Why Having a Website Is More Important Than Social Media

oasdom.com why having a website is better than social media
oasdom.com why having a website is better than social media

With thousands of new businesses popping up every day, the urge to pay greater attention to your social media platforms may be at the detriment of your website or blog.

4 Reasons Why Having a Website Is More Important Than Social Media

Before you focus all attention on your social media pages and marketing, you should check out these 4 reasons why having your own website is more important than social media.

You Own Your Blog or Website

How would you feel if as an online business owner you invest all your time and efforts in building your Facebook page or other social network and it crashes?

What if there are rules and policies in the future that will adversely affect the way you do your business since the rules are not yours to make?

In my audio podcast on the true path to internet entrepreneurship, I talked at length about having your own website and the place of social media platforms.

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Your Blog or Website Works Around The Clock For You

One of the most important reasons to consider starting a blog today is that your blog works around the clock for you.

Since your blog or website is a hub or platform used to present your ideas, products and services to potential customers, it’s availability is extremely indispensable.

The world is online, your target audience is also online, hence your blog can be used to attract, convert, and make a sale.

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True, social media platforms of your business are also working but what about conversion?  Finding the best time to post/share and interact with fans and follower can be difficult and this is one of the big challenges of social business: getting heard through the noise.

While you might be sleeping in the middle of the night, someone looking for your products or services can get everything on your blog.

Your Target Audience Will Find It Easy to Locate You

Yes, know your customers online

We all go into business to fill a gap and the problem we intend to solve is unique to a particular type of audience, isn’t it?

Reaching your desired target audience (those who will be willing and ready to pay for your products and services) may be difficult on social media. With social media platforms encouraging boosting ads to get page likes and followers, it will be difficult to know who your real customers really are.

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True, you can grow your business with Facebook for example, but with your website, optimized for search engines, marketed well, your audience can find you, your products and finally make a purchase.

Relationship Building Through Unique Content

relationship building online business

Effective relationship can only be done through effective content creation.

Your audience can feel your expertise, connect with you and feel cared for when they consume your value-adding problem solving contents (blog posts, videos, etc).

There is an extent to which you can connect with your true customers on social media and that’s why I’ve created an article on content creation that will help you connect with your audience.

Conclusion On Having a Website

Let’s be very clear, social media is important, and in fact, social media marketing is one of the key digital marketing strategies to leverage the power of the internet for profit.

But having your own blog or website is more important. You need a great website and an intelligent social media presence for long-lasting online success.

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