4 Trends That Will Impact Mining Industry In the 2020s

MIning industry

Over the past few decades, the mining industry in the exploration of mineral resources, has been through ups and downs and is still recovering from its most challenging periods in history.

While some may claim that the increased desire for minerals will save the industry, it’s arguable that all mining companies will be able to gain profit and prevail in the future.

Various trends will assuredly impact this industry, but whether all mining investors will be able to save their businesses is still uncertain.


1. Low-carbon power

Global warming is one of the main problems that sit on the shoulders of the whole world.

Lowering carbon dioxide emissions is the inevitable change we need to make, which gives the mining industry an opportunity for investment in new technology.

Mining investors should start investing in low-emission energy systems, given that they’re more mineral concentrated than fossil energy sources.

It’s unavoidable for the mining sectors to reduce their emissions, which is why this transition should occur as soon as possible.

Mining investors that plan to start using renewable energy to power their operations will be in the best position to sell low-carbon minerals in the future.

MIning Partnership

2. Partnerships with other investors

Since many mining companies will still face difficulties in the future, they’ll have to find new ways of gaining profits if they don’t want to step back from their business.

Although the most profitable solution for struggling mining companies would be to join forces, previous occurrences have proven wrong.

Since most companies have different goals and work in diverse spheres, it’s hard to establish effective governance that will generate a productive working environment.

If the owners with less profit don’t conjoin their experience and resources, it will be hard for them to get back on their feet.

3. Access to resources

Starting mineral and metal business will become riskier as we exhaust more and more resources from the earth.

Once the mining companies derive all valuable minerals from areas with low risk, they’re going to have to find a new way to access minerals whether by investing in new technology or searching in different areas.

The need for new technologies will arise, and many factors will determine their price and availability.

It’s not excluded that they’ll have to try something new in the areas where extraction and processing have not previously been suitable for financial prosperity.

With new technological options on the market, investors will be able to fund more efficient mining, and with that create drastic changes in the mining industry.

Investing in modern loaders, diggers, and sturdy conveyor rollers will speed up the process of mineral extraction.

While many experienced mining investors are going to find new methods to access minerals, no one can tell for sure how are their ways going to affect the business, and what environmental consequences is their approach going to create.

Access to resources

4. Mining workforce

Mining has always been more dangerous than office work. However, new technologies have made this workplace less threatening and safer for the people who choose this as their calling.

Although workers don’t have to risk their lives or use physical force to extract minerals, it’s still going to be hard to find an adequate workforce to operates the machinery.

With new technologies continually finding their way to the market, mining company employers will have to go through more training and gather knowledge and develop more skills.

The mining industry will have to compete with the IT sector to attract talented people that will speed up the process of digitalization and automatization.

New job opportunities will emerge, but miner investors will have to work with the government to create retraining and transitioning programs for unqualified workers.


No one can tell for sure what exactly is going to happen in the next few years.

Drastic changes take time, and it will take a while before we can predict how are new approaches going to affect the industry.

After all ups and downs, the mining industry is standing still, and if the investors provide no room for maneuvers, many may face financial setbacks.