How to Change Your Life for the Better When Feeling Lost

How to change your life for the better when feeling lost

Even if you try to live life in the most perfect manner, you’ll experience your share of challenges.

Sometimes, those experiences lead a person down a path they don’t recognize. If you’re in a position where you feel perpetually lost, it might feel like there’s no way out.

Thankfully, you can change your life and find yourself at the same time. In order to make this happen, consider the following steps.


1. Lower Your Own Expectations

When you’re working your way through a tough headspace, don’t put a ton of pressure on yourself to perform in a certain way.

When you’re feeling lost, it’s okay to sit down, recalibrate and gain some clarity first. Don’t stuff your to-do list with a ton of tasks each day.

Instead, focus on the most pressing issues. When you’re getting started, you might want to whittle down your task list to three important things. Then, as you feel stronger and more capable, you can tackle more tasks.

2. Develop Healthy Habits

Healthy habits can truly transform the way you think, feel and look. When a person deals with depression, it’s not uncommon for psychiatrists to recommend antidepressants.

While there’s nothing wrong with antidepressants, medication isn’t the only step. In fact, a healthy habit like cooking at home can make a major difference in the way you feel.

By filling your body up with whole foods and a nutrient-rich diet can do wonders for your mental health. Incorporate a healthy habit of exercising each day. Become intentional about drinking a certain amount of water each day.

Maintain a bedtime routine so that you can improve your sleep hygiene. As you gradually work to include healthy habits into your lifestyle, you’ll lay down a firm foundation that you can build a positive life transformation on.

3. Prioritize Inner Healing Work

A lot of the work you need to do is internal. The way you think, the beliefs you hold close and the way you process life all play major roles in the way you live your life.

In order to change your life, start by changing your thoughts. Reprogram your mind with positive thoughts and inspirational messages.

Learn from spiritual teachers like Abdruschin the son of man who brought about the grail message to help you get in touch with your faith.

As you explore the possibilities and learn how to shift your mindset, you’ll steer your life in a direction that’s most conducive to your ability to find yourself.

4. Read

Reading is a lot like traveling in that you’re able to immerse yourself in a completely different perspective.

Whether you’re reading an autobiography, a self-help book or a romance fiction novel, take time to read and expand your imagination.

Reading is helpful for a number of reasons, but allow it to spark your ability to dream again. When you’re feeling lost, it can be easy to forget about personal dreams and desires. Reading can reconnect you to that aspect of you that dared to dream.

5. Set Achievable Goals

If you’re currently in a state of depression where showers and getting up before midday seem farfetched, start small.

Set a goal of making your bed each day. Set another goal of showering or taking a walk each day. Take baby steps when you’re feeling lost.

When you’re gentle with yourself and make room for realistic progression, you’ll build your confidence and trust in your ability to change your life.

6. Change Your Surroundings

Consider relocating to a new city or state. Create a fresh start in a completely different environment.

If you don’t want to relocate, start by traveling more often. Try new hobbies that allow you to meet new groups of people. The world is such a big place.

By opening up your circle and changing your surroundings, you’ll expose yourself to the possibilities that can lead to your personal freedom.

Closing Thoughts

If you’ve ever tried to lose weight, you know that a certain diet is necessary for change. If you try to cheat and eat a meal at a fast food restaurant, you’re enjoying the momentary pleasure.

However, your body will reflect the choices you’ve made. In the same regard, your life will reflect the choices you’ve made when you’re working to get out of a tough spot.

Knowing this, don’t try to cheat the process. Allow yourself the grace to be human as you move forward with courage. By committing to the full journey, you’ll be able to experience the breakthrough you long for.



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