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Among consumers, 82% have changed suppliers at least once in the last five years. Citing reasons like high prices or rates and serious unresolved issues, there’s a lot that can drive a customer away. Who is your customer and how do you keep them sticking around? As well as expecting quality goods and services, consumers also expect quality customer service. Over 80% of customers say they would switch suppliers after a bad call center experience, making just one positive impression invaluable to preventing customer churn. In customer service, a little knowhow can go a long way as customers expect call center staff to be knowledgeable on products, personal service history, and to be proactive in expressing solutions for problems what what’s being done to solve them. Are you there to listen to your customers and help them feel heard? This infographic by Callminer will show you how you can improve on listening to your customer Found this helpful? Please give it a like and share.