Why & When Mental Health Is Crucial For Your Well Being

Mental health and well being

There is a difference between being in good mental health and being ill mentally.

Many people believe that not being mentally ill is all about being in the best of mental health.

This may not exactly be true. Being in a good mental state is being positive as far as our emotional, psychological, and mental well-being is concerned.

It also defines our relationships with others. Mental health also should include the entire gamut of emotional well-being, apart from having the right levels of cognitive fitness.

Those who are in the best of mental health will also be able to be better prepared when it comes to handling the various challenges in life.

Further, in today’s difficult world there is a need to balance various roles and also be in a position to fulfill relationships not only with ourselves but also with others.

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Why Cognitive Fitness & Mental Health Are Related?

Cognitive fitness is important and is directly related to mental health because of a number of reasons.

These include improvement in concentration and better ability to process duties and also think logically.

People who have high levels of cognitive fitness will always be in a position to find the right solutions and also be able to tackle unforeseen situations with better creativity.

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Generally, we believe that cognitive fitness should always work in auto-pilot mode.

However, this may not always happen and the current state of mental health could have a reason to play.

Our mental health often gets negatively impacted because of modern days stress and fatigue.

This often leads to forgetting things or not being in a position to concentrate on things that are routine but important.

Therefore we must find out ways and means by which we can improve the overall levels of mental health.

If you look at people with impaired cognitive fitness levels, you can be more or less sure that they would have some problems with their overall mental health.

Such impairment in cognitive fitness levels can happen once in a while because of the stressful world we are living in.

However when this becomes a continuing problem, then there are reasons to be worried because it could point to some serious mental health situations.

Importance of Psychological Health

There is a close connection between psychological health and mental health.

When we refer to positive psychological health, we are talking about a situation where a person will be in a position to positively respond to various challenges in life without being overwhelmed.

This is also a part of overall mental health and is about facing challenges and responding to it in the journey of life.

It is quite obvious that people with good mental health are always not in the best of terms when it comes to life.

However, when your mental health is able to combine properly with psychological health, you will be better equipped to overcome the challenges and problems that life often throws at us.

Ways And Means of Cultivating Good Mental Health

We need to bear in mind that our mental health is influenced by a number of factors.

It includes changes in our hormonal levels, the stress levels we are exposed to, the various stages of life and the life events that we cross.

Many of us pay quite a bit of attention to our physical fitness and we do so by taking the right care of our bodies.

However, not many of us do so as far as our mental health is concerned. We need to understand that there is a crossover between the two and these include exercise, diet, and sleep.

All these three activities are interconnected as far as our mental as well and physical health is concerned.

Therefore, if we are able to take absolute and optimal care of our physical health we automatically will also be able to cater to the positive needs of our mental health.

Being physically strong and resilient will have a positive impact as far as the mental health of a person is concerned.

Further, we also could take part in various mental well-being exercises and these include, yoga, meditation, and other such things.

At the end of the day, we should understand that our physical fitness levels along with emotional and mental well-being have a big role to play in defining our relationships and how we can be in a position to cope with stressful events and the way in which we are able to overcome daily challenges in life.


To sum up, there is no doubt that being in mental health is not just being free from mental illnesses.

It is about having the right balance as far as our emotions and psychological aspects are concerned.