail: info@apc.com.ng

11. Advanced People Democratic Alliance [APDA]

Advanced peoples democratic alliance political party in nigeria APDA

Here’s the logo of this political party below:

  • National Chairman: Mohammed Shittu Kabiru.
  • Phone Number: 08095900111.

12. All Progressive Grand Alliance [APGA]

All progressives Grand Alliance political parties in Nigeria APGA

The All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA), like other political parties, has its ideology that includes nationalism, decentralization of power, and restructuring the nation.

It was registered in the year 2002 and Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu was the party candidate at the 2003 presidential elections.

This party, founded by Chief Chekwas Okorie, had leadership tussle which led to court fights that lasted from 15th of December, 2004 – 7th of March, 2012, when the founder voluntarily resolved to halt the dispute between him and the present national chairman.

  • National Chairman: Dr Victor Ikechukwu Oye.
  • Phone Number: 08035897127

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13. Action People’s Party [APP]


African Peoples Party is also one of the political party names in Nigeria.

  • National Chairman: Ikeagwuomu Onyinye.
  • Phone Number: 08034913080.

14. Better Nigeria Progressive Party [BNPP]

 Better Nigeria Progressive Party BNPP for naija politics

Better Nigeria Progressive Party is one of the political parties in Nigeria re-registered in 2016.

  • National Chairman: Professor Godswill Iheanyichukwu Nnaji.
  • Phone Number: 08037881988, 07066451244.

15. Democratic Alternative [DA]

democratic alternative party in nigeria

Democratic Alternative is also a political party re-registered in Nigeria in 2016. It is said to be one of the oldest existing party in Nigeria.

  • National Chairman: Prince Frank Ukonga.
  • Phone Number: 08023423470.

16. Democratic People’s Congress [DPC]

Democratic peoples congress DPC political party name

DPC is an acronym for Democratic People’s Congress, a political party in Nigeria.

  • National Chairman: Reverend Olusegun Peters.
  • Phone Number: 08038308479.

17. Democratic Peoples Party [DPP]

Democratic peoples party DPP

The Democratic People Party, one of the political parties in Nigeria, was founded in 2006 by displeased members of All Nigeria Peoples Party (ANPP).

  • National Chairman: Chief Benson Gershon.
  • Phone Number: 08033381764, 08126850151.

18. Fresh Democratic Party [FRESH]

Fresh Democratic party of Nigeria FDP

FDP is an acronym for Fresh Democratic Party. FRESH, the first word of the party name stands for Faith, Responsibility, Equality, Security, and Hope.

This political party believes in unity and diversification of the nation. It also believes federalism to be the most effective form of co-existence in Nigeria.

  • National Chairman: Reverend Chris Okotie.
  • Phone Number: 08033651678.

19. Green Party of Nigeria [GPN]

Green party of Nigeria - GPN

GDP stands for Green Party of Nigeria. Its vision includes improving the security of citizens, fighting corruption and indiscipline.

  • National Chairman: Chief Sam Eke.
  • Phone Number: 08065933765, 08027142078.
  • Website: www.gpnigeria.com

20. Hope Democratic Party [HDP]

Names of politica parties in Nigeria - Hope democratic party HOPE

HDP is an acronym for Hope Democratic Party, one of the political parties in Nigeria.

  • National Chairman: Chief Ambrose .A. Owuru.
  • Phone Number: 080511776052, 08033122272.
  • Website: www.hopefornigeriaonline.com

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21. Independent Democrats [ID]

 Independent democrats nigerian political group

ID stands for Independent Democrats.

  • National Chairman: Edozie Madu.
  • Phone Number: 08065800000.

22. Kowa Party [KP]

Kowa party KOWA

Kowa Party was registered in July, 2009. This party is made of people who wish to contribute to making Nigeria a country where there is economic justice, political sanity, peace, stability, human development, and social progress.

  • National Chairman: Alhaji Saidu Bobboi
  • Phone Number: 08033354443

What are the procedures to register a political party in Nigeria? Read this post on steps and procedures on how to register a political party in Nigeria.

More Symbols of Political Parties In Nigeria With Political Party Names and Their National Chairman

This list still continues. Here are other political party names in Nigeria and information about their existence and contact details.

23. Labour Party [LP]

Labour Party LP in naija politics

Labour Party is one of the registered political parties in Nigeria. It was founded in the year 2002. It is born of the ideology of social democracy.

  • National Chairman: Dr. Mike Omotosho (not yet recognised by INEC).
  • Phone Number: 08033005810, 08033154349.
  • Website: http://labourparty.ng

24. Masses Movement of Nigerian [MMN]

Masses movement of Nigeria MNN

MMN stands for Masses Movement of Nigeria.

Address: House 12, 35 road, federal housing authority estate, Lugbe off airport road, Lugbe, Abuja.

25. Mega Progressive People’s Party [MPPP]

history of political parties in NIgeria MPPP

Mega Progressive Peoples Party is said to consist of breakaway members of People Democratic Party (PDP), and All Progressive Congress (APC). They are now called Mega Party of Nigeria MPN

  • National Chairman (Acting): Honourable Hamisu Santuraki.
  • Phone Number: 07030147731

26. National Action Council [NAC]

National Action Council - NAC registered political party in Nigeria

The National Action Council is also one of the political parties in Nigeria. It was registered in the year 2002.

  • National Chairman: Hajiya Rabia Yasai.

27. National Conscience Party [NCP]

National conscience party NCP

National Conscience Party is one of the political parties in Nigeria. The party was formed in 1994 but was prevented from standing in elections until when they fought it out in court in the year 2003. It was then de-registered and later re-registered in 2006.

  • National Chairman: Yinusa Tanko.
  • Phone Number: 08033144131.

28. National Democratic Liberty Party [NDLP]

political parties in 2018 National democratic liberty party NDLP

NDLP is an acronym for National Democratic Liberty Party, re-registered in 2006.

National Chairman: Alhaji Umar Mohammed Maizabura.

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29. Nigeria Elements Progressive Party [NEPP]

Nigeria elements progressive party NEPP

Nigeria Elements Progressive Party is another one of the political parties re-registered in Nigeria 12 years ago.

30. New Generation Party [NGP]

New generation party of Nigeria - political parties chairman

New Generation Party is also one of the registered political parties in Nigeria.

  • National Chairman: Dr. Yakubu Shendam.
  • Phone Number: 08184995001, 08060519785.

31. New Nigeria People Party [NNPP]

new nigerias peoples party and their chairman NNPP

New Nigeria People Party is not exempted from the list of political parties in Nigeria.

  • National Chairman: Dr. B. O. Aniebonam.
  • Phone Number: 08037133594, 07034082800, 08034015629, 08023216343.
  • E-mail: nnpp_nnpp@yahoo.com.
  • Website: www.newnigeriapeoplesparty.org.

32. Nigeria People Congress [NPC]

Nigeria peoples congress NPC newly registered political parties in Nigeria

Nigeria People Congress has also got a number on the list of political parties in Nigeria.

  • National Chairman: Barrister Suleiman Ahmed Akasawua.
  • Phone Number: 08035963971.

33. National Unity Party [NUP]

National unity party NUP - newly registered political parties 2018 and their logos

NUP stands for National Unity Party, one of the political parties in Nigeria. It was registered in 2006, off in 2011, and then re-registered in 2016.

On the 30th of July, 2016, the National Unity Party changed its name to People’s Mega Party of Nigeria.

National Chairman: Chief Perry Opara.

34. People for Democratic Change [PDC]

people for democratic change PDC political party in nigeria

The People for Democratic Change is one of the political parties in Nigeria.

  • National Chairman: Alhaji Mudi .M. Waziri.
  • Phone Number: 08023645376, 08033150603.

35. People Democratic Movement [PDM]

Peoples democratic movement political party PDM

People Democratic Movement is also one of the political parties in Nigeria. Its national chairman, Bashir Yusuf Ibrahim, has reportedly been sacked.

Phone Number: 08082678233.

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36. People’s Democratic Party [PDP]

Oasdom.com Peoples democratic party PDP first political parties

The People Democratic Party was the political party that ruled Nigeria for 12 consecutive years. It is born of the ideology of big tent, conservatism, and neo-liberalism.

The party slogan ‘power to the people’ is now replaced by a new slogan ‘change the change’.

  • National Chairman: Prince Uche Secondus.
  • E-mail: info@peoplesdemocraticparty.com

Did you know that the Governor Ezenwo Wike has been rated the best governor in Nigeria and one of the richest governors in Nigeria today? Check that out.

37. Progressive People’s Alliance [PPA]

Progressive peoples alliance PPA

PPA is an acronym for Progressive Peoples Alliance. The political party has also got a number on the list of political parties in Nigeria.

  • National Chairman: Chief Peter Ojonugwa Ameh.
  • Phone Number: 08023137834, 08094472176.
  • E-mail: prosperityppa@yahoo.com.

38. Peoples Party of Nigeria [PPN]

peoples party of nigeria PPN

Peoples Party of Nigeria is another registered political party in Nigeria.

  • National Chairman: Honourable Razak Eyiowuawi.
  • Phone Number: 07037674661, 08062471148

39. Peoples Progressive Party [PPP]

peoples progressive party PPP

The Peoples Progressive Party was registered in 2006. This political party cries for restructuring of the country to eliminate the concentration of economic and security power to the center.

People’s progressive party also cries out for the rights of the people to truly choose their leaders.

  • National Chairman: Dr. Damian Uzoma Ogbonna.
  • Phone Number: 08034213272, 07033777573.
  • E-mail: info@pppnigeria.org.

40. Peoples Redemption Party [PRP]

Peoples redemption party

Peoples Redemption Party was created by the supporters of Mallam Aminu Kano after his withdrawal from National Party of Nigeria (NPN).

National Chairman: Alhaji Balarabe Musa

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41. Social Democratic Party [SDMP]

peoples progressive party PPP

Social Democratic Party was founded in the 1980s/1990s. Its ideology include social democracy, socialism, social justice, and democratic socialism.

It has been reported that “after the ban on the old SDP, a new merger party emerged in the name of SDP was formed by the coalition of 13 political parties”.

  • National Chairman: Chief Olu Falae.
  • Phone Number:  08036203435, 08089367398

42. Socialist Party of Nigeria [SPN]

socialist party of Nigeria

The Socialist Party of Nigeria is one of the political parties in Nigeria. It was founded in the year 2013.

  • National Chairman: Mrs. Segun Sango.
  • Phone Number: 08023180522, 08134771300.
  • E-mail: socalistpartyofnigeria@yahoo.com.
  • Website: www.socialistpartyofnigeria.blogspot

43. United Democratic Party [UDP]

United democratic party newly registered politcal parties in nigeria 2018 UDP

UDP is an acronym for United Democratic Party, also one of the political parties in Nigeria.

  • National Chairman: Godson Okoye.
  • Phone Number: 08033113639, 08055302788.

44. Unity Party of Nigeria [UPN]

 Unity party of Nigeria UPN

Unity Party of Nigeria was founded in the year 1978. It is said that the party inherited its ideology from the old Action Group.

It is also said to be the only party of all the political parties in Nigeria that promote free education.

  • National Chairman: Professor Bankole Okuwa.
  • Phone Number: 08022179684, 0703559449.

45. United Progressive Party [UPP]

United progressive party UPP

The acronym UPP stands for the United Progressive Party. The political party was founded by the founder and ex-national chairman of All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA) upon his exit from his previous party.

The motto of this party is love and unity.

  • National Chairman: Chief Chekwas Okorie.
  • Phone Number: 07030521292.
  • E-mail: uppnational@gmail.com, admin@unitedprogressiveparty.org.ng.

46. Young Democratic Party [YDP]

Young Democratic Party YDP

Henry Nwabueze said the 4 years old Young Democratic Party ‘was born out of the conviction and struggle of a new class of passionate young patriotic Nigerians like him, Nigerians who believe in the possibility of a new Nigeria and the establishment of the Nigeria of our dreams’.

  • National Chairman: Barrister Georgina Dakpokppo.
  • Phone Number: 09098432977.
  • E-mail: info@ydp.org.ng.

47. Young Progressive Party [YPP]

The Young Progressive Party is not exempted from the list of political parties in Nigeria. Its motto is unity, service, and accountability.

  • National Chairman: Comrade Bishop Amakiri.
  • Phone Number: 08100005566, 07050505010.
  • E-mail: contact@ypp.org.ng

Newly Registered Political Parties In Nigeria For 2019 Election

I am more convinced than ever that Nigeria will ever be a multiparty country as INEC has registered 21 new political parties in Nigeria, of course, after these parties met the conditions provided by the constitution.

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Here are the names and acronyms of the newly registered political parties in Nigeria:

48. All Blending Party [ABP]

Nigerian political party - All blending party

49. All Grassroots Alliance [AGA]

All grassroots Alliance political parties in Nigeria

50. Alliance for New Nigeria [ANN]

 Alliance for New Nigeria ANN political parties

51. Abundant Nigeria Renewal Party [ANRP]

Abundant Nigeria Renewal Party ANRP

52. Coalition for Change [C4C]

Coalition for change C4C political party in Nigeria

53. Freedom and Justice Party [FJP]

list of current political parties in NIgeria - fredom and justice party FJP

54. Grassroots Development Party of Nigeria [GDPN]

Grassroot Development party of Nigeria GDPN

55. Justice Must Prevail Party [JMPP]

Justice must prevail party JMPP

56. Legacy Party of Nigeria [LPN]

Legacy party LPN

57. Mass Action Joint Alliance [MAJA]

Mass Action Joint Alliance MAJA

58. Modern Democratic Party [MDP]

Modern Democratic Party MDP chairman and logo

59. National Interest Party [NIP]

National interest party - nigeria for all NIP

60. National Rescue Movement [NRM]

newly registered political parties in nigeria 2018 - National Rescue Movement NRM

61. New Progressive Movement [NPM]

 New progressive movement NPM

62. Nigeria Democratic Congress Party [NDCP]

Nigeria democratic congress party NDCP political parties in Nigeria 2018

63. People Alliance for National Development and Liberty [PANDEL]

peoples alliance for natinal development and liberty PANDEL

64. People’s Trust [PT]

Peoples trust PT

65. Providence People’s Congress [PPC]

Providence peoples congress PPC

66. Re-build Nigeria Party [RBNP]

Re-build Nigeria Party RBNP

67. Restoration Party [RP]

 restoration party of nigeria RPN

68. Sustainable National Party [SNP]

Sustainable National Party SNP

More Names from All 91 Political Parties in Nigeria 2019

When asked the question; how many political parties do we have in Nigeria? Don’t be quick to say that it’s 68.

For the 2019 general elections, all the political parties in Nigeria amounted to 91 and here’s the remaining list and their National party executives below.

69. African Action Congress [AAC]

African Action Progress party logo  - All political parties in Nigeria 2018 and 2019 elections

African Action Congress is one of the newest political parties in Nigeria with Sowore Omoyele as the Presidential candidate for 2019 elections.

  • National Chairman: Sowore Omoyele
  • National Secretary: Leonard Nzenwa
  • National Treasurer: Ajeigbe Samuel
  • National Financial Secretary: Patience Ezekiel
  • National Legal Adviser: Adikun Maryam
  • Address: House 1, 1Q Road Lugbe Federal Housing, Abuja
  • Phone Number: 08066789611, 08188237529

70. Advanced Allied Party [AAP]

Next is the Advanced Allied Party (AAP).

  • National Chairman: Salihu Abdullahi Butu
  • National Secretary: Tomilola Adenike Adeyemo
  • National Treasurer: Kalus Oscar David
  • National Financial Secretary: Eng. Isah Idris Bello
  • National Legal Adviser: Barr. Owen Obadiah
  • Address: Plot 1073, Cadastral Zone B08, Jahi District, Abuj
  • Phone Number: 08035831117, 08034342120

71. Advanced Nigeria Democratic Party [ANDP]

ANDP list of political parties in Nigeria

Advanced Nigeria Democratic party (ANDP) is next on the list of all registered political parties in Nigeria for 2019 general elections.

  • National Chairman: Barr. Charles Ogboli
  • National Secretary: Quadri – Adu .S. Kehinde
  • National Treasurer: Pwol Catherine Francis
  • National Financial Secretary: Chukwu Gladys Onyebuchi
  • National Legal Adviser: Barr. James Femowei
  • Address: Block 3, Flat 7, Pangshing Close, Off Emeka-Anyaoku Street, Area 11, Garki, Abuja
  • Phone Number: 07037770755, 08029103280

72. Alliance National Party [ANP]

ANP logo Political parties in Nigeria - Alliance Nigeria Party

Up next is Alliance National Party (ANP).

  • National Chairman: Asiwaju Mashood Shittu
  • National Secretary: Abubakar Naibi Bala
  • National Treasurer: Abdulllahi Abubakar Onyeama
  • National Financial Secretary: Abdulaziz Audu
  • National Legal Adviser: Hon. Alfred Okolo
  • Address: No 11, Mahathma Gandi Street, Area 11, Abuja
  • Phone Number: 08036883362, 07032123999

73. Alliance of Social Democrats [ASD]

Alliance of Social Democrats

Another registered party on all names of political parties in Nigeria is Alliance of Social Democrats (ASD)

  • National Chairman: Dr. Emeka F. Okengwu
  • National Secretary: Kasima A. Jada
  • National Treasurer: Barr. Nkiru Anosike
  • National Financial Secretary: Gloria Adamu Kachiro
  • National Legal Adviser: –
  • Address: No 8, Kayes Street, Off Nouarcitoty Street, Zone 1, Abuja
  • Phone Number: 07032301400, 07030132032

74. Allied People’s Movement [APM]

Allied Peoples Movement Political party in Nigeria

Another Nigerian political party is Allied People’s Movement (APM).

  • National Chairman: Yusuf Mamman Dantalle
  • National Secretary: Oyadeyi Ayodele Adebayo
  • National Treasurer: Mrs. Rose Dogara Silas Gyar
  • National Financial Secretary: Nasiru Baba
  • National Legal Adviser: –
  • Address: No. 26 Ajose Adeogun Street, Utako Abuja (NULGE HOUSE)
  • Phone Number: 08033043791, 08055108331

75. Alliance For a United Nigeria [AUN]

Here’s the information about party chairman, treasurer, etc of Alliance for a United Nigeria party (AUN)

  • National Chairman: Barr. Michael Ndu
  • National Secretary: Alhaji. Hamza Yusuf
  • National Treasurer: Terhemba Iwuese Janet
  • National Financial Secretary: Surajo Ibrahim
  • National Legal Adviser: Barr. Adewale Mukaila Olarewaju
  • Address: No. 22, Egure Street, Off 2nd Avenue, Setraco,Gwarinpa, Abuja
  • Phone Number: 07066870050

76. Congress of Patriots [COP]

logos of political parties in Nigeria Congress of Patriots

Below is the party details of Congress of Patriots party (COP)

  • National Chairman: Mrs. Joy Ada Onyesoh
  • National Secretary: Mr. Olusola Ayorinde Odeja
  • National Treasurer: Mrs. Olivia Ndidi Oseji
  • National Financial Secretary: Isi Ikhimiukor
  • National Legal Adviser: Zariyatu Abubakar
  • Address: Flat 3, Third Floor, Busy Mart.Plaza, Plot 503, Obafemi Awolowo Way No 44 Ebitu Ukiwe Street, Jabi Abuja
  • Phone Number: 08033134762, 08033322780

77. Change Nigeria Party [CNC]

all political parties in Nigeria 2019
  • National Party Chairman: Alhaji. Usman Abdullahi .I. Aliyu
  • National Secretary: Henry Bassey Udoistre
  • National Treasurer: Stephen Dawat
  • National Financial Secretary: Aboki Wunuji
  • National Legal Adviser: Barr. Chinuwaba Victor
  • Address: 279 Mike Okoronkwo Close, 3rd Avenue Gwarinpa Estate FCT, Abuja
  • Phone Number: 08065564644, 08054773789

78. Liberation Movement [LM]

Logo of political party in Nigeria Liberation Movement

Liberation Movement party is next on this list of political parties in Nigeria 2019

  • National Party Chairman: Kriz David
  • National Secretary: Adama Gabriel Akutsam
  • National Treasurer: Denis Lungu
  • National Financial Secretary: Victor Abiola Sesere
  • National Legal Adviser: Nelson Ilebor Kebordih
  • Address: No.47,3rd Avenue, Phase 11, Federal Housing Authority (FHA) Lugbe, Abuja
  • Phone Number: 08034033979, 08065607242

79. Nigeria Community Movement Party [NCMP]

Below is the information of executives of the Nigeria Community Movement Party (NCMP)

NCMP Party logo - All 91 political parties in Nigeria politics
  • National Party Chairman: Ademola Babatunde Abidemi
  • National Secretary: Ibrahim Mohammed
  • National Treasurer: Adamu Abubakar
  • National Financial Secretary: Amina Hassan
  • National Legal Adviser: John Otu Oshita Esq
  • Address: 3 A, Close, 36 Road 3rd Avenue Gwarinpa, FCT Abuja
  • Phone Number: 07032978102, 08055322191

80. Nigeria For Democracy [NFD]

Nigeria for democracy NFD party
  • National Party Chairman: Dr. Asukwo Mendie Archibong
  • National Secretary: Mrs. Ite Donald Ekpo
  • National Treasurer: Mrs. Gift Uchechi Emuka
  • National Financial Secretary: Miss. Atebi Oyanmu Martha
  • National Legal Adviser: Mr. Patrick Effiong Etim
  • Address: 24B, Colorado Close, Maitama, Abuja
  • Phone Number: 08181904364, 0703146900

81. People’s Coalition Party [PCP]

PCP people's coalition party logo and chairman
  • National Party Chairman: Don Anthony Chukwuma Harmattan
  • National Secretary: Mrs. Felix Ape Sesugh
  • National Treasurer: Godswill Chima Benjamin
  • National Financial Secretary: Akinade Akeem Kolawole
  • National Legal Adviser: –
  • Address: 8, Drive 1, Corner shop, Prince, Princess Estate, Phase 1, Off Gudu Road, Abuja
  • Phone Number: 08181782777, 08062440548

82. Reform & Advancement Party [RAP]

RAP political party
  • National Chairman: Israel Nonyerem Davidson
  • National Secretary: Nwobi Emmanuel
  • National Treasurer: Inyang Xavier Inyang
  • National Financial Secretary: Bala Alhassan Mohammed
  • National Legal Adviser: –
  • Address: Plot 67 Cascurina close, Off Bayelsa Court Gaduwa Estate, Gudu District, Abuja
  • Phone Number: 08160824732, 07030676267

83. Social Democratic Party [SDP]

SDP social democratic party of Nigeria logo
  • National Chairman: Chief. Olu Falae
  • National Secretary: Alh. Shehu Musa Gabam
  • National Treasurer: Chief. Clarkson Nnaji
  • National Financial Secretary: Rt. Hon Kehinde Ayoola
  • National Legal Adviser: Bar. Omale Omale
  • Address: No. 9 Yedseram Street, Maitam, Abuja
  • Phone Number: 08033681479, 08037004981, 08033108814

84. Save Nigeria Congress [SNC]

Save Nigeria congress political parties

Another party on our list of all 91 political parties in Nigeria is Save Nigeria Congress (SNC)

  • National Chairman: Thomas Ayo – Da-silva
  • National Secretary: Abayomi Runsewe
  • National Treasurer: Agene Victoria Onyaole
  • National Financial Secretary: –
  • National Legal Adviser: Barr. Folani Adedayo Oluwaleyi
  • Address: House no. 152, Zone E, Apo Resettlement Abuja
  • Phone Number: 08098654654, 08088233003

85. United Patriots [UP]

United Patriots Political party in Nigeria
  • National Chairman: Barr. Ezeobika Chukwudi Echezoba
  • National Secretary: Ngozi Orabueze
  • National Treasurer: Soraya Haruwau Ojebe
  • National Financial Secretary: Barr. Olayinka Ola Daniels
  • National Legal Adviser: Barr. Olayinka Ola Daniels
  • Address: No 2, Akirin Ade Street, Off Katampe Junction Mpape 2, FCT Abuja
  • Phone Number: 08035574437, 08037266193

86. We The People Nigeria [WTPN]

We the people Nigeria how many political parties in Nigeria
  • National Chairman: Prof. Peter Nwangwu
  • National Secretary: Alh. Dr. Idris Musa
  • National Treasurer: Dr. Greg Asoegwu
  • National Financial Secretary: –
  • National Legal Adviser: –
  • Address: 9B Constitution Avenue Gaduwa Estate, Gudu Abuja
  • Phone Number: 08060493334

87. Yes Electorates Solidarity [YES]

YES political party
  • National Party Chairman: Alistair Soyode
  • National Secretary: Elem Chukwuemeka
  • National Treasurer: Festus Fifen
  • National Financial Secretary: Ossom Rapheal
  • National Legal Adviser: Olaniyi Ayodele Francis
  • Address: 88 Yaounde Street, Zone 6, Wuse, Abuja
  • Phone Number: 08051161236, 08065661508

88. Youth Party [YP]

  • National Party Chairman: Mr. Chukwudi Onyemaechi Adiukwu
  • National Secretary: Mr. Mujaheed Salisu Ahmad
  • National Treasurer: Mr. Mohammed Auwalu Aminu
  • National Financial Secretary: Dr. Ifeyinwa Chizoba Simone Aniebo
  • National Legal Adviser: Mr. Oghenekeuwe Okpobia
  • Address: 6, Bamako Crescent Zone 1, Wuse, FCT, Abuja
  • Phone Number: 08037028390, 08136804110

89. United People’s Congress [UPC]

UPC political party leader and logo
  • National Party Chairman: Kenneth C. Ibekalu
  • National Secretary: Mrs. Mariam Ajeibi
  • National Treasurer: –
  • National Financial Secretary: Chukwu Isabella
  • National Legal Adviser: Isah Muhammed Al-hassan
  • Address: No 2, Masukwu Close, Wuse 11, Abuja
  • Phone Number: 08033013624, 07067580752

90. Zenith Labour Party [ZLP]

ZLP political parties in Nigeria


  • National Party Chairman: Chief. Dan Nwanyanwu
  • National Secretary: Yahaya Makama
  • National Treasurer: Hassana El Abdullahi
  • National Financial Secretary: Hon. Mrs. Francisca Effiom
  • National Legal Adviser: ThankGod Enahoro
  • Address: Plot 73, Ladoja Akintola, Suit 206 Dabo Plaza, Garki Abuja
  • Phone Number: 08033155775, 08023730880

Political Parties in Nigeria Pdf

Yes, I know you’d want to keep this for offline use, so we’ve created the political parties in Nigeria pdf file.

Download Political Parties PDF Here

Six Importance and Functions of Political Parties

The main importance and function of political parties in Nigeria is the nomination and presentation of their party approved candidates in the electoral campaign.

Other functions include:

  • Serving as channels through which citizens public opinions are passed to the government.
  • Recruitment and training of candidates for public offices.
  • Activating and mobilizing citizens to participate in political decisions and transforming their opinions into viable policy options.
  • Balancing opposing demands and converting them into general policies.
  • Political parties in Nigeria solicit and articulate public policy priorities and civic needs and problems as identified by members and supporters.
  • Socializing and educating voters in the functioning of the political and electoral system and also the generating of general political values.
  • Political parties in Nigeria also enable their members’ and supporters’ demands to be addressed in the parliament.

So, here’s my final words below:

Political Parties In Nigeria (Summary)

Truth be told, I’ve never thought the number of Political parties will be this much in Nigeria.

Nigeria is called a multi-party country as it has over 90 parties but do not fret about the high number of political parties in Nigeria.

The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC chairman), Professor Mahmood Yakubu described political parties as ‘important vehicles in the management of the country’s democracy’.

So, there you have it, my list of all current political parties in Nigeria when it comes to Nigerian politics as they partake in the election process in Nigeria.

Once again, if asked how many political parties do we have in Nigeria, you now know how to answer right?

Found this to be helpful? Want to say something? Please drop your comments in the comment box below.


  1. You have done a very good job. Could you please help more to find out if INEC is collecting money for Governorship / Presidential form for the election. Nigerians would like to hear from you. Kudos to you my brother ????.


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