10 Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know about Blogging

Oasdom.com 10 Interesing facts you didnt know about blogging
Oasdom.com 10 Interesing facts you didnt know about blogging

Blogging which started in mid nineties as a personal hobby to share one’s thoughts has indeed come a long way.

Initially, it was nothing more than an extension of diary writing but in no time, it turned into a powerful medium.

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Soon, people started using it as a source of secondary income and some were even lucky enough to be full time, professional bloggers. Today, it is used widely by businesses as part of their marketing strategy.

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10 Interesting Facts you should know about blogging

  1. 60% of bloggers write for the sense of personal satisfaction they get by sharing their world view with readers.
  2. 18% of people blog professionally. They are compensated for their work, although for many it’s a supplementary source of income, not their livelihood.
  3. 13% of bloggers are considered entrepreneurs.
  4. A lot of people read blogs more than once daily.
  5. The reading of blogs usually starts at 7am and reaches a peak period at 10am
  6. The findings of a recent survey reveal that most prefer to read blogs in the morning than at any other time of the day. 79% of people interviewed said they prefer to read blogs in the morning, 64% have a preference for afternoon, 51% prefer evening and 40% favor night.
  7. Businesses that update their blogs 20 times a month (i.e 4 to 5 times per week) generate 5 times more traffic than those that update their blogs less than 4 times a month.
  8. Businesses that own and regularly update their blogs generate 4 times more lead than those without blogs.
  9. Blogs help to influence customers’ buying decisions and purchases. A sampling of customers’ shows that the information on blog assist 21% of the surveyed customers to make up their minds on the purchase of a product, helps 19% to fine tune their choice, provides answers for another 19%, helps 17% to discover a product or service, and serves as the inspiration for the purchase of a product or service remaining 13% of the surveyed customers.
  10. Companies that have more than 51% articles on their blogs experience 77% increment median monthly leads.

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