Top Quality Unique Sports Games At 1xGames

Play Sports Games at 1xGames
Play Sports Games at 1xGames

1xBet is no doubt one of the leading and best betting sites in Nigeria with exciting features.

Sports do not only power the sports betting industry, but they also play a much wider role as there are various other games inspired by the most popular sports out there.

That’s the case for the 1xGames that were created by the leading betting company for their customers to enjoy and win while watching or playing their favorite sports.

The 1xGames section at 1xBet contains over 100 unique games and we picked the best 5 ones inspired by sports.

Check them out and have fun while enjoying your favorite sports.

Football Cup

What better event to celebrate the grandness of football than an international cup?

That’s the setting of this 1xGame that puts you in the stands of an amazing football match.

Instead of players, you are going to see a matrix of 9 symbols displayed on 3 rows of 3 symbols.

To get the game started, you need to set the stake and then click on the “Spin” button to make the symbols on the reels change.

Your aim is to get three symbols from the same category in a row to score a win.

The highest win will give you 5 times the stake while the minimum you can win is 2.2 the initial bet. So, there’s plenty to win with Football Cup at 1xBet!

sports games at 1xgames

Greyhound Racing

Another very popular sport recreated by 1xBet through the 1xGames section is greyhound racing.

If you watched a dog race before, you know just how exciting these can be. You get to recreate the action for as many times as you want in Greyhound Racing.

There are 8 hounds lined up for the start of the race and you have the possibility to support each one with a bet.

Of course, you should follow your intuition and bet on the dog you think is going to win.

At the end of the race, one dog will be declared the winner and if you were inspired to bet on it, you’ll win big! Enjoy the best greyhound races on 1xBet!


There are few more tensioned moments during a football game than a penalty shootout.

No matter if it’s awarded for a foul inside the box or it’s simply a penalty shootout at the end of the 90 minutes, it’s just as intense.

With Penalties, you get the chance of experiencing how it’s like to be the striker and the keeper during a shootout.

When playing the striker you need to choose where your shot goes, after selecting the stake.

When it’s your time to save the goal, you need to guess where the striker will shoot to keep a clean sheet. Enjoy the thrills of a penalty shootout and win big!

Penalties at 1xgames


You like penalty shots but not during football games? Well, if hockey is your sport of choice, you will be mesmerized by Shootouts.

You will be facing the goalie on the hockey rink and you get to choose from three possible directions to shoot the puck.

If you beat the goalkeeper, your stake is doubled and you can keep repeating the game until you reach very nice amounts.

Enjoy hockey and win big with 1xBet!

Derby Racing

Last but definitely not least, Derby Racing is the 1xGame inspired by horse racing that you simply need to try if you’re a fan of races.

4 horses are lined up at the start of the race and you can place bets on each of them.

Examine the odds and pick the one with the best prospect of winning or spread your bet equally among all 4 of them.

There can only be one winner and your stake on that horse is multiplied with its odds. Keep in mind that after you claim a bonus, you will only be able to bet on one horse.

Test your luck and win big with horse racing at 1xBet!

Browse through the entire list of over 100 1xGames by creating an account at 1xBet right now. You will unlock a very wide offer of games and other opportunities to win big and have fun!