10 Ways to Save Money This Year


Depending on how much the skill to save is developed, some people strive to meet their monthly income; others find opportunities to make savings.

We offer 10 tactical techniques, following which you will not have to save on everything, and you will definitely learn how to do it wisely.

1.  Keep Track of Your Income and Expenses

Accounting for income and expenses is an essential component in personal accounting. Many people know about this technique, but not everyone who knows it uses it.


If you do not keep track of expenses, then you do not know how much you spend and on what specifically. You can do this manually in a notepad or using special applications on your smartphone.

It helps to evaluate rationally the cost part to exclude in the future those expenses, the need for which raises questions. At the same time, if you love sports or creativity, do not give up your hobbies — without a source of positivity, any savings will not be a joy.

2.  Make Future Shopping Lists

And this is not only about the list for going to the supermarket but also about the so-called wishlist.

To avoid spontaneous purchases, add things that you really want to buy. As experience shows, over time, interest in some things may cool down, and buying really necessary items will only be a joy.

By the way, a life hack that can be very useful: you can hint about items from your wishlist to friends and relatives — they will know how to please you on the upcoming holidays, and you will not spend your own money.

saving tips

3.  Pay for Purchases with Bank Cards with Cashback

It can be said for sure that if you do not make purchases with a bank card, you are missing out on significant savings. Imagine that you buy goods in stores and, at the same time, receive money for them. This is how the cashback system works — the return of part of the money spent.

4.  Look for New Sources of Income

It is a good approach to learn how to save money. However, making it possible to make more is even better.

There are so many available sources of information like the Forextime website. You can master Forex trading — learn more by following the link.

You can also try out several money-making apps, they can certainly help you to earn some extra money on the side.

Some of them will require you to do various small tasks and gigs, like watching ads, doing surveys, etc. On the other hand, some of the apps can offer a way to generate passive income. It’s up to you to choose what will work best for you.

5.  Approach Savings Systematically

To truly learn how to save, it is not enough today and tomorrow to refuse some kind of purchase.

In this matter, you need to think systematically to save more. The skill of saving money is formed for a long time; a person acquires own life hacks and rules for maintaining personal or family accounting.

If you have a family, then saving is a collective matter, only in this way will it give a result. Be sure to set spending limits for everyone, and don’t do anyone any favours.

6.  Shop During the Sales Period

It is better to buy expensive winter clothes in spring, and summer clothes in autumn. The point is that during the off-season, natural consumer demand for some goods falls.

And the logic of winter and summer sales is precisely to support it and help retailers get rid of the unsold balances of the season that has ended as much as possible.

Such a thoughtful and even strategic approach to planning time for shopping will help you either spend less or buy more things for the initially planned amount.

7.  Take a Break Before Expensive Purchases

Large expenses, such as buying a new smartphone, laptop, household appliances, or home repairs are best planned well in advance.

On the one hand, this will save you from impulsive spending, on the other hand, it will be possible to find the most profitable offer on the market in Nigeria.

8.  Try Shopping with an Instalment Card

If an impressive purchase for your budget suddenly becomes inevitable, then you should think about an installment card to distribute the so-called financial burden over several months. What is the difference?

On a loan, as a rule, you will have to pay interest, and with the help of installment cards, you can buy both goods and services now, and pay for them later without any additional overpayments.

shopping with installment cards

9.  Participate in Loyalty Programs

Many stores offer so-called loyalty programs to their customers. As a rule, purchases are rewarded with points, which can be used to pay for future purchases partially.

Follow your favorite stores on social media for special offers and holiday promotions, use promotional codes and coupons, but beware of pitfalls where points earned or enticing prices can make you make an unnecessary purchase.

10. Buy Through Mobile Apps

It is curious, but the fact is that sometimes, the cost for the same product in a particular online store may vary depending on whether you place an order through a computer or laptop, or by using a smartphone or mobile application on it. Never buy anything online immediately at the first price you see.

11. Add Some Magic

People believe in financial omens. And if a money tree in the house or a bright red wallet helps you catch a positive money mood, then why not strengthen all the methods we have proposed in this article with them.



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