Entry Certificate In Business Analysis (ECBA): Helping you Become a proficient Business Analyst 


We know the role of Business Analysts in any organization. Their role is significant in the success of any project and it helps in driving business growth.

It helps in gaining the skills valued by diverse businesses all over the industry with the help of ECBA. It is regarded as the level one certification as found in any business analysis certification framework from the global international institute of Business Analysis.

Seeking the help of interactive sessions backed with some real-life examples along with the case studies, the professionals can hone good skill sets about the business.


If you are joining institutes like KnowledgeHut, you can get the chance to have a thorough preparation with its ECBA Course. The institute remains the Endorsed Education Provider of IIBA, which comes through PRISM.

The immersive learning platform coming from the institute is offered in a blended learning model.

Steps involved in Becoming ECBA Certified 

It can help in adding strength to your expertise of business analysis processes and ideas backed with Leading SAFe® 5 Certification.

You can easily validate the expertise being a BA Professional along with ECBA certification and thus even take benefit of better and wider job prospects.

If you are not very sure about getting this certification, the following steps can help you in this regard, have a look:

Get Trained 

Good preparation will always help you in cracking the ECBA certification exam. You need to check the eligibility requirements for the said exam and then proceed.

The best way to prepare is to join a preparatory ECBA Course followed by attending 21 hours of training.

Take up the ECBA Certification Exam

For this, you need to login over to the portal using your credentials, which you get from the IIBA group through email. As you check the IIBA portal, you have to check the Certifications and then check the option My Certifications.

Now, click on the Schedule and then click over the button that says Pass Examination. Once you do that, you will be directed to the PSI exam scheduling page wherein you can easily schedule your ECBA exam. Now, start taking up the

ECBA test followed by answering the 50 MCQs in the given time of 60 minutes.

Become an ECBA Certified Business Analysis Professional 

Once you are done, you have the choice of downloading the ECBA Certificate and then validating your expertise with the tag – Certified BA Professional.

Who should attend the ECBA Exam?

The following professionals should take up this certification. It can help in adding value to their profession, have a look:

  • IT professionals
  • Banking and finance professionals
  • Project managers
  • Marketing managers
  • Data Analytics beginners
  • Sales professionals

If you are one of these, trying this program can help you a lot.

ECBA Certification Course Content 

Before you take up this certification, it is mandatory to check what will be covered in it so that you can prepare for the same. Needless to say that the ECBA Course for preparation by groups like KnowlegeHut covers them all.

The following are the key areas that you need to check and prepare. You need to get introduced to the ideas and master them so that you can easily crack the certification.

  • BABOK Guide v3 – The course will introduce the ideas outlined over BABOK Guide V3 and the way it manages the business analysis.
  • Business Analysis – It helps in gaining a complete and in-depth understanding of Business Analysis along with the wide range of areas of BA Application.
  • Business Analyst – Roles, Responsibilities – It helps you in understanding the role of a Business Analyst along with the responsibilities as found with different job titles.
  • Stakeholder Collaboration – The certification will help you understand the way stakeholders react and the roles they play along with getting the look and feel of their functions. Not only that, but you also get the chance to check the various interactions that fall in between Bas and stakeholders.
  • Inception to Retirement – You can learn the various tasks that are carried out by business analysts for managing and maintaining the various requirements along with the design information.
  • Future and transition state – It helps in learning the way the future and transition phases are defined and the way these are required to address the day-to-day business requirements.
  • Requirements Analysis – Learn the way to perform different requirements analyses along with recommending viable solutions.
  • Solution Evaluation – Learn the way you understand and assess the performance that you come along with the value that remains delivered with an effective solution.

Skills you Gain with ECBA Course 

Once you complete the ECBA Course and crack the exam, the following are the things you will gain with the ECBA Training program, have a look:

  • Analyzing current state and defining future state
  • Assessing risks and developing a change strategy
  • Analyzing potential value and recommending the solution
  • Analyzing performance measures
  • Assessing solutions and enterprise limitations
  • Business analysis planning and monitoring
  • Business analysis governance
  • Business analysis information management
  • Communicating business analysis information
  • Collaborating with stakeholders
  • Defining requirements architecture and design options
  • Measuring solution performance
  • Preparing and conducting elicitation
  • Recommending actions to increase value
  • Specifying, verifying, and validating requirements
  • Tracing, maintaining, prioritizing, and approving requirements

How can an ECBA Course Benefit you? 

  • The ECBA certification can help you in giving away a wide range of benefits, and these include the following:
  • Demonstrable fundamental knowledge and professional competence in BA (Business Analysis).
  • Gain good Marketability, employability, and higher earning potential.
  • Get a higher and more successful path to leadership within your organization.
  • Help you in recognizing your expertise in diverse multiple business domains.
  • Helping and enhancing your capability to deal with more complex projects, work with different stakeholders for defining and managing their day-to-day business requirements.
  • Helps you in empowering you to drive the various business processes, lead the BA effort, and find out the opportunities to achieve effective and better business outcomes.

Wrapping up 

In this way, you have too many benefits to reap by taking up the ECBA Exam. However, effective preparation is the key when it comes to cracking exams.

All you need is a competitive ECBA Course at institutes like KnowlegeHut, and there you are all set to crack the exam. Good Luck!



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