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Major Types of Manufacturing Industries You Should Know

What are the major types of manufacturing industries?

Manufacturing is one big sector of every economy that contributes immensely to the survival of that economy and manufacturing industries are meeting needs of individuals.

Manufacturing has to do with going through the process of finding raw materials, refining those materials and transforming them into usable finished items.

Manufacturing could be primary or secondary in nature but, there are various types of manufacturing companies with unique areas of specialization.

In the engineering settings, bringing a product to live may require series of manufacturing processes. Most manufacturing environments fit into one of five general categories:

Repetitive, Discrete, Job Shop, Process (batch), and Process (continuous).

Types of Manufacturing Industries

The Bureau of Labor Statistics classifies manufacturing into hundreds of subsections but below is a list of major types of manufacturing industries.

In our article on top manufacturing companies in Nigeria, many of these companies involve in food production, chemical production, and etc.

Now, below is a list of major types of manufacturing industries:

Food Industry

Food manufacturing industry

This is what most manufacturing industries in Nigeria set up to do. It involves the production of food and beverages for consumers.

The kinds of manufactured food made by food industries are; Fat & Oil, juice, chewing gums, cereals, animal feeds, coffees and many more.

Textile Mill Industry

Textile and mill manufacturing industries

Textile mill industries are manufacturing industries that specialize in the production of woven fabrics, carpets, yarn, braids, threads, rugs and many others, so as to satisfy human needs.

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Clothing and Apparel Industry

Clothing types of manufacturing industries

This type of industry involves in the production of clothing materials by cutting textile fabrics into pieces and sewing or joining them together to form beautiful material designs.

Also, this industry also involve in fabricating products like furs and plastics.

Metal Industry

Metal industry

As we all know, metals belong to huge and heavy industries. Producing metals could be primary or fabricated. Fabricated metals could be ferrous and nonferrous metals.

Some examples of fabricated metals are cutlery, tins, cans and many more, while the primary metal production involves joining and mending metals to develop a desired shape for different usage. E.g. Building materials and many more.

Chemical Industry

chemical manufacturing industry

This type of industry specializes in the production of basic chemicals. This also involves turning chemicals into usable products like soaps, paints, pesticides and many more.

Leather Industry

Leather manufacturing industry

Leather industries involve in the tanning, cutting and joining hides and skins to form a leather material.

They turn hides and skins into usable materials and also convert hides and skins into ready-made leathers for instant usage.

Paper Industry

Paper manufacturing industry

Paper industries are industries that manufacture pulps from woods and cellulose fibers in order to form papers and paper boards.

Out of the papers and paper boards, they are converted into sheets, notebooks, textbooks, and many other writing and printing materials.

Rubber and Plastic Industry

rubber manufacturing companies in nigeria

Rubber and plastic industries specializes in production of rubber and plastic materials.

Majorly rubber and plastic industries work together to produce some materials like shoes, sandals, slippers, bands, fitting belts, ropes, and other fragile plastic products.

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Wood and Furniture Industry

wood manufacturing industry

This type of wood industry cut timbers and pulp woods in order to convert them into finished furniture materials.

Then the furniture aspect involves the joining and fixtures of wood into a desirable designs or figures in order to suit houses, schools, libraries and many more.

Some of the materials made by furniture industry include doors, tables, chairs, shelves and many more.

Breweries Industry

brewery manufacturing companies

This type of industry produces different liquid-like drinks like beers through fermentation processes for human consumption and satisfaction.

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Health and Herbal Industry

Herbal industries are industries that transform plants into drugs. This is very straight forward because the aim of this industry is to produce drugs to cure sicknesses and illnesses.

They develop different antibiotics and other drugs to improve the health care of humans. Some of the drugs are vitamin c, paracetamol, Panadol, antibiotics and many more.

Machinery Industry

types of manufacturing industries

Machinery industries involves the production of different machine equipment mostly with the use of basic combination of other machines.

Electrical, Computer and ICT Industry


This industry produces different electrical products and as well produces different types of technological equipment and electrical appliances like computers, hardware, software, electrical kettles and others through the means of power supplies, transmissions and electrical energy.

Petroleum Refining Industry

Petroleum refining types of manufacturing industries

This industry primarily engages in refining raw materials like coals and crude into lubricating oils, petrol, diesels, and other useful refined resources for human usage.

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