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What Would The World’s Data Look Like If It Were Physical

We take well over a trillion photographs a year, upload hundreds of hours of video a minute, and commit search queries tens of thousands of times per second.

The sheer amount of data that companies save is staggering and growing exponentially year-over-year.

Social media giants, web infrastructure providers and other large companies around the world manage data at dizzying scales.

Not only do these corporations handle a lot of data — they handle important and sensitive data as well. Huge reputational and financial stakes ride on businesses being able to protect their internal servers.

Even smaller organizations possess sensitive data. With so much of this valuable information scattered across on-premises & cloud data centers, it’s more important than ever to know how to keep information where it belongs, and out of the hands of those who’d use it for harm.

What Would The World’s Data Look Like if it Were Physical

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