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10 Best VPS Hosting Providers – Forex VPS SERVERS Reviews

Which are the best VPS hosting providers?

Though the argument on whether or not to use forex trading robots, most forex traders use a hosting service, Forex VPS, to run their own indicators, strategies or expert advisor on a server different from the computer at their home.

This server allows them to run an automated EA round the clock without any interruption of connection so that pips can be made and trades can be completed even if the internet connection or power connection of their home computer is disconnected or their system is taken over by an error.

If you’ve gone through our Forex trading guide for beginners, you’ll realize there’s a lot of areas, products and services in the Forex niche, VPS being one of them.

The availability of various types of Forex VPS hosting servers in the market has made it difficult to find the best one for you.

Best vps hosting companies - virtual private servers

Review of 10 Best Vps Hosting Servers and Their Pricing

Some of the best VPS hosting servers are briefly reviewed below to help you in buying the most suitable one for you.

1. AccuWebHosting

AccuWebHosting has been one of the best FX VPS hosting providers since 2002. They provide fully-managed VPS with full root access for all of their Forex VPS solutions. It allows you to take back control and power over your virtual server so you may continue trading without interruption. 

Their VPS can be upgraded easily to a higher plan without affecting your IP address or data or causing any downtime. 

You may rest easy knowing that your data and network are secure when you use AccuWebHosting. They are professionals who will install and configure a server firewall on your chosen plan.

Complementary backup, server monitoring, rapid server management, integration with third-party programs, and more are all offered. In addition, all trading platforms are supported, and the price starts at $12 per month.

2. FxsVPS.com

In 2013, professional market analysts and traders have introduced this VPS server as the subsidiary of FxSuccess Ltd. in the UK.

They used this server as best VPS hosting server to provide service to the algorithmic trading firms, large financial institutions and individual investors in New York, London, Amsterdam, and Frankfurt.

Its two versions are available at $48 and $288 per annum with different configurations.

3. ForexVPSHosting.net

In 2004, this one of the best VPS hosting servers was established by a private hosting company to operate servers in the data centers located in three European countries including the UK, Cyprus, and Malta.

It was claimed by the founders of this VPS hosting server that they have experience in branding and marketing for the industry of binary options, gaming, and Forex for more than 10 years.

This company has been licensed in Cyprus and is also headquartered in this country. Its services are available at a monthly rate of $12 and $32 according to the configurations required by you.

4. TradingFxVPS.com

It is one of the best VPS hosting server because it was established strategically in 2015 by IT professionals in four locations including London, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, and New York.

The latest equipment from Dell, Intel, IBM, and H&P were used in it to provide extremely fast SSD drives containing Hyper-V, VMware and RAID-10 visualization techniques to their customers.

This server available at $25 and $90 per month also allows the firms and traders to use its complicated techniques of automated trading.

5. BeeksFinancialCloud.com

This server is the best VPS hosting server because it provides the retail traders VPS solutions of low-latency since it was headquartered in London in 2011.

The company founded by investment and business professionals is providing its hosting servers in seven data centers around the world.

This service is used by many large Forex brokers of the world due to its reasonable price of $25 and $60 per month, to use as per their requirement.

6. ForexVPS.net

This one of the best VPS hosting services was established by ThinkHuge Ltd in 2013. The full set of forex trading services provided by this company includes an MT4 trade copier, Forex broker solutions, a free Forex VPS, and Forex signals.

The VPS servers of this platform improve the power of KVM-based virtualization, SSD hard drives, and connectivity to network ports of 1 Gbps capability.

Its services are available at a monthly price of $34.99 and $114.99.

6 More Forex VPS Hosting Services

That’s just 5 given above. Here are more

7. eForexVPS.com

Though no information about the background of its founder is available still it is one of the best VPS hosting servers because they support trading platforms like MT4 and MT5 EA.

Also eForexVPS supports Fore Brokers through its servers at multiple locations in Europe and the US at the monthly cost of $19.95 and $84.95. You can choose from them as per your trading requirements.

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8. GigaPros.com

In 2008 this hosting service was inaugurated as the best VPS hosting server in Los Angeles and grew gradually and steadily during these years.

In three data centers of the US including Denver, Chicago, and Dallas, they installed their own servers and maintained them.

During these years this company has received a number of accolades and awards from the authorities and websites of this industry.

The company has a strict policy of Zero overselling even if they resell their hosting services at the rate of $20 and $60 per month.

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9. Host4ASP.net

In 2014 this best VPS hosting server started its operations to provide its quality hosting services to the developers of .NET websites.

It provides multi-layer network services by using the latest hosting technology of Windows to provide extremely fast loading speed to its users at the rate of $29.95 and $70.95 per month. You can choose from them as per your requirements.

10. FxVM.net

A company ThinkHuge Ltd. has founded this one in 2013. They have maintained servers in a number of data centers at various locations including London, New York, Zurich, Tokyo, and Amsterdam.

In order to reduce its latency, and eliminating its slippage effectively they have optimized the infrastructure of this company.

It allows traders to install various popular platforms of trading like TradeStation, MT4, MT5, Currenex, and Ninja Traders, etc.

All major brokers in the Forex industry and EAs are welcomed by this service provider to help the traders to install and modify their EAs with the help of their professional technicians.

You can use this server at $19.95 per month as well as $274 per month, as per your choice

11. PhotonVPS.com

This Los Angeles, California based VPS server was inaugurated in 2001. The company has maintained its own Tier-4 network and servers in Los Angeles.

They have separated their Forex VPS servers from their own standard VPS processors to ensure round the clock trading up-time and make their latency extremely low.

You can use any of the two versions of one of the best VPS hosting servers at a very reasonable monthly price of $15.95 and $65.95 as per your trading requirements.

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Best Vps Hosting Services

Thus, by comparing the features and price of different VPS servers you can easily find the best VPS hosting server for you. A Forex VPS server allows you to use it mainly for 4 reasons including

Forex trading can be done from anywhere, you can trade even if the grid power is not available or provide security not only for your server but also for its data reduces the effect of price slippage.

So, while finding a reliable and the best VPS server for forex trading you should ensure carefully that it can handle your trading activities in the Forex market of the US.

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