1xGames offers Unique Opportunities to Make Money

1xgames to make money

1xBet is known for its innovative, forward-thinking strategies when it comes to providing world-class entertainment for its players.

That is why they have curated a unique experience for 1xBet visitors in the form of 1xGames.

No doubt, 1xbet takes the lead on our list of top betting companies in Nigeria as they offer unmatched betting services.

Here, game-loving bettors will be able to enjoy tailor-made games that are only to be found at 1xGames.

There is something for everyone. To start there are many different games, over 100 to be exact, that offer huge amounts of fun and opportunity to make good money.

The section offers titles that come with various themes and features to suit every player’s gambling style.

You will be able to take part in games that feature rotating reels, table games, sport-inspired games, amongst many others.

In addition to their unique qualities, the titles at 1xGames also come with a guaranteed cashback bonus.

This further enhances the gambling experience for players. How it works is very simple.

Players will get to select 2 games to play, and they will receive a

3% cash back bonus on all monies spent on them. In addition, 1xBet throws in another game each month that offers a 5% bonus.

To top it off, if you bet more than €343 in a month on your selected 2 games, your 3% cashback will be increased to 5% as well.

There are also jackpots available at 1xGames allowing players to have increased winning chances daily, weekly, and monthly. Jackpots are triggered randomly and are highly rewarding.

So now that you know that playing at 1xGames is an excellent decision, how will you know what games to choose?

We’ve made a list with three of the newest, and most popular games right now at 1xBet.


The well-loved childhood game OXO has moved online at 1xGames. Now you can take the game you know so well, and use it to make some money.

The game is loads of fun and will feel familiar as it is in a slot format.

Players will be able to take part in this easy format style game by spinning the reels filled with X and O symbols.

To kick-off, place a bet, then watch the symbols land randomly on the reels. To win you will need to land 3 of the same symbols on any of the three lines or two diagonals.

You wager will be multiplied when this happens. Bettors will enjoy a 1.5x multiplier if they land 3 symbols and a grand 2.5x multiplier will be awarded for lucky players who land two noughts with an X in between to make 0X0.

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Avengers Scratch Card

The Avengers hits online! Enjoy a fresh game with all the superheroes you are familiar with like Iron Man, Captain America, and Wonder Woman.

The Avengers Scratch Card game is a stroke of genius from 1xBet. With a great theme, players will be able to enjoy the game as it is just like with any scratch card game.

The first step is to decide how much to bet to get 9 cards. By clicking on the cards, or pressing the ‘Reveal It’ button, players will be able to see what they have.

To win you will need 3 matching symbols in any direction.  The multipliers go right up to a maximum of 10 000x. What an adventure this title proves to be!


If you are looking for unique betting then 1xCases is for you. This is an extraordinary game that offers great thrills, along with good money-making opportunities.

How it works is that you get to choose from 7 distinct categories that contain 8 cases with various prizes. Each case carries its own stake value to be able to open it.

You will also see what you can potentially win. Players can get as much as 5x their original bet.

To make it even more exciting they can add an extra 10%, 20%, or 30% to boost your wins.

Go with your gut and choose the case that feels like it could yield the biggest win.

Well, there you have it. These are some of our favorites but register or login to 1xBet and head to the 1xGames section to play these and many other unique online games.

Over 100 tiles and plenty of rewards await you now!