What Names Should You Avoid for Your Business?

Business name

The name is the first thing your customers will notice about your business. Therefore, it will determine whether the first impression is favorable or not.

When you have a strong business name, you will be able to delight them and communicate your company’s goals and core values. Additionally, based on the long-term judgments of people while engaging with your brand, the business name will also help you create a long-lasting relationship with the customers.

The perfect business names are memorable, catchy, short, and capable of complementing the growth of your company. They also allow your business to showcase its uniqueness and stand apart from the competitors.


Since the business names are dependent on your sensibilities and creativity, you need to ensure you’re not making any mistakes while naming your business. Despite the importance, many business owners choose some specific names that limit the growth of their company. Here are the common names you need to avoid for your company.

Generic Names

One of the most important things business owners need to remember while naming their company is to come up with a name that can reflect the mission, value offering, and background of the brand. If you choose a generic name, you will end up affecting the standout identity of the company.

One of the most common disadvantages of generic names is that they will affect the SEO efforts of your business. This is why you need to ensure the name you’re choosing can help your company stand apart from the competitors. Consider your potential customers and how your business is beneficial for them.

When your business name is related to the products and services you offer, you will be able to boost the value of your company.

Names That Affect Future Growth 

This is one of the most common business names you should avoid for your company. Some business owners know the disadvantages of generic names.

However, they go in the opposite direction and choose names that are too much related to the products, services, or locations. These types of names will affect the future growth of your company.

Suppose you have a restaurant in New York. If you choose names that contain the location of the restaurant, you might think that you will capture the attention of customers. However, when you plan to expand your business to other cities, the location in the business name will affect the growth of the company unless you have a strong brand image.

This is why you always need to use a brand name generator tool while naming your company. This tool will help you come up with business names that will complement your business’s sales, revenue, and growth.

Hard to Read or Spell Names 

When the business names are too hard to read or spell, your customers will start questioning the professionalism of your company. As complicated names are unattractive, your customers will have a hard time remembering your business name. While launching your small business, you need to rely heavily on word-of-mouth marketing and customer retention. If the name is too complicated, these essential aspects of your business will be affected. As a result, you might fail to showcase the products and services of your company to potential customers.

This is why you should consider the industry as well as the audience of your business when naming your company. Depending on the industry, you can also choose unconventional names. Make sure you conduct market research on your potential customers to come up with the most relevant name for your business.

Misleading Names 

Businesses that spread misleading information will undoubtedly be red-flagged by the customers. Not to mention, misleading names will capture an irrelevant audience to your business, despite your best efforts at different types of marketing strategies. Misleading names will confuse your customers, and they will face problems understanding what your business does and what benefits they can leverage from your brand.

When you’re facing a hard time choosing the perfect name for your company, make sure you determine what the customers will associate your business name with. This will help you choose names that are capable of showcasing who you are and what your business offers. As a result, you can capture the attention of the relevant audience.

Names Too Long to Be Used on Social Media Platforms 

Due to the advancement of marketing efforts, many business owners consider social media marketing as the primary advertising aspect for their company. Modern business owners use different social media platforms for marketing their products and services.

However, remember that the username of the social media platforms comes with characters limitation. As per Hootsuite, social media marketing can enhance brand awareness.

If you choose a long business name, it won’t fit in your social media handles. In such situations, you need to choose a different name that might or might not match the actual name of your business.

If you do this, your potential customers might fail to find your business on social media platforms. As thousands of businesses are present on social media, your company will get lost in the crowd.

This is why you should consider the social media marketing campaign and other types of advertisement efforts while choosing a name for your company. Don’t choose something that will make you regret it later.

Double Meaning Names

This is one of the most common yet dangerous names you should avoid choosing for your company. If you choose double-meaning names, most of your potential customers will fail to realize the actual meaning behind your business name.

This rule is true specifically if you’re planning to expand your business in the international market where the name can be interpreted as offensive. You will end up showcasing a completely different brand impression.

While choosing the perfect name for your company, make sure you go through dictionaries, urban dictionaries, and treasures. Some specific types of words can cause double meanings and might look offensive to international customers.


These are the names you should avoid choosing for your company. If you have any other questions, make sure you comment below to let us know.



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