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Everything You Need to Know About Sports Betting in Africa

Africans are widely known as passionate sports fans, especially when it comes to football, and the continent’s serious involvement in sports betting was only a matter of time.

In the past few years, the wagering industry has grown exponentially in many different parts of the continent, and there are more and more online bookies that users can join. If you were curious to learn more about the current state of sports betting in Africa, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s start.

The love of sports is a common trait of almost all individuals on the continent, and when you take into consideration that as per worldometers.info, the population counts more than 1.3 billion people, it is clear that the area is an ideal market for sports wagering. On top of that, Africa on average has a quite young population, which creates an ideal demographic when it comes to the increased use of modern technologies.

Having that in mind, together with the recent increase in mobile penetration on the continent, as well as the improved availability of stable internet connections, it is understandable how the popularity of online bookmakers exploded among the locals. Thanks to the rising demand in the area, as well as the lenient sports betting laws in many African countries, many domestic and international operators quickly jumped at the chance to enter the market. Let’s see some of the densest markets in the region. 

  • The Top Markets on the Continent

Even though betting easily expanded throughout the area, some countries stand out when it comes to its popularity and growth:

  • Zambia

First and foremost, wagering on sports is completely legal in Zambia, and the locals can enjoy a large number of web-based operators, as well as plenty of land-based ones. However, the players should always make sure to stick to licensed providers.

One way to find reputable bookmakers is to read honest testimonials on review sites like betfromafrica.com where Zambians can easily find all the top bookies on the market like Bet365 and many others. As soon as customers find a bookmaker they like, it is smart to immediately check their licensing information before opening an account. Like the majority of other Africans, Zambians also love gambling on football, and they are equally passionate about local and international events. 

  • South Africa

Online betting is legal in South Africa, but users can only play legally on platforms that were licensed by one of the provincial gambling boards. Furthermore, all licensing procedures are controlled by The National Gambling Board whose details are available at ngb.org.za.

However, all wagering activities are limited to adults that are at least 18, but everyone eligible to play also has a chance to withdraw the funds legally without paying any taxes. South Africans can also choose from a wide variety of online operators, and many of them attract new members by offering exciting promotions and bonuses, including no deposit rewards, free bets, as well as occasional bonus cash. 

  • Nigeria

Different forms of gambling have been legalized in Nigeria back in 1990, including land-based casinos, sports betting, and lotteries. The industry is controlled by the National Lottery Regulatory Commission which stays on top of regular tax payments and other crucial components.

Nigerians are incredibly passionate about wagering, even though their winnings are constantly taxed up to 20%. Almost 60 million people in the country are currently involved in wagering. Not only that the locals are crazy about football and other categories, but they also see it as a way to engage with like-minded individuals they can often find on the site of every bookmaker. Together they can watch popular games, and make predictions by analyzing the odds and other features. 

  • Zimbabwe

Sports betting is also much more accessible in Zimbabwe than ever before, although the market is still not properly regulated in the country. Even though this may sound like a huge disadvantage, it actually brings fewer restrictions for international platforms that can operate freely on the local market.

Therefore, Zimbabweans can join plenty of desktop and app-based providers that welcome players from the area, and even support several payment methods preferred by the locals. Besides football which is even tied to the country’s national identity, the people of Zimbabwe are also huge fans of cricket, tennis, field hockey, netball, and golf, as you can read on newsday.co.zw. Whether they have the habit of playing themselves or not, many locals enjoy betting on the above-mentioned categories. 

Sports betting continues to rise in Africa, and thanks to the countries that support it the most, its growth is unlikely to cease. Africans have always been interested in many different disciplines, and now that the internet is widely accessible throughout the continent, they can easily join online betting sites and pursue wagering as one of their favorite pastimes. 

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