Affiliate Program You Must Join in 2023 for Hefty Commissions


Affiliate marketing is one of the most lucrative industries today. True List has revealed that Affiliate programs are crucial in generating 15%–30% of all sales for advertisers worldwide. And owing to the statistics, there are ample opportunities for bloggers and affiliate marketers. 

But here’s the catch. 

The internet is filled with affiliate programs. Picking the best ones can be confusing and tedious when you are just getting started. To help you out, in this blog, we are discussing the four best affiliate programs that you must join in 2023. These programs pay you hefty commissions and add enough figures to your bank account. So, without beating about the bush, let’s get into it. 


Affiliate Programs To Join in 2023

Choosing a product to affiliate with can take time and effort. You must ensure it is easily sellable and in demand by your target market. Start with knowing about all the features of the product you are choosing. If you’d promote a product with half knowledge, it is a fact that you will not convince your audience. Look at the high paying affiliate program list with all the details you need to know. 


Tagembed is a social media aggregator tool that helps business owners and website owners embed social media widget on their websites. 

The best part about the tool is that it is compatible with most CMS platforms, like Wix, WordPress, Squarespace, etc. The device is a low-code platform. It follows a copy-paste-like simplicity to integrate social media widget on the website. 

What makes Tagembed an easily sellable product is its customization feature. This customization feature includes changing themes and layouts to mirror the brand image. You also have access to custom CSS; this helps you boost your customization. 

If you know your audience is looking for a vibrant website presence, you can recommend them to try Tagembed. This tool helps the business/ website owners to express their social proof through social media widget. Besides, it also becomes a contributing factor in enhancing the dwell time of their website. 

When you join hands with Tagembed, you get a hefty recurring commission rate of 30% with a cookie life of 60 days.There are always hassle-free payouts with Tagembed that are directly made into your PayPal.


CraftBundle is the perfect product for you to partner with if you have an audience who loves craft-related products. Crafters love digital printables, which are quicker to get and last longer without damage. 

CraftBundle sells all the craft items in SVG, EPS, and PNG in an affordable price range. The best part is that all their products come with a commercial license. Access to a commercial license means that if someone buys digital printables, they can further sell the products. 

They also provide a monthly membership, in which one can download upto 500 designs per month. Each of their bundles is designed in a way to meet the demands of craft lovers. So, if your audience persona has a thing for owning a small business, it can be a perfect product to affiliate. 

CraftBundle provides its affiliates with a sizable commission rate of  20% per sale and a generous cookie life of 30 days. 


Sephora is a leading chain of cosmetics and perfume stores in beautiful countries worldwide. And we are confident that you must be aware of this brand. Sephora has more than 13000 product ranges. However, only a few know this brand has an affiliate program. 

Besides, Sephora also has many promotional rewards and campaigns for their customers, which is a plus point for the affiliate marketers to advertise them. And you don’t have any restrictions over what product to promote and sell as an affiliate. Joining their affiliate program is even easier; you must apply through their website and wait for the approval. 

Since most of us love and know this brand, it is an easily sellable product, especially if you are a beauty blogger. 

When you are Sephora’s affiliate, you get a  fairly large commission rate ranging  from 4% to 10% with a cookie life of 30 days. However, the commission rate varies depending on different factors. 


eHarmony is a personalized dating services application that delivers highly compatible matches to users. The platform takes time to get to know you and discover your beliefs, values and characteristics. eHarmony premium members can review their games for free. Besides, if they complete their Relationship Questionnaire, they will get a Personality Profile in PDF format by email. Such features help the users know more about themselves to better connect to their partners. 

If you have an adult audience, chances are they might be looking for their future partner. In such a scenario, you can offer them to try eHarmony. 

eHarmony provides its affiliates with a decent sized commission rate that varies between 20% to 35% with a long cookie life of 45 days. 

In A Nutshell 

The only difference between a good affiliate marketer and a bad one is that the former knows their audience’s pain points. Besides, joining a program that does not match your niche will require much more complex work. To earn a commission for a longer time, you have to acquire the trust of your audience. Or even more important, you and your audience should be on the same page. If your audience has a short attention span, you cannot recommend a product that asks them to do ten things at first. 

We hope you know the best affiliate marketing programs that pay you well. So go ahead, register and shoot your shot. 



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