Business Meetings Dress Sense (Infographic)

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First impression lasts longer, but you never get a second chance to create it. Business meetings are so important to help discuss matters that will move the company forward.

Getting your research and presentation-ready is just winning half of the battle, the other half depends on your dress sense.

As a man, you can dress for success if you look clean from head to toe. Simplicity is the rule of the game. You just have to look good. You need a professional look.


For women, the same rules apply. You need to double-check what you’re putting on. You have to be conservative.

Your audience will greatly influence your dress sense and your choice of outfit.

For example, if you’re meeting a high-level executive, you need to be able to mirror what he or she will wear which most likely will be a suit.

Learn more about how office dress codes have evolved over the years and what it is today.

Check out the infographics from to see reasons why your dress sense matters when it comes to business meetings.

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