Why Provide IT Maintenance In A Company?

IT maintenance

IT is the basis of the business strategy of all companies. They use it, in particular, to communicate internally and with their customers.

However, who says IT necessarily means maintenance. Find out below why IT maintenance is so important in a business.

Maintenance of IT Devices

One of the main missions of an IT maintenance technician is the maintenance of the hardware devices of his customers.


By hardware device, we mean all the tangible equipment constituting a computer park. Among these, we can mention:

  • Computers;
  • Routers;
  • Waiters ;
  • Control equipment.

The interventions of a maintenance technician as part of the maintenance of a company’s hardware devices are of several types.

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Take the case of a server room for example. Since these are very sensitive installations, the maintenance technician’s intervention will consist in ensuring their regular cleaning.

This will essentially prevent failures that may result from overheating of the system (risk of clogging of processors and other functional circuits).

The professional can even go further by periodically carrying out a complete overhaul of the system in order to detect any hardware failures and correct them as quickly as possible.

Apart from regular dusting and periodic revisions, the IT technician can also verify the correct functioning of the electrical installations.

In the typical case of a server room, a slight mass can put several components of the system out of use, thus jeopardizing the activities of the company.

In summary, remember that the first reason why it is important to ensure IT maintenance is that the latter allows to optimally maintain the hardware installations of the company.

You will agree, of course, that an interview taken lightly can be seriously detrimental in the long run.

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Maintaining IT Infrastructure

Another advantage of maintenance is the sustainability of the company’s IT infrastructure.

What is the IT infrastructure?

IT infrastructures include not only the hardware devices mentioned above but also all the intangible devices.

Intangible devices are the building blocks of the company’s virtual ecosystem. Among the most important are:

  • Operating systems;
  • Databases;
  • Business applications;
  • Software packages.

So, when a company calls on a computer maintenance technician, it is part of a dynamic of perpetuating these non-material infrastructures.

How are virtual infrastructures maintained by the IT maintenance technician?

Like hardware devices, virtual infrastructures (still called Cloud in some cases) need to be maintained.

In the typical case of a database, the professional maintainer must administer it. Among other things, it is responsible for keeping the database up to date and optimizing its use.

If it is rather a specific operating system (Windows Server for example), the maintainer after having installed it can take care of its operationalization. In the event of a failure, he can also make himself available to restore the system.

Note: Infrastructure maintenance services are in some ways similar to outsourcing, which is not completely wrong. However, it is necessary to dissociate outsourcing and IT maintenance (in the strict sense of the term).

The outsourcer, in addition to maintenance, also takes care of the hosting of websites, applications, and other web platforms (he sometimes makes the installations available) while the maintainer takes care only of the functional aspect.

More simply, the outsourcing service provider can do IT maintenance, the reverse not being verified. Taking this small nuance into account will allow you to choose the ideal professional according to your needs.

IT Support

Using the services of a computer maintenance technician ensures support for all users of the company’s computer systems. This support takes into account in particular:

  • Installation of equipment;
  • Connection of equipment to the network;
  • User training;
  • Intervention in case of difficulties.

Equipment Installation

As mentioned briefly above, the IT infrastructures of a company include many pieces of equipment.

The installation of this equipment falls within the competence of the computer maintenance technician.

It is also he who will take charge of the implementation of the various computer systems and other business software.

Connecting equipment to the network

Once the computer equipment is installed, it must be connected to the network.

At this level, the maintenance technician’s intervention consists of configuring the internal computer network (creation of a workgroup) and in implementing the tools necessary for its optimal functioning.

If necessary, he can also configure the company router and connect all the computers in the domain to it.

User training

The IT support offered by a maintenance service also covers user assistance. Indeed, to facilitate collaborative work and communication, some companies have an internal business application.

It may then be necessary to train users on its instructions for use and handling techniques that can optimize performance.

It is therefore the IT maintenance technician who will be responsible for carrying out these different training courses after having taken the time to identify the needs of each user.

Intervention in case of difficulties

The last aspect of support is that of intervention in the event of a breakdown.

When a failure or a bug occurs during the use of a program, it is enough to call on the maintenance engineer and the latter will hurry to identify the causes of the failure and correct them as quickly as possible.

He will also be able to brief users on how to deal with such difficulties themselves in the future.

Data security

A company that takes the maintenance of its equipment and the updating of its operating systems lightly is at great risk.

It endangers not only the integrity of its hardware installations (servers, central units) but also the security of its data.

On the other hand, a company that regularly maintains its infrastructure (through an IT maintainer) will be less vulnerable to failures, hacks, and intrusion attempts that could cause it to lose its data.

To put it simply, remember that by choosing an IT maintainer, you are guaranteeing the security of your data and the integrity of your systems.

Network maintenance

This section mainly concerns companies that use the intranet as part of their activities. Ensuring IT maintenance will allow them to benefit from the services of a professional to keep their networks in optimal working order (both wired and wireless).

The professional maintainer can intervene in real-time in order to check the state of the server racks and to implement new tools for the sustainability of the domain.

If necessary, it can also configure backup systems, firewalls, and other security ramparts to make interactions on the network more reliable.

For companies that do not have an internal network, the maintenance technician can however intervene to optimize Internet access for example (speed, data transmission speed, etc.).

Cost control

Computer equipment is extremely expensive. However, when a company ensures its maintenance by calling on the services of a professional, it in a way controls its costs.

Concretely, this allows it to avoid unnecessary expenses that it could have incurred by neglecting the maintenance of its facilities.

The company will also save itself from other additional expenses such as expenses for the constitution of a new database (in case it has lost them due to deterioration of the equipment) and much more.

Fire Prevention

As trivial as it may seem, computer maintenance in a business can help prevent fires.

How is it possible? Computer rooms are usually the ones that require the most electricity in a complex.

However, who says electricity necessarily means the risk of fire. It only takes a slight uncontrolled overheating or a malfunction of the cables to trigger a conflagration and cause major economic losses.

The best way to reduce to almost nothing the possibility of such an event occurring is therefore to ensure computer maintenance by calling on a professional.

Improving Performance

IT maintenance contributes to improving the company’s performance (efficiency, effectiveness, the fluidity of transactions, etc.).

In other words, when work tools are ideally implemented and users know how to use them, business performance is boosted.

In addition, a company optimizes its agenda by not wasting time dealing with time-consuming problems that neglect of its IT infrastructure could have caused.

The sustainability of the company

An ideally supported computer maintenance can contribute to the sustainability of a company and therefore its activities.

On the other hand, when this aspect is taken lightly, the problems which can result from it can be very expensive for the company. In the worst case, it may even be forced to close its doors.

What to remember now? Computer maintenance in a business has several advantages.

In particular, it makes it possible to keep the company’s IT infrastructures in good working order and to guarantee their durability over time.


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